Allah Calls to the Place of Peace (10:25)

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Allah Calls to the Place of Peace  (10:25)             

  Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani, Sohbat of February 6, 2016.  

 Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim  Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim   As-salatu wa s-salamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidi l-awwalina wa l-akhirin  madad Ya RasulAllah, madad ya Sadati Ashabi Rasulillah, madad ya Mashayikhina, dastoor,  madad ya Shaykh Abdullah Daghistani, Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, madad  tariqatuna as-sohbah, wal-khayru fi jam’iyyah 

 Allah invited us to good places.

“Wal-lahu yadʿū ilā dāri l-salām” (10:25) 

Allah invites to the Home of Peace. How does He invite? Not a direct invitation, He has messengers, prophets. The last Prophet is our Master (sas), after him (sas), the invitation is carried out. After the Prophet (sas), the Companions also invite to the home of peace, goodness, beauty, contentment. After them, the saints and the mashayikh. Mashayikh and saints are the same. This goes on until the end of the world. Visiting their graves, is as if visiting a piece of Paradise.

The Prophet (sas) says when somebody enters the grave, either it is a garden of Paradise or, a hole in hell. The ones who are with Allah, for them it is a garden of Paradise. Visiting them, visiting the Prophet, he (sas) says, “Whoever goes to Hajj and doesn’t visit me, he annoyed me or offends me: “man hajja walam yazurni faqad jafani”, that person annoyed me, is rude to me, misbehaved. After our Prophet (sas), you should visit the Companions, wherever they are. It is good and mustahab (desirable) to benefit from those gardens of Paradise. There is no harm, only benefit.

People who don’t visit, they are rude people, they don’t understand Islam. Why do we come here? Many people come now. Mawlana has moved to the hereafter but his tomb and his holy grave are here. He still attracts people with his power. People from all over the world, from every corner of the world are coming to visit. People who know him and those who don’t, all are coming. May Allah accept their visit. They don’t send them away empty handed. InshaAllah what they want, their wishes will surely come true. If not, still it isn’t empty, in the hereafter it stays with them as a trust, on the Day of Judgement it is passed on to them, it is a means of salvation.

So, we should visit the saints, the Companions, the Prophet (sas). No need to even mention that but now there is a nation calling themselves Muslim, they don’t even accept visiting the Prophet (sas). No, all of them have great virtue. People benefit both in this world and the hereafter. Whoever doesn’t visit them – not visiting is different but to not accept visiting them, they’ll suffer both here and hereafter because they are the beloved servants of Allah. Allah protects His (jj) beloved servants. Whoever is their enemy will surely be punished. May Allah protect us.

Allah Azza wa Jalla He calling people to peace, Place of Peace: “Wal-lahu yadʿū ilā dāri l-salām” (10:25). Of course, Quran have billion, million, thousand meaning. Meaning of this, Jannah, but in dunya also, Allah call you to be in peace. To be in peace it is the best thing. People looking for something and I think it is to be in peace. Inside, inwardly and outside also, around you. So Allah Azza wa Jalla call you to every good thing, He calling all human beings. Not everybody can be called by Him. When somebody [being called] by Him, he is messenger, prophet.

He sent prophets to call people to Peace Place. After the last prophet, Prophet Muhammed (sas), no prophet, but still continuing this calling to peace. After Prophet, by Sahaba. They was also calling people. After them, holy people, the beloved ones for Allah, the mashayikh and murshid, and still continuing this. Their maqam, their graves, Allah Azza wa Jalla make it Paradise.

There is two options for after death. Prophet (sas) said one grave it is garden of Jannah, of Paradise, other, it is hole from hell. [There is] no third one. For normal people, many of people you cannot tell how is his grave. But for Prophet, for Sahaba, for holy people, beloved people for Allah, awliyaullah, mashayikh, all [are a] garden of Jannah. So, when you like to have something from Jannah to go [to and] it is in this world, these maqams. Especially Prophet (sas), because if you went to Hajj and you did not visit Prophet’s (sas) place He is not happy with you. “You are tough, you are not good behaved one, you don’t have respect,” he said, if you don’t visit Prophet (sas). So it is very important to visit him.

After him, you visit Sahaba also. Where [there] is no Sahaba maybe you find some holy place, holy awliyaullah, you visit them and you get barakah, you get peace from them. It is a saying from Allah Azza wa Jalla because He said it is Paradise. And these people, they are generous people. When somebody coming to them and ask from Allah by these people, Allah gives them what they ask. For barakah of these people, just beloved people, many things happen.

Some people say we come, we want, we pray, we make dua and we couldn’t take what we want. No, this is not real because these people, if not giving here, they hide it for Day of Resurrection. And in this day, you get it and you be more happy than to get it in dunya. So it is, they have still power, more power and they are bringing people from whole around the world. Mawlana Sheikh, people from whole around the world coming. Who know him, who is not knowing him, still calling and they are coming. And insha’Allah they get barakah.

Alhamdulillah, we are lucky and insha’Allah, whole people believe in this, because there is people who are not believing, not respecting, even Prophet (sas). They say no need to visit, no need to look for these people. When you do this, you are doing bad thing, you are out of religion. No, it is in the centre of religion. We are listening, learning from Prophet (sas) and his hadith, his sayings telling us to respect and to visit these maqams. Allah give us from their barakah, whole time, insha’Allah.

Wa min Allahi Tawfiq Al Fatiha

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