Hazrat Saleh Alaihisalam

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 9h May 2020 / 16 Ramadan 1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

Today is,  Ahlul Badr, Badr, Badr…..war of Badr, there are 313 sahabi ikraam with Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, you know all, we read Fatiha for them now and Insha Allah we read mawlud later on….. Insha Allah, if we have time we will talk about it later on.

 Today we talk about Prophet Saleh, it is you know, there is 28 prophets mentioned in Qur’an Kareem, one of them Is Saleh Alaihisalam, and there is…..they…..many times, Hud, Sayyidina Adam, Sayyidina Nuh, Sayyidina Hud, Sayyidina Saleh, Sayyidina Moosa, Haroon and Sayyidina Ibrahim, Sayyidina Isa, is, they are most of them, most of times, they are more mentioned and the stories of them were told in Qur’an Kareem. Saleh Alaihisalam was also from Arabs, from Arabs, and he was this…..this from the sons of Sam, son of Hazrat Nuh but he was forward generation, there was Aad Al oola, Aad As saaniaa, then his, his nation, Samood. Samood, were living in Arabia towards Jordan. Nowadays, it looks the place where was, towards Jordan and place where there was lots of mountains. And they were, also carving, carving…..carving inside the mountains making homes, houses, for them inside the mountains, they live the land, their lands were good lands but they were not making, building houses on the land. They carving them out and living inside the mountains. Because they are saying, they live so long, they have long ages from their lives and their houses will be ruined so they make houses that it is not, it will not be ruined. And as usual, the, the, the, this people are out of their, becoming out of the way, right way and start to worship idols and becoming so bad in the bad way, unbelievers  and making shirk also of Allah Azza wa Jalla and then Allah Azza wa Jalla sent Saleh. Saleh Alaihisalam was good, wise man in, in this community, in this community and they liked him so much. So Allah Azza wa Jalla sent to him prophet hood and he was calling people for, for…. Islam, for Islam, for unity. For Allah Azza wa Jalla,  for Lā ilāhā illā-llāh, to say Lā ilāhā illā-llāh and to reject idols and to come on to the right path.

Some were, you know the weak ones or there is some, not people, the community or the nation this people they don’t really appreciate this people were following Hazrat e Saleh. But, Hazrat e Saleh he was not giving up everytime telling them. One day they were asking him if you make for us big miracle, then we will, we will believe in you. We will believe that you are on the right path, and you are Prophet. He asked, ‘what do you want’, and, he said ‘ But, if I make this miracle, you promise, promise’. They said, we want this mountain, they showed him mountain, high mountain, that you make, you pray, that it comes out of this mountain, like a lady giving birth…..the camel. That, that long, that color and also pregnant, this camel is pregnant and they give all instructions, how it will look like. And Saleh Alaihisalam was praying and Allah Azza wa Jalla was, you know, they were hearing this mountain was making noises like a lady getting baby out. They are delivering baby, camel came  out of this mountain of the rock from the rock, and then, and it was pregnant. Give birth for baby, for her baby, the camel, Hazrat, the people from Hazrat e Saleh some, some believed and some were getting worst…..so they were, because they were making agreement,  if you do this and we believe in you, they, even if they don’t believe, they have to agree with Saleh Alaihisalam that the condition is that  she will, the camel, she will, they have one well, water well, one day the camel would drink and one day they’ll drink, the whole village or the whole place, the whole town, will drink form this.

So the day when the camel was drinking, they were drinking the milk of the camel, they were milking the camel and drinking it. And second day they were, but it was going on and on like this. They were fed up, they want, they don’t want that the camel is around and they don’t wanted also Hazrat e Saleh also everytime telling, about Allah, about tawhid, about to say Lā ilāhā illā-llāh, so they were fed up. Saleh Alaihisalam, they were making, the unbelievers they were making trap for him, they were collecting nine, nine very bad, the worse in the community in the town, nine persons, they were making, trap, trick for, for they wanted to kill Hazrat e Saleh. Eight of them, they went and say his, because Hazrat e Saleh he was not staying with them in this, in the, in the rocks. He was, he had different place, he day time, he was with them but in the evening he goes to his own house out of this rocks. So, they said when he is coming in the morning we, we, we, there’s big rock, we, we push it on him. That he die, he go and we finish from him. And we kill the camel. And then, Sub Haan Allah, then one of them going to kill the camel, this one of the…..he the one, the eighth one who goes to push the rock, the rock was falling on them, died, they died all. And when they hear, this but, the other one was going to catch the camel, camel was running away and then there were some bad ladies also, they were promising to give their daughters to this man, if he kill the camel, they were pushing the camel and this man killed the camel. It was, and then the baby was jumping to, for the, baby of the camel, what you say kid, camel, baby camel, I don’t know……the camel, the, the, the camel, baby come out running away to the mountain, where the mother was come out and then Hazrat e Saleh was going after it, she was crying, this baby camel and making, telling something for Hazrat e Saleh, and three times making voice with their, moo, moo, moo (sound of the baby camel) going inside the mountain closed, the mountain closed. This baby disappear. Then Hazrat e Saleh was coming and telling them, that you, you, you make proud for yourself the punishment, this, wait three days and three days you will die. The punishment will come.  First day you are coming yellow, second day you are coming red, third day you are coming purple, black purplish color and three days you will die, you, you are, because your…..the agreement you make and you kill the camel, so this punishment will come to you from Allah and Hazrat e Saleh took the people who believe in him and go out of the city. So the first day didn’t believe and next day  they start, they all becoming yellow, the other day they become red, then, they were worried, the third day when they becoming  black, they said we are, we are, our punishment is coming they all go in their houses and they go in their coffins, coffins and they, their beds, waiting for, what, punishment is coming for them, it was one, one voice, loud voice coming to them, their  heart was  from fear was stopping, they all die in their places.

Where they all, only, one they say some man, some girl was, there is a saying one man was out of this city and he was close to Hazrat e Saleh so he saw what happened and one lady they said, one, one girl, others say there was one girl, she cannot walk but when she see this, what happening and she see was running to other village and telling what happened to them. Allah knows, but men, who, who was, out of this city, when he come, towards the city, he died also. This man from Quam e  Saleh Alaihisalam and this was the end of them. Because they were disagreeing, they ask for big miracle and the  don’t follow, they don’t fulfill their promise also and they don’t believe.

Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam  was telling his companions, don’t ask for something that you are, you cannot fulfil, you, you don’t ask and promise things, that to, you cannot fulfil things. Fulfill the promise or you cannot carry the, what is, what will happen after that, what you asking for. And when Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam in the time, he was going Gazwat Tabook, it was, place next to this…..Mada’in Saleh. It’s still there  Mada’in Saleh, the sahaba were, they were camping some place close there and they went took water and they want make…..to drink. Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, ‘No, don’t drink this’, and they were making some bread, dough for bread, He said, ‘Give it to the animals’. He was telling them to go and take from different well. He said this place is, this place is where punishment and there’s the anger of Allah is there. So when you are, if you are coming in the place, if you are crying, you know from fear from Allah then you go inside this place. Otherwise you don’t go and the place is where there’s Allah’s anger and punishment and cursed places, don’t go in, don’t visit, don’t use whatever there also.

Any this, the Mada’in Saleh, now Maa Shaa Allah they open it for touristic things, it is in the north of Saudi Arabia, in place. So this was, story of Saleh Alaihissalam and usually when Prophets they were, if punishment and curse come to their nation, what with believers they go, live around Makkah or in this places or to, towards Damascus or Bait ul Muqaddas. So it is, not known where it’s exactly but most of them they going towards Makkah, may be when Ibrahim Alaihissalam time it was nothing there but  before , before until the time of Ibrahim Alaihissalam, there was may be different places, Allah knows how, but it is mentioned that most of the Prophets they go with their believers, people who believed in them and live around, in this area.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,