Hazrat Idris Alaihisalam

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 5 May 2020 / 12 Ramadan 1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,   

Adam Alaihisalam had light of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam on his head, forehead. When Allah created him put the light of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam on his head, forehead. So all the malaika where ever he goes they were following him. Then he was little bit disturb then….. Allah Azza wa Jalla said to move it and Allah Azza wa Jalla moved it to the back, then all the malaika is behind him, then he was saying….. let me see how it is this light. Allah Azza wa Jalla put they say he putted in his, on his finger, the light of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and this is finger for shahadah also, so he was looking there, the noor.

When Adam Alaihisalam passed away….. before when Sheesh Alaihisalam was born, it was when Hazrat Hawa was pregnant with him, the light was passing to her, to her and from her to Sheesh Alaihisalam. Adam Alaihisalam has after passing away the angels, Allah Azza wa Jalla sent angels making his….. preparing and making janazah for him. There is some places they say four, four taqbeer, for janazah for him. Some places they say…..  thirty taqbeer, four taqbeer for janazah, and the rest is for honoring Adam Alaihisalam, thirty taqbeer and the janazah, and his place, his grave place, some say that he is may be he is where he was first landing, and I….. on the island….. some say he is next in mecca in jabal abu qubais in….. in cave. There is also saying that when Adam….. when there is flood, it was flood, Nuh Alaihisalam took….. Adam….. Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawa’s bodies in the, in the boat, in the ark with him, and after he was burying them next to baitul maqdas. So there is three different….. riwayah, saying. But anyway, he is some place, holy place, some holy place Insha Allah.

Sheesh Alaihisalam was….. prophet he was, Adam Alaihisalam was teaching him and also making for him will, telling him the will…..how to deal on the world.. and how to….. deal with his brothers, his sisters, the people, the children of him. Allah Azza wa Jalla send him fifty…..fifty pages, fifty pages. He was working on it and this qabeel and his family and his thing they were far, but they were….. coming….. against….. you know they are unbelievers and they are becoming rebellious….. and coming….. opposite of what Allah orders, and they are getting. There is one saying that.. the children of Adam Alaihisalam you know Hazrat Hawa has twenty twin….. twenty couple….. some say that they are….. they disappear. They didn’t believe their….. their….. they didn’t have any  generation. The generation coming from Sheesh Alaihisalam….. the rest.. the others are….. disappear, some saying like this, some saying different. It is different….. telling….. versions….. small story about Adam Alaihisalam was his children that they say the children were making….. some trick to go to their father, they asking for something from him and they want to be against him, they want to fight him, and they were….. arranging meeting and they want to go to…..to fight Adam Alaihisalam, this is I don’t know is it true, it is true or not true, but they say. Then when they went all, that to the meeting, they started each one talking different language, they didn’t understand with each other and then the meeting was over….. So this is why how the language is started. The fitna was finish, without starting .

So Sheesh Alaihisalam was keeping the orders from Allah Azza wa Jalla and the people around him, they were muslims and….. until there is not so many….. things talk about him, but that he was khalifa of Adam Alaihisalam. He lived maybe more than three hundred years or maybe more….. at that time until Nuh Alaihisalam people were use to live few hundred years, but after Nuh Alaihisalam it was the….. the ages of people were getting small. Any….. there….. also there is telling that from creation of Adam Alaihisalam till the qiyamah it is only seven thousand year, this is….. in now the history they tell you there is so they found this, they found that, this and this first man, first….. first I don’t know what this, but it is for….. Sirah or the people who is writing and Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam hadiths there age of the time of Adam Alaihisalam till qiyamah, till the resurrection day it is seven thousand year. So from in….. Adam Alaihisalam was nearly thousand year old but when he passed away, but few forty….. over forty years he was in….. in paradise and the rest was on the….. on the earth. So the….. his children also when they were gone….. and there is until Nuh Alaihisalam they were use to live few hundred years, and they say between Adam Alaihisalam and Nuh Alaihisalam there is….. ten….. ten generation. So after Sheesh Alaihisalam was….. passed away he….. there is few….. few of his children until comes to Idris Alaihisalam. Also in….. the book….. in the history book this….. this tabari and ibn kathir, ibn ishaq, there is so many you can also, you can find and read it yourself about it.

Idris Alaihisalam was also grand son from….. Sheesh Alaihisalam. He was the first Prophet….. that is coming wahy for him….. after Adam and Sheesh, because Sheesh was directly from Adam Alaihisalam but Idris was….. few generation later, so he was a first Prophet from children of Adam Alaihisalam….. and he Allah Azza wa Jalla send him thirty….. thirty pages, ten pages for Adam Alaihisalam, fifty pages for Sheesh Alaihisalam, thirty pages for Idris Alaihisalam. So now we have ninety pages already, finish, ten pages for Ibrahim Alaihisalam, and Idris Alaihisalam was, he was a first one using pen, pen after Adam Alaihisalam. He was….. he was, he has knowledge of….. mathematical and astrology, astronomic….. astronomic not astrology….. astronomy and he was also the first one he was….. make weave….. weave and he was….. he was to weave, to make clothes….. to know the measurements, and….. he was also….. the people were on islam, that some people who are trying to go to this qabeel….. place….. and some, some mixture, he was calling people for islam and for, to keep the right way as Adam Alaihisalam and Sheesh Alaihisalam.

In one day this tells a long story but he was one day….. he this the angel from sun….. he loved him so much. Coming always to visit him, to Idris Alaihisalam and one day Idris Alaihisalam was telling him I want to come on and visit you also, can you take me. Then the angel was taking permission to take him to  sun.To the sun, and took Idris Alaihisalam to sun. Don’t say how, how it is….. Allah Will  it wills….. it happens….. so its not….. nothing is difficult for Allah Azza wa Jalla. So when Idris Alaihisalam came sit on the, on the chair….. on the chair where angel is….. the chair in….. on the sun, he was looking around and he was say wondering, I wonder how when I will die or what….. then….. was looking there and the angel was going to ask and come back find that….. Idris Alaihisalam is dead….. he….. he start to cry, how this happened and this the angel of death Azrail Alaihisalam, he was telling that I was, it was written that Idris, Prophet Idris will be, his soul will be taken on….. on the heavens, on, in the sun and I was wondering how Idris Alaihisalam come from here, he is on the earth and how in, in the sun. Now I, I took his soul. Then the angel was starting to cry so much that he was my guest and how it is you know….. he died here. This is….. this is very much sad and it is shame on me and this and that and he was crying so much begging Allah Azza wa Jalla to return his soul. So Allah Azza wa Jalla was accepting the dua, his….. his prayer and return, return the soul for….. Idris Alaihisalam, then Idris Alaihisalam was saying what happen he saying this happen, this happen, ok he said oh Maa Shaa Allah, then he said can you take me visit little bit the heavens and we see the hell and then there was permission the angel took him to heavens, all visited all the heavens and sees the hell. Then he said can I see the Sirat Al Mustaqeem, Sirat, the bridge, said yes, can you take me over it, take over him, over the bridge and then he said I want to see the heavens and the permission and they went inside the heavens with angle and they were looking inside the heavens and the paradise, as you.. as the Americans say paradise and I will say heavens doesn’t matter.. ok, and he was sitting in the paradise saying I am tired I want to sit, sitting there for after while the angel said shall we go then….. Idris Alaihisalam said you go, no said we have to go, said no I don’t want to go, I died, I get a life again, I had resurrected and I saw the hell, I go over the bridge, Sirat and I am inside the heavens, in the paradise, finish, my…..Ya Rabbi, permission from Allah….. sit in the heaven, in the paradise. So now until day, today Idris Alaihisalam is alive in, in paradise. Even very this small poet said this  Idris nabi hil labichar, Sub Haan Allah . This Idris nabi is making dresses, the clothes in heaven, in paradise for, for people, waiting.

This, the two Prophets are alive in the heavens and two on the earth. One….. the Hazrat Issa on the first heaven, I think second, he was first and heaven and the he has something, something from duniya on him and second one is Idris Alaihisalam is alive and two on the, on the earth Hazrat Khizar and Hazrat Ilyas and today is Khizar Ilyas….. today or tomorrow….. today is khizar, khizar Ilyas The Turkish people believes that there is one day which is tonight….. tonight that khizar and Ilyas are meeting, so whatever you make wish for the sake of them it happens till next year. They say it is the day of Khizar, khizar Ilyas, khizar Ilyas….. it means.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,            


Fatiha for all.