The Last Wednesday

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Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi, Sohbat of the 1st of January, 2014.

May he be in peace.

In their language?

MN: January.

ShE:In English?

MN: January.

ShE: They care about today only. It has no value. What’s in Allah’s Presence has value. Did you read on me?

MN: I did.

ShE: Do read, you’ll open. May your strength increase. May it open. It’s the last Wednesday, the heaviest day. My body suffered from much burden last night. InshaAllah it’s open now. It’s opened. I… My condition. What strength do I have? Did you read on me?

MN: I did.

ShE: May Allah make you one of his viziers, one of the servants of the Sahib. May it open. May it open. May it open. Walk towards Allah. Don’t walk towards dunya, walk towards Allah. Everything is for Allah. Even if one leads one thousand or ten thousand people, everything is for Allah. Go around. There is freedom for you. You are given a mandate. Don’t fear. What you do is good. Bi amrillah, bi idhnillah. Fatiha.

Our Allah, our Lord… This one is strong. He is strong. Don’t mind that he looks so quiet he’s like the cannon of Famagusta. Your strength has… They fear you. He is not weak. You have the power of manhood. Come here, O faqir. This is my grandson, my son. Once today is over, don’t fear. Give sadaqa today. Give, give. It goes from here and comes down from heavens, my son. May Allah give strength.

I love your aunt as well. She also doesn’t turn away my requests, this faqir aunt of yours. I love her. I feel relieved when I see her. If she’s not around, I’m sad. I feel sad. I call Rukiya, and when she replies we become happy. May Allah be pleased with you and with all of you.

MN: Amin.

ShE: All of you are clean. I will open all mosques in Famagusta and other places. I will equip this world with mosques. I will close down all the dirty places of shaitan.

There are figs over there, Izmir figs. Take some and eat. Tell them to produce those. Do you also eat lemons every day? Do you eat one lemon?

MN: I will eat, all right.

ShE: Or eat oranges. Don’t be afraid.

MN: All right.

ShE: May Allah open for you.

She carries my burden, this Rukiya, my daughter. May Allah be pleased.

This is the heaviest day of the year. Heaviness came upon me. The last Wednesday of the month of Safar is the heaviest day of the year. I seek refuge in Allah from this day. Now I’m opening slowly slowly. I was burdened last night. Shukr to Allah, I open with your prayers. Who are we? Who are we? Dunya is not ours. What is it good for? What shall we use dunya for? If not used for Allah, what is the use of dunya? Give sadaqa today.

Our Sultan-ul Awliya, our Sultan used to eat at asr prayer, afterwards he would not eat. He used to drink tea. He used to drink tea and take rest. He didn’t eat. Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah. Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah. You are Subhan, ya Rabbi. No product of dunya has any use for us. None of it is useful. Will you carry it on your shoulders? It’s just standing there. Don’t eat anything after asr. Whatever your daily food is, eat olives, eat thyme; don’t eat afterwards. Don’t drink either milk, or ayran. It’s all right. Drink tea. You can drink tea. Linden tea. Make linden tea for me. This is an order. Linden tea. A wish of Janab-ul Mawla is not an oppression for His servants.

Hasha, hasha. My Allah, may He forgive us for the honor of His beautiful Habib. May today’s violence pass onto shaitan, may it pass onto shaitan’s soldiers. Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi, ma li siwahu, Allahu Rabbi. Don’t forget that you live for Him. Don’t forget that we run for Him. May we not forget that we are Allah’s servants.


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