Heavenly Respect and Heavenly  Love 

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Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi, Sohbat of the 3rd of August, 2010.

La ilaha illa Allah. La ilaha illa Allah La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah alaihi salatullah wa salamuh wa ala jami’al anbiya wa l-awliya. wa man tabi’ahum bi ihsanin ila yawm ad-din Ya Rabbana Ya Rabb ighfir wa rham wa anta khairu r-Rahimin ya Mawla Alhimna rushdana wa a’idhna min shururi anfusina ya Mawlai. thumma salam ‘ala Sahib azZaman Khalifati Rasulillah (sas) wa ala jami’ as-habu n-nawba wa rijalallah alaihimu s-salam.
‘Narju’, we are asking their heavenly support and we are saying: “audhu billahi min ashshaytani r-rajim” We are running away from shaytan and shaytanic works that making “ma’mur kharab” – corrupting everything to follow shaytan. That is biggest, biggest trouble, biggest problem for nations, for dunya and everything on it or under it. Therefore, we are asking, O our Lord, protect Your servants from shaytan and its tricks and traps.
Astaghfirullah we are asking forgiveness. That I am saying, O our Lord, protect ourself. But, as a heavenly protocol, we must address first Allah Almighty, then we may ask even one ant, and one ant or less than ant, what it is created by the Creator Allah Almighty, enough. Enough to take away shaytan and its followers. But as a heavenly protocol and heavenly good tidings and through Islam’s good manners, we are first addressing to His most glorified Presence saying – O our Lord. Then, we may ask down – it is easy.
We are saying: “Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim” and saying also:”Bismillahi rRahmani r-Rahim”. That is our honour – to be able to say, “Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim”. O our attenders, you must believe and you must practice – for everything to say: “Bismillahi rRahmani r-Rahim”. If not, you are going to be destroyed, from this planet to another unknown territory. Main protector is, for mankind, to say: “Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.” Don’t take it as a joke, no! We are speaking on reality. You must say: “Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.” Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim for beginning and ending. Everytime, you must say: “Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.”
O our attenders, as-salamu alaykum. Be serious ones for such a, such a heavenly announcements. Announce? Yes. Don’t think that, that one sitting and speaking … No, it is a heavenly addressing to whole members of humanity. They must listen. They must obey. But, you are free -believing or not believing. If believing, benefit comes to you. If you are not believing, troubles raining on you. You may be first lady or emperor of, Russian emperor or going to be Kaiser, going to be her majesty queen or his majesty king of UN or to be emperor of, Indian emperor. You maybe, but you are under heavenly, heavenly power on your head turning. Don’t say: “We are salafi ulamas.” Once again to you, salafiyun – leave wahabiyun, wahabiyun are no-mind people. Wahabbiyun and wood is same. Their heads, they have a head but nothing in it. They have hearts but nothing in it from heavenly love and heavenly respect.

Yes, that is most important point – heavenly respect and heavenly love. That is, that is what our heavenly, heavenly protectors or heavenly teachers or heavenly holy ones they are on this two matters. What? Heavenly love and heavenly respect. We are putting now base on a strong base for today’s sayings. Yes, what do you think?
Our attenders, look and listen and obey. Don’t object on anything. If we are going to make objecting, come and sit here and address to people. It is an old chair and old person. You take new chair to be chairman of shaytanic groups. And look one young one for addressing to you. If you are not happy with such an old person, if you are unhappy, look a young one with a good condition chair – if you can find a king’s chair also it’s ok. Sit down and address to people. I am calling, salafiyun. You may address daily to people. “Yawmun jadid, rizqun jadid”. It is arabic or turkish? Daily, there is a new heavenly feast. Come and take your share. Eat and be thankful to Allah Almighty. Yes. What it is, ask from people. One heavenly respect and heavenly love. Anything, O salafi ulamas, ask from heavenly ones or what do you think?
Whole Prophets, their messages, summary of messages of whole Prophets and Messengers, to where coming? What they are asking from people? They are asking respect and love, heavenly respect and heavenly love. O people, Prophets calling people. O people, come and take a share from heavenly respect and heavenly love. Anything wrong, his holiness pope? Anything wrong, O chief Rabbi? Anything wrong, Diyanet isleri reisi: Bardakoglu (head of religious affairs of Turkey)? Anything wrong, Russians orthodox church Chief, chief patriarchy? and Athenagoras that he, he is respecting me – and respect bringing love from hearts to hearts. Allahu Akbar wa lillahi l-hamd heavenly praising and heavenly love that was what I saying?  sn :”Heavenly respect and heavenly love.”  Heavenly respect and heavenly? Love! Whole prophets that, no one their numbers, except the Lord of Heavens, how many they are. The numbers, no one knowing, except Who sending. Asta’idh billah: “wa laqad arsalna nuhan” (57:26) Allah Almighty saying: “I am sending Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, Zaccharia, Musa, Younus, Harun, Yousuf, Yaqub, Noah whom, beginning from Adam, I am sending to you. For what? The summary is that they are teaching you heavenly respect and heavenly love. Their main, their main mission for whole prophets, heavenly respect and heavenly love. Whole Prophets calling people to heavenly respect and heavenly love.
True or wrong? Say, no-mind wahhabi people also. You are doing that? You are doing nothing. You should be punished! Yes, that is the summary of missions of whole Prophets. They only calling people and saying to them: ” O our attenders, we are calling you to be respectful to Who created you, this. No any aim from this life, nothing going to be valuable beside heavenly love and heavenly respect. All of them throw it to WC. Take this only, heavenly love and heavenly respect. La ilaha illa Allah. Why you are quarrelling with me? Why you are quarrelling with me? I am nothing but, look what it is going to be said. With which mentality, heavenly sources sending such a ever-ending realities to you. Look that one. Look, “jawhar”  sn: Essence, essence.  More than essence. The most valuable thing that you may reach through whole world that is two things that it is, it is ‘maqsudun asli’ – main aim – you must ask love and heavenly love. Change your hearts to be full with heavenly love and be, prepare yourself to give most high respect to that one that ‘Amruhu fi samawat’ [His authority is in heavens].
Yes. Our attenders, take care. If not taking care someone’s taking your ear like a foolish student fool, foolish. His teacher making his, pulling his ear. Something comes to you. Now, you must understand that you have been offered with something from Heavens to do, to take and to reach. What was it? As they are saying: “heavenly respect and heavenly love.” Try to reach that two apects and whole Prophets coming to call you to reach a heavenly love and to reach for Heaven’s respect and look who are giving to you these two aspects. You can find through east or through west or through London or through Moscow or through Japan, through India, through Iran.
Iranian people, they are preparing themselves for a for a war, for a fighting. For what you are fighting? For what you are preparing yourselves? To kill people? To kill that Allah Almighty created them to be good servants and to be seekers of most valuable aspects, heavenly respect and heavenly love? O Iranian, responsible ones for, for 80 million people, why you are preparing yourselves for fighting? What it is the benefit to make fighting? Bringing your people to divinely presence full with love, heavenly love and heavenly respect? No, leave that! or punishment coming on the head of that State also.
I am weak one. I am weak ones but ‘aqwa’ most strong ones, may take their ears like this, taking them up. They are thinking that everything under their control. No! It is not under their control and we don’t like to make people to fall in troubles. We are asking to bring people to heavenly love and heavenly respect, then heavenly love raining on them.
O leaders of whole States including Turkey, Russia, Arabia, India, China, Japan, everywhere. We are warning them. Or if they are not taking care – in one breathing, their souls going to be taken up. That is a heavenly warning to whole nations now. They are asking from our leaders, that they are leading people to try to teach people to learn most high respect for heavenly aspects and most beautiful love, sweetful love, love oceans. Love oceans. O people, why you are running to enmity oceans? Who teaching you? Allah Almighty just taught you to be wild ones more than wild animals in jungles? He ordered to you to do this? I am asking U.S. president also, Chinese president, Russian president, Turkish president, Arabs president and kings and sultans. I am asking Allah Almighty making you for destroying humanity, to give trouble to them, to make them unhappy and to destroy their physical beings for nothing? Now what is that?
May Allah forgive us. O people, come and hear and ask who can give to you heavenly love and heavenly respect, you should be happy here and Hereafter. I am asking forgiveness from

My Lord Almighty Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and intercession from His most beloved one in His divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (sas).
Fatiha. dum dum dum dum …. Be with your Lord. You should be happy here and Hereafter.
Allahu Akbar Fatiha.
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