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Hadrat Shaykh Muhammad Mehmet Adil | 13 February 2016/4 Jumada al-Awwal 1437 Post-Hadra, Akbaba Dargah

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,

Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Wassalatu Wassalamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidul Awwalin wal Akhirin, Madad Ya Rasulallah, Madad Ya As’habi RasuLillah, Madad Ya Mashayikhina, Sheykh Abdullah Daghestani, Sheykh Nazim al-Haqqani. Dastur. Tariqatunas sohba, wal khayru fil jamiyya

Our tariqa requires to follow the shaykh. The shaykh also follows Hadrat Prophet (SAW) and shows people the way shown by him. It is good to revise: tariqa is a way, it is Hadrat Prophet’s (SAW) true way. There are many ways but the true way is one. Following the true way is both obligatory1 and salvation. Following the true way is happiness because it is a safe, blessed2, and a shining road, the road the good are taking. No harm comes from the road taken by the good. Bad people do not come from the good. The bad are people who have lost their way and are going on a crooked way.

Our Holy Prophet (SAW) drew a road on the sand as an example. He drew a line and next to it he drew a fair amount of lines. He said, “People who go on this road will be saved. People who deviate from this road, who go off the road, will be ruined.”

A person can be the world’s wealthiest and the world’s most popular person. He could be the person loved most by devils in the world, but it is worthless if he has gone off the road. He has no standing and he has no benefit. He is of no benefit to himself, so how can he be of benefit to others? He does not benefit but he harms. He has entered the harmful creature category and kind.

Harmful creatures are worthless and unnecessary. Allah (JJ) has not created anything unnecessary, but He has created them as trouble, as a trial for people. Those who look up to them and follow them will be ruined. Those who do not follow them, those who know their way is not the right way, do not emulate them, and turn back to Allah are different. Allah might save them in the world, but more than that He has promised them salvation in the hereafter. Allah Azza wa Jalla will give them mansions, palaces, and benedictions3 in paradise for their patience, in return for every patience.

The world4 tries to fool people. Dunya fools people in such a way that people think they will never die and this world will be left for themselves. Whereas, when their time is up they leave even if they are young or they are old. Do not be fooled by the world. Be careful on this way if you are in the way of Allah (JJ). Because the more you fear Allah, the more you will be saved.

Do not trust yourself in this way! Allah is always with me and Allah sees me: continuously be in a state of jihad5 saying, “Let me obey His orders and try not to commit His prohibitions.” Make jihad with your ego6 because your nafs is the greatest enemy

“A’da ‘aduwwika nafsuk allati bayna janbayk,” said our Holy Prophet (SAW). Your ego, this ego within yourself, is the greatest enemy. Struggle with it and do not give it an opportunity. Shaitans are plenty and those who are trying to deviate from the way are plenty.

If you are in tariqa, you need to pay attention to what the shaykh says and continue in the way he shows. Do not look at the faults of others, because our own faults are enough for ourselves. Allah has not created anybody without faults. Everybody has a fault, a defect. Only prophets were created innocent. The only people without faults, defects, and sins are prophets. Excluding them, other people surely have a defect, minor or major. Therefore, let us look at our own faults, when you see people’s fault do not tell their fault explicitly to their face, and do not tell everybody. Allah’s name is Sattar. Cover the faults of others and Allah will cover your defects.

This is also an important thing, because the people of this time have become such that when something little or big happens, they take it as a duty upon themselves to inform everybody about it. This is not a good thing, it is one of the things taught by Shaitan. The person who humiliates people both becomes humiliated and when the fault spreads others also do it and shame is gone. That is why this is not a good attribute. The attribute of Sattar is good.

Cover up. If you cover up, Allah will also cover you and forgive sins you have committed. Because when people commit sin, if they commit it secretly and do not tell anybody about it, Allah would cover it because they have not spread it. Once it is covered, He does not account for it again on the Day of Judgment, He forgives and they go like that.

If not, if they say, “Why should I hide from servants what Allah knows,” then there is punishment for those who commit that sin since he has shown them the way, and there is as much punishment for the person who has shown the sin as the sins of people whom he has shown the way.

May Allah keep our ego safe and grant us to continue in this way. The road is not hard but Shaitan shows it as hard to people. It is a beautiful way, the way of Allah (JJ), and the way of Hadrat Prophet (SAW). May Allah grant people to see this way because the more good people there are, that much baraka and that much mercy descends upon that place.

When people become good people they are at ease, and there is mercy and baraka. The unblessedness of an infidel7 spreads to the whole country. One by one, people are left without peace, no blessing is left, and no love is left. Inshallah this tariqa spreads and the mashayikh8 that teach good manners9 increase Inshallah. May the kafir and Shaitan crack and go to hell.
Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq.

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