Hazrat Nuh Alaihisalam and Hazrat Hud Alaihisalam

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 10 May 2020 / 17 Ramadan 1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

Insha Allah we, another day, we talk also about Mawlana Insha Allah, now we continue our prophets, stories. Alhamdulillah, inspi, inspiration from Hajja Amina, she was,Ma Shaa Allahshe have, many books now she made also Hajja Rabiya was translating, Hajja Rabiya, also did, but this books now, I don’t know, where are they, they are disappeared. I  Insha Allah we are trying with, doctor, doctor Salim to reprint it Insha Allah I was talking to him but now we have all this crisis about, corona Feris and I don’t know what so Insha Allah but we Insha Allah reprint, the books about prophet sallallahu alaihimussalam, and prophet muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, Insha Allah it has much more details and much more spirit from Hajja Anna Maa Shaa Allah, she was perfect one, perfect teller, perfect storyteller, Maa Shaa Allah and, it has more, spirituality you know when she was telling, the thing, the story or that, you, you seem like you are living inside the story, like you are together, with this person….. What to do, Insha Allah we, we reprint, this books and we distribute it again. Insha Allah.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

Now Hazrat Nuh was, landing after, after the clouds, it was six months, from beginning of Rajab till the day of Ashura. Six months, Rajab, sha, Rajab shaban, ramadan, shawwal, dhu Al Qiqdah, Dhu al Hijjah, Muharram, ten. The six months, on the tenth of Muharram, the boat was, ark landed on judi. Judi, the name of the mountain. And there’s so much spectacular, spectacular, speculation that it is here it is there, mostly, they look for it in turkey. There is some, Few mountain there. And there, there is one also small thing, that about lion. When, when the animal, were in the arc, the, the goats and the animals, the goats the sheep, they were afraid of lion. That it was, that it will eat us, the lion will eat us, then Allah Azza wa jalla was making for the lion Hummah, fever, the lion was not getting up, it was first fever coming on the, on the earth. Sub Haan Allah everytime, we watch sometimes in television this, and you see the lion his head is always like this, Mawlana tell this, this is you know it was from this fever, from the time, of Nuh Alaihisalam. So where Hazrat Nuh was out of arc with believer. Some say forty, some say seventy, some say, eighty or more people, some say only seven. Him, and his children with wifes, there’s different telling, from his children, Saam, haam and Yasir, three children, he had more but, one died with flood, he was not following his father. Saam is father of Arab and, Jews and furs. And for Persian…… and, the haam is father of dark skin people. All, Africans, Indians, they all color dark color. Yasir is father of Turks, and yajuj majuj and European, white people, all the white European, all the white. But also yajuj majuj you know, they were and from that time on, till Sayyidina Nuh, people were living so long. For hundred of years but, after Sayyidina Nuh, it was, it was, but people, age the human being age was, getting less, maximum maybe two hundred years, you know Because or less even, nowadays it is more less but that time it was becoming the, the ages, less and height of people also, the height of people also getting, they are getting shorter. And the, the, until Nuh Alaihisalam, they were more heavenly, from heaven but after, to nuh Alaihisalam but more earthly, worldly, earthly. Nuh Alaihisalam he, he remembered that there were, an old lady, ask, she was a believer, she told he was telling her that I am making arc, and it will be flood and will go in on and she was telling me, don’t forget me, you don’t forget me, take me. When he was banding, he remembered, he forgot her. And he was just rushing to see what happened to her. Then she was in her farm, she had animals she was sitting there, and he told her when she saw Sayyidina Nuh, ask him, is it, is it the time for the arc? Then she, he said her it happened and, you know now it is clear we are, safe we are out of arc. Then she said oh I didn’t notice but one day my cow, came with mud on her legs. Was it this day, this day the flood day, Alhamdulillah, when Allah protects, protects without reasons. And she was happy that she was safe and, with hazrat Nuh. Hazrat Nuh, was asking for his son, the one who went in the, in the water, Allah Azza wa jalla was…. Answering telling him that, you have to, to he is not, good thing, he is not from your family and, don’t ask things that you are ignorant of it. Don’t ask things that I, I advise you to be ignorant. This is in Qur’an, it is very, very powerful, aayah. Very powerful, every time I read my, my body is, it is, Allah Azza wa jalla telling off Hazrat Nuh. My god! Maa Shaa Allah. And, then telling hazrat Nuh to make, dish, dish, dishes, plate, dish, things, big small…. From mud, from clay, he tell him to make dish, dishes. Pottery, plates, every size of plates. And tell, also to put the smallest one down, and put biggest one top, on top. And then when they are all….. they are already dry and good, happy and put small one down and put the big on up. And then push them, and then he made the same he made, from clay, big lots of pottery, and dishes and plates and things, Every kind of size small size, big size and, as order he put small under, and put the big on top. Then order come to push them and he push them, and they all fall down and they break, because the small one is down, no balance on the top of it all break. Hazrat Nuh was sad, Ya Rabbi! Why you know, all this time I am making this and letting me do this, Allah Azza wa jalla answer came, that, I created all this human and you make prayer and you not pitying them and you are pitying your work, I, I pity them but because your dua, I finish them all from the world. From that day Hazrat Nuh was crying, never stopped crying, Nuh, nuh means, the one who’s uhhhh making uhhh crying with voice.

His name was shakir. Then turned to be Nuh. And he was, the famous criers in the, in the history, they are telling one of them is Hazrat Nuh. And one of them Hazrat Yahya. One of them, Hazrat…. Ali, zain ul Abideen, son of Hazrat Hussain, but there was few, famous Cryer, Adam Alaihisalam, also. He cried so much, Yaqub Alaihisalam, this they are famous but Hazrat Nuh from that day he cry he never stopped crying. He was regretting this, and he was fasting everyday. Except the day of Eid, every he was fasting every day. From his children, the believers with him, they say there is no, no, no human being coming from them no generation come from the people who’s believing, him, only from his three sons coming again, the human beings getting more, more generation, more people. And this that he has the name of Abul Bashar. Second, father of human being, second father, of human being, Hazrat Nuh. So he was, they say he was, there is saying that, he lived more than five hundred years more, some saying, only completed thousand year because he has nine hundred and fifty years with his nation with his people, and in Qur’an it is mentioned that nine hundred and fifty years calling his nation. After that some say they were more thousand year he lived, and some said no, that less. So the day he was dying, the angel of death came and he was looking, telling him, I came to, to take your soul. What did you see from this world, he said I saw this world like a khun, like guest house like khun, khun like a guest house, or hotel. I….. caravan sarai, this is the famous saying I lived, more than thousand year and I go for, I come from one door and now I am going from the other door, then you know it is dohan, was two doors, one coming and one going. And he was, to Allah Azza wa jalla. His….. his grave, some place around Makkah, around, Makkah most of the prophets, are there they say, in this in place where hijr Ismael is, around kaabah, there is maybe thousand or more prophet are buried there, in this place in this area around kaabah. And this, then the people are getting more and more, and more, hazrat until the time, there was people, arabs, first Arabs, the Aad, qaum aad, their name is, aad living next to Yemen on the beaches there to the sea, it looks to the, Yemen, in Yemen or next to, the sea, they live and they were you know getting, also going and worshipping , idols. And after I don’t know how many hundred years, this there is four prophets from arabic origin, one is, Hud Alaihisalam, one, Saleh Alaihisalam, one is Shoaib Alaihisalam, and one is Sayyidina Mohammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. They are four arab origing they are, so the first one Hud Alaihisalam was going, prophet to Aad, aad they were tall people, and they were very powerful, and they very rough people,they loved, they were so rich they have, so much gold, they have, so much gold, so many, lots of slaves, who was serving, Everybody was slave for them, you know for this they have, lots of slaves and they loved gold, they hadlots of gold. In, in their place. And they were, worshipping idols, Hazrat Hud was sent as prophet to them. Sub Haan Allah every prophet in his nation, if it is even is it is, poor, but he was good respected man, in the community in their community you know, he was always you know he was, before their prophet hood of each prophet come, came, in their community this, persons are this prophets were, respected and trustworthy person. So he was, when they had prophet hood, they are calling people, the people respect them, but also they go against them, you know in Qur’an Kareem they are telling so many, there is so many ayahs about Hud Alaihisalam, and about, his nation, his, his people. They were, he was telling them about, heavens about hell and, they don’t believe with him. And In one story may be they made it before, or they made it after that they were, making….. land, they say, that is eram.  Eram is Zaitul Imad The place land was, they make it like it looks like heaven, they, they made it for, so beautiful, this place and it has  walls and doors, and they say, this is our heaven. They make it to….. to reject Hud Alaihisalam. Or what he brings and they say, Sub Haan Allah they say, this is, this is still until today, this place but now it is invisible, one of the sahaba, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was telling one of the sahaba, had to see it, while, going to Yemen, around Yemen, hadramout, so they were against Hud Alaihisalam, when he was calling, them for, for tawheed, for unity, La Ilaha ilallah to reject idols to go to Islam, right way to believe in Allah, but as usual, it was so much, their against him. Only few people, were….. accepting him. And, they were telling them that the people, the poor people, week people are following you, they are telling him.

And, then it was the azab, they were saying him, to him if you know, you are telling us this and that, then bring us the, punishment for us, bring the punishment for us. For three years, they didnt have any, rain, three years they was no rain, and they were this, they were so tough people, torturing and against the Hud Alaihisalam, and then it was, it was one day what, Hud Alaihisalam was telling them, the azab because they ask him, then, say he said it was order from Allah coming, that it will come the punishment will come for them, then they saw from the sea black, black cloud coming, they were so happy, they said this is, this is the rain after three years, Hud Alaihisalam told them that this is punishment, you are waiting for the, you are, waiting this is not, they were not believing him, Hud Alaihisalam had ordered to take the believers and go out of this place. So it was he came, they were out of, the place and they were, on the top on the mountain and the big storm came, with, with this cloud, it was taking them like, like a twig, taking the man, and, and throw them away, seven,  seven nights eight days, they say it was Wednesday, to other Wednesday seven nights, eight days, they were, the wind, it was nothing, there and also after this, they finish, hazrat….. mostly the prophets they come, if they have the punishment for their nation, comes when they go out they go towards the Makkah or, towards the Hijaz, so he was, with his nation, believers he left there but, the, the, this place was, destroyed and vanished after that, and nobody had that much, gold or that much power from, any people coming after, after them.

For Sulaiman Alaihisalam it was different story but this for the, for humans that they are not having any more, that much power and that much, gold. Wealth.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,