Ilā hīn (2:36)

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Sultanul Awliya as-Sayyid Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim ‘Adil Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق sohbat, 6 March 2003

Madad ya Sultan ul Awliya, Madad y…a Sultan ul Awliya, Ya Sayyidi ya RasulAllah, Sayyidi shafa’ shafa’ata, salla Allah alayki ya sayyidi ya RasulAllah, alfu salat alfu salam alayka wa ‘ala alika as-habika wa sahabika ya khaira khalqillahi ajma’in. A’udhu billahi mina sh-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi l-‘aliyyu l-‘adhim.

New day, new page. Yeni gun yeni yaprak. Every day is a new opening, never going to be same. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday was a different page. Today it is another page. It is different hundred percent. And tomorrow coming also in a new appearance and tomorrow never going to be same or copy of today.

“Subhanaka la’ilma lana illa ma’allamtana. Innaka anta l-‘alimu l-hakim” (2:32) (Exalted are You; we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Indeed, it is You who are the Knowing, the Wise.) Only Allah Almighty knowing. We knowing nothing. Only what He Almighty granting us something to know, we can know something. If He is not granting, we are not knowing anything and who is asking, from Allah Almighty, a knowledge He grants to that one. If a person not asking from his Lord a knowledge, He is not granting [it] to him or to them because they are not asking.

Allah Almighty just sending heavenly knowledge to people according to their minds’ capacity or according to their mindly ability, capability, or possibility. No more. No more. And if a person asking humbly, He grants. If a person not asking, and he is saying – “I can know. I can do. I can look. I can accept. I can balance. I can do everything.” That one, just left what he is … – iti’a? – claiming. Yeah, look after yourself. If you are enough for yourself look, I am leaving you and you look after yourself.

Not saying, a person, that words when he was a newborn baby. He has a personality when he had been born. After 15 years or more, he is beginning to face that One who created himself or herself and beginning to claim, because shaytan blowing through that one’s – rains? – veins, and saying: “Oh, you are a, you are like a Hercules. You are Hercules. For what you are going to ask? You are like a giant. Why? You can carry whole world on your one hand.” dev aynasi derler. Gigantic mirror showing to him, putting in front of him, and say “Look! you are so gigantic, powerful. No need. Don’t believe in anything that you may be supported by someone. Don’t believe in any other power or powerful one, more than you. Don’t look after someone that his ability and capacity more than you. You are like Hercules, gigantic one. Say what saying to you someones about heavens, about miraculous people, about miraculous powers, about Prophets, about Heavenly Books, Holy Books. Don’t take care. You are only one, you can carry. Your capacity and power is covering everything. Even, don’t look up. Look always down, where are you living on it. You try to do everything on Earth. Don’t be such a people whom they are interesting and looking skies and us they are saying there is this one, that one. No! You are not in need to anyone. You are full enough for yourself.”

And I am asking why you not saying when you are born and crying? Your hands can’t catch anything, your legs can’t walk, and your legs can’t carry you on themselves, and you don’t know to eat or to drink anything else only from your mum’s breasts, running to you full with life, a white milk. You are running to that milky way. You are trying to climb on your mother’s breasts, you know nothing and you are claiming nothing. Do you think that you are not that one? Are you denying that sometimes you were that small one? How happened? What happened to you? Do you think that when your weight was five kilograms you were someone else? And now your weight going to be 150 kilograms, you are thinking that you are changing to be someone else? If you are concerning your weight, ox, [is] much more honoured from [than] you because it has 500 kilograms. You are very small, like a calf running after cow. What happened to you? How you are saying this?

I am asking whole people that they are living now on Earth, whole, full, fully whole people, they are life-way, life-ideas, on that point. They are never going to say that someone granted us this existence, this body, to be appear on this planet and we can’t do that thing by ourselves. All of them becoming like a Pharaoh or Nimrod through their bad ideas. And they are saying “No God, but only ‘I’ am that one”. And king-size Nimrods then Allah Almighty making to assault on small ones, to crush them, to destroy them, to harvest them. And, then they are running on the streets – “We don’t like to be harvested. We love to live as we were living, even we are miniature Nimrods. But we are happy to be miniature Nimrods and we don’t like king-size Nimrods to crush, to step on ourselves, and to harvest miniature Nimrods, to put on them a poison, and to kill them. We are against this.” That is their life-philosophy, or their lives’ routine, their lives’ idea – that they are defending that idea and supporting that ideas because that ideas, all of them, they are satanic teachings.

And then when king-size ones getting fed up from miniature ones, asking to step on them and to finish them. They are saying – “Now it is too much, these small ones. We must try to ourselves to save from those small ones, to be much more free because they are becoming now only troublemakers.” And, after a while, king-size ones looking “whom they are against our harvesting, trying to put a hook on our feet, and trying to make our statues to come down, and they trying to eat ourselves. Now, we may think about those people.” After a while, if they are insisting to be against king-size ones, king-size ones may bring an order, may bring a law – from 15 up to 40 years old people all of them, just called to military service. You can’t find one person on streets that time. Finish. And if they are not obeying in trying to come out, they may say – “Arrest everyone from those people. Surround them. Arrest them and put in camps and from there dress them military suits and make them, one to be far away from the second one, at least one hour distance.” Anyone looking through the streets, troublemakers, demonstration people, catch them, send to army. Catch them, put on ships and send to war area.

They know also but they are leaving now what they are going, looking what they are going to do. They have so many things of big Nimrods they may do. Now they are going to be silent but, after a short time, you should be surprised that so many demonstration people, now no one on street. Where they, they left? Finishing. And whom their personality getting to be from miniature Nimrod personality, should be taken away. They are all troublemakers and troublemakers should be taken away. Those people, Nimrods, Allah Almighty just sent Sayyidina Abraham, peace be upon him, to king-size Nimrod and calling him – “Come and be servant of your Lord, the Lord of Heavens.” And he was refusing saying “How you are saying this and I am the King of Earth, I am the Lord on Earth? Who is that one you are saying in heavens? I don’t know Him. You are insisting, I may fight with your God, with your Lord. I am not leaving Him and I am not obeying to you. I can do everything against your Lord.”

That is the special sign of Nimrod – to fight against everyone that he thinks he is going to be under his command. And now whole people they never like to be under command of anyone. They are saying “No! We are not accepting. We are not accepting to be servants. We are claiming that we are kings. We are kings and we are lords.” That is their claiming. Yes. That is same, same view for whole people that living on Earth now. And Nimrod, they are claiming, Nimrods, that this life going to continue on Earth without an end, without any limits should run. We don’t know its beginning and no one knows its limits. We think, or we are claiming that it is going to be forever. And whole Holy Books, that they are refusing to believe true knowledge that had been sent by the Lord of Heavens and He was saying “Wa lakum fi l-ardi mus’taqarrun wa mata’un ila hin” (2:36).

“O Children of Adam I am sending you, O Adam and Eve, on Earth. I am landing you on Earth. You landed and your generation should come after you, hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions.” They should say finally as we said now, they should say that, “the life that we are living on this planet, it is only a running, as a river running, never stopping. No end for the life on this planet. We don’t know from beginning but we are, we are claiming that this life going up to eternal. No limits for us” they should say. And therefore, Allah Almighty sending through every Holy Book, through His Messengers to say, “Just we sent you on earth – walakum fi l-ardi mus’taqarrun (2:36). You should be on Earth, Earth should be for you a land, to live on it. It is limited, Earth.”

And He is signing that [it is a] limited thing – land. Signing [that it is for] a limited time whom they are living on it. But no-mind people to say this that they are knowing that this planet in limits but they are claiming that life going to be unlimited. It is not a good mentality, no! Mentality refusing that. How? Now whole those no-mind people unbelievers leftists, all of them they are saying, “We are going to live on this planet up to eternal!” How you can say this? This globe in limits and you are claiming that life going to be unlimited? Mentality never accepting but they are saying this. And Allah Almighty saying “ila hin” (2:36) (for a period of time).

“I am sending you on Earth to be there. Your generation coming, coming, coming. You should take your lands, you should be on your lands, or as England, Deutschland, Turkish land, Russian land, Everyland, Holy land, everywhere – Land, land, land! Ajamistan, Turkistan, Arabistan, Hindustan – land means. You should be on land, on your lands, “ila hin” (2:36) (for a time).” Allah Almighty making a limit saying – “You are not” – because it is impossible, mentality never accepting to be unlimited life on it – You are on limited area. How it can be? And their learned people, scholars, saying that day by day, year by year, through centuries, capacity of this world getting less for feeding billions of people on it. The reserve of this world going to be less, and less and less.

If something beginning to come, adding, coming back, from ten to nine to eight to seven to six – going to reach to zero. If you are beginning from billions and this life going to calculating, a back calculating, coming down, coming down, coming down. That means the reserve of this world can’t carry a life on it up to eternal, finish! This one word “ila hin” (2:36) that Allah Almighty saying – “you are going to be on it only for a while. No more.” That ‘while’ means it is in limits and everything in limits going to finish. Maybe as much as much more number – million, trillions, catrillions tantillions, hexillions – you may go. But, if it is beginning to come down and calculating back, one day that biggest number going to finish. But, people that living 21st century, they never thinking on it and they are running and saying ‘We like to live. We don’t like to die.” What is this? Anyone, anyone going to live forever? You don’t know that everyone that [is] born must die one day? Why you are shouting and doing this trouble on Earth? That is wrong on another wrong.

They are thinking that this style of life [is] best style of life, therefore we are not asking to be changed. No, can’t be. Allah created four seasons. Every season coming with a beginning and ending, and ages on this planet, thousands of years, never going to be continuous. No! It is going to be a beginning for every while, every period, and coming, and coming to an end. For every beginning must be an end. How you are claiming? You are saying – “No war! We don’t like to die!” You must die. You must die. Everyone created for a time and they should die. One day we are leaving this life. Finish.

Another wrong idea that those Nimrods, that they have been appointed by satanic kingdom they are saying to people – “No! You must run on the streets! and to say we don’t like to be changed our life standard. We don’t like an alternative for our lives.” That is biggest wrong. No! For every standard of life must be another alternative. Therefore, this going to be an old standard, old style of life that just built on satanic pillars, or shaytanic basis, or shaytanic teachings. Can’t carry this earth that building forever. And because so many ‘chatlak’ cracks, just appeared through this building, therefore, they are saying, they are saying “We must change this!’ Some of them saying that “We must leave this building so many cracks! Can’t carry whole people now on Earth. If you are insisting, this building may fall over us and destroying everything. We must change!” But, drunk people inside they are saying “No! we are against this! We can’t leave it!” What is that? You may stay inside. Then when this building coming down, crash down, you are going to finish, who is getting out they should be in safety, and another alternative, a new building, for them going to appear till the limit that just the Lord of Heavens granted to people, for last days people, it is also going to come in its limits and finishing.

Whole world’s declaration going to be finished. Its, its final point coming, approaching, quickly, speedfully. Speedfully and day by day you may see, you may hear that speed getting more and more and more, running to their last station – when this planet stopping and saying – “No more, no more land. No more room for you on me. The Lord that created me just granted to you up [to] today and now if you are insisting, I am going to be explosion and finished. No room for anyone on me, finish!” That is, that reaching people now but they are drunk. They never using heavenly knowledge. Even they are not using their mindly production, that we are speaking truth that it is suitable for mentality and our mindly productions. But they are so drunk people never understanding from this. They are running and fighting. Running uselessly and doing so many things nonsense.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. Blessing His servants for the honour of that one who he is most honoured one in His Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.


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