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Don’t Be CheatedSheikh Bahauddin, Sohbat of January 3, 2016.Allahu Allahu Allahu Allah. Allahu Allahu Allahu AllahAllahu Allahu Allahu Allah. Allahu Allahu Allahu AllahAllahu Allahu Allahu Allah. Allahu Allahu Allahu AllahAllahumma salli wa salim 'ala Nabina Muhammad alaihi salamSalatan tadumu wa tuhda ilaih mammara layali wa tula dawamAllahumma salli wa salim 'ala Nabina Muhammad alaihi salamSalatan tadumu wa tuhda ilaih mammara layali wa tula dawamAllahumma salli wa salim 'ala Nabina Muhammad alaihi salamSalatan tadumu wa tuhda ilaih mammara layali wa tula dawam.MashaAllah. My voice come back again. Even there are some parasites next to me. But it's ok.MashaAllah, Sheikh Murad, mashaAllah. May Allah make us happy all over. May Allah make usfull of happiness of iman. You cannot estimate the happiness that iman coming to your heart.This nobody can estimate. It is very rare that people estimate the beauty and the happiness ofiman in their heart. As we are having the gift of Allah Almighty, we cannot estimate the value ofthe gift. But Allah Almighty, He is so generous, He doesn't ask you to estimate the value of Hisgift. Al-Karim. idha a'ta ad-hash.This is Allah Almighty. He is al-Karim, the Generous. When He gives, you will be shocked. Youwill be more than shocked. You will be over the shock. It's Allah Almighty, ya Hu. It is not ajoke. Today Muslims, they try to estimate Allah Almighty in their minor mind. Ya Hu, read thehistory. Read the previous people. Look for the back-side of your line. What happening today. Astoday Muslims, I'm sorry to say, they are thinking that they discover America today. Ya Hu,America been discovered since ages.Actually, America been there since ages. And they say "We discover America". Oh, it's big news.When they go there, they find people there also. Allah Allah. Acayip. Acayip! "We discoverAmerica. And there is people also." What a discovering! Allah Allah. There was animal alsothere. Plants also, tomato also. They bring the tomato from there also. Potato. We don't havepotato. They have potato. Allah Allah. Big discovery. Ya Hu, it was there. Today Muslims, theysay "La ilaha illAllah, Muhammadan RasulAllah. We discover the new religion."La hawla wa la quwwata illa Billah. "What we will do first? First, we destroy the maqam ofSahaba. Then we destroy the maqam of awliya because this is shirk. We discovered the newreligion. Now we will design it as we like." No, you cannot design it as you like. It is not free todesign it as you like. It is not free to do what you like. Allah Almighty, He put shar'unMuhammadi. You go deep in shar'un Muhammadi and you will see you cannot injure an ant.You cannot kill a bug without reason. You cannot open a road without looking who is havingright in that road.So details. What you do? Put the bomb in yourself and explode, make it to be explode among theMuslims. They say "In Afghanistan, there was suicide bombers. They kill 30 people." Ya Hu,these people, they say La ilaha illAllah, Muhammadan RasulAllah, they pray. "No. He'sshaheed". La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi l-Aliyyu l-Azeem. I cannot understand. If I amhuman, I cannot understand such an Islamic movement. I cannot understand. If I'm in the West,I will never accept such Islam.Very clear. Very very clear. Yahu. Maybe your enemy, enemy of Islam, he can do such thingsbecause, "la dhanba ba'dal kufr". Hadith saying if somebody he is kafir, you cannot calculatewhat he is doing because it will not count as a sin. He make the big sin. The biggest sin beendone. So you cannot say, "Be human, be merciful. Be this, be that." No. But if you are Muslimand mumin, you will say, "I have to be careful about this because Allah Almighty is watching meand He is looking what I'm doing right or what I'm doing wrong."This is the difference between kufr and iman. This is how we understand if we are mumin or weare kafir. "No, it's ok to kill yourself and to kill your enemy. He will become shaheed." La hawlawa la quwwata. Sayyidina Muhammad (sas), he was informing about these days. Don't thinkthese days become like this. No. Sayyidina Muhammad, he didn't bring only 70 hadith. No.When you be deeper and deeper and deeper, you will see everything happening today beeninformed by RasulAllah (sas). And this been carried by the heart of mumin, sahaba, awliya,saints, tabi'in, salafu tabi'in, saliheen.This is Allah Almighty. He know what He is doing. Don't teach Allah Almighty. Don't think thatyou are the one making the history to go as you like. No. The dunya is a stage. Imagine theatrestage. It's called one-man show. He comes first like young man. Then he comes like old man.Then he comes like woman. Then comes like child. Comes same person. He puts makeup,coming quickly, making his role, going but the dunya is not like this. This is what they think, it'sone-man show. It's not one man show. The dunya is big theater and every nation or every peopleor every person, he has role. And he's doing his role and he's passing. Finished.He cannot come to say it's one-man show. "I'm coming back. I'm coming back. I'm comingback." He cannot. No. And you know this in the airport they use this escalator, the one walkingone. When you are inside, you cannot come back. It will take you. However you come faster, at the end of the day, you'll say ok, you surrender. Because people there, they will push "What youare doing?" They will tell, "I miss the jump." "No, you have to finish this one. And then you goback." They will not allow you to come because so many people going there. They're saying,"You are going against this walking machine". This is our time, this is how we are now, I'msaying this.Maybe for people, they are already in that point, I don't have any argue with them becausewhatever you say, they will never listen but I'm saying for the young generation. I'm saying forthe pure generation, for the pure guys, for the pure people. Don't be cheated. Don't be cheatedin the name of Islam. You must be a correct one because they are cheating a lot, a lot, a lot ofyoungsters. This is the thing that makes me sad. It makes everybody sad, not me only.Allah Almighty, He give us some responsibility and if we are sitting here to speak, we have tospeak haqq, not speak the fear, no. Alhamdulillah, we are not fearing. Allah Almighty, He give usthe soul and He take the soul. How He take it? It's up to Him. But to be fear to speak haqq, thisis Allah Almighty, He doesn't like. If you are in haqq, alhamdulillah we are in haqq, and we arethe supporters of haqq and we want to end up with haqq because when we are facing haqq, wesay, "Ya Rabbi, we've been with you". This is important.This is important because if your inside is not haqq and your tongue pretending to be haqq, thisis not haqq. Here and here should be same. It is personal issue. When you are with yourself, thesame hadith sharif also saying. "Man arifa nafsa arifa Rabba". The one who knows himself, heknows his Creator. He knows haqq because whatever you do, you cannot cheat yourself. Butwith your tongue, you can cheat so many people. No problem. But when you are with yourself,then you cannot cheat yourself.This remind me with Mulla Nasruddin story again. One day Mulla Nasruddin, he was travellingand he find small water. Just 1 meter or 1,5 meter wide. He looked for the running water and helooked for himself and he looked there and he said "If I jump, I can be in the other side safely".And said "No, no, no. Yes, no, yes, I can." And "Hooop", he jumped and he was in the middle ofthe water. He looked around if anybody hearing. So he said "mashaAllah, Mulla Nasruddinwhen I was young, I jumped maybe three times of this water". But when he realized nobody,then he cannot lie for himself. He said "Yes. When I was young, I was same. Cannot jump morethan this." He was angry with himself of course.This is how when you are with yourself because you've been all the time with yourself, so youcannot lie. It's very important things. Why we are lying for people? You have to think like this.I'm saying to them. Why you are lying for people? Don't. Whatever Allah Almighty, He give you,if you present it, then you will be relaxed. You don't have to act "This is me. This is you. This ishim." You cannot act. Whatever Allah Almighty, He give you in your lifestyle, try to put it there.Just keep it.Today so many people, they think they are the hero for changing the world. What can few woodto make a dam in front of the huge water? There's no chance. Today every movement, they areclaiming that they are doing it even it is not the wood. It is small small small wooden. And theysay "We are making a damb against kufr." No. Today as Muslim, we have to be in the things tosay, "HasbunAllahi wa n'imal wakeel", because we are powerless. We are really powerless andwhen you say HasbunAllah wa n'imal wakeel, Allah Almighty will listen and say it's coming toghurratullah. What means ghurratullah? This means Allah Almighty look at you and will protectyou and make you "Nasrun min Allahi wa fathun mubin". This is it. This is Allah Almighty. Weare waiting for Allah Almighty to act on behalf of the sincere Muslims. The ones they are forHim, the ones they are waiting from Allah Almighty. This is"Wa makaru wa makarallah wallahu khairul makirin" (3:54)And they plan and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of Planners.You make trap, they make trap, but Allah Almighty, He is also making trap and Allah AlmightyHe is the only winner. We are as sufi people, we have to come back to ourself. And we have to bewith ourself to convey our respect in love to Allah Almighty and sincerity to Allah Almighty. Thisis the only thing that we can do. We don't have any issue with political issue, with whathappened. We don't have any issue because you have to come back for yourself. You have totreat yourself, to clean yourself and then Allah Almighty, you never know what changing Hebring and how He change. This is what we are hoping and this is what we are asking and this iswhat we are advising for everybody. May Allah forgive us and make us good here and hereafterand to make us sincere to Him, to Allah Almighty only.Wa min Allahi tawfeeq. Bi hurmati l-Habib, bi hurmati l-FatihaSubhanim Allah Sultanim Allah Nabim Muhammad alaihi salamSubhanim Allah Sultanim Allah Nabim Muhammad alaihi salamSubhanim Allah. Sultanim Allah Nabim Muhammad alaihi salamWa salli ya Rabbi wa sallim 'ala jami'a l-anbiyai wa-l mursalinwa 'ala kulli 'ajmaina w-alhamdulillahi Rabb-il 'alameen al-Fatiha.Video Link:

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