Hazrat Nooh Alaihisalam

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan
Dated 6 May 2020 / 13 Ramadan 1441

Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem.
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

After Idris Alaihisalam ….. they was looking for him, they could not find him. After Prophet  Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was telling about ,What happened to Hazrat Idris, Prophet Idris. But in his time they could not find him, they don’t know what happened to him, he disappeared….. After that, many years for maybe ten generations it is after death of Hazrat Adam between Hazrat Nooh Alaihisalam they say ten century but current, is it generation, it is some different counting but it is that maybe it is generation ten, ten generation ,between death of Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Nooh when he became Prophet. Hundred and fifty years something like this they are counting also and its written, generation. For this generations were all Muslim they were all believing in Allah and worshipping Allah until the last ones they start you know they had people like Awliya or Prophets coming to them. And they good ones of them like Awliyas they were starting to when they passed away their friends ‘oh we miss them we make tattoo of them then they start to make tattoos of them. And then their children were thinking this that our parents were worshipping this, this is our Gods .So they start to worship to these tattoos and then they were going out of their religion out of the right way and Allah Azza wa jalla sent Nooh Alaihisalam to them he was maybe 50 years old when he has Prophethood, his Prophethood and for 900 years he was because in Quran also sent Nooh 950 years for his, for his Nation .He was calling them for Allah Azza wa jalla for unity for La Ilaha Il allah and for to come to the right path. He had….. 4 sons, his wife was not believing also even mentioned in quran that two ladies are….. as example they give two ladies good ladies and two women are…..not, bad women, two women were good and two women were bad. One of them is the wife was of Hazrat Nooh and other one is the wife of Hazrat Loot they says the bad women they don’t believe and they were married to very Holy men and then they were not believing and they were in hell with other unbelievers. And two good ones, good ladies one of them is Hazrat Maryam, she was from the one very good and Hazrat Asiya, wife of Firaun. She was a mother, like a mother for Sayyidina Moosa. She believed in Sayyidina Moosa Alaihisalam, and she…..also she was example, second example of good lady.  She was wife of Firaun. (I could not find the word, doesn’t matter, Anyway.)

Hazrat e Nooh was calling his nation, they not believe to him, they don’t believe to him. He was telling them pray, make Astaghfaar. Allah send you, because they have like drought, Allah sent many, many punishments coming for them but they don’t listen to him. They said we will not leave our Gods to One God. They were beating him every night, throwing him and his house, he sometimes, he has broken legs, arms. In the morning Allah Azza wa jalla give him health, again cured, going back again.

After 900 years, around 900 years he was…. fed up of them. He said, he was telling that nobody, no, they won’t….. be, becoming …..Momin, believers. Only bunch of his three sons and bunch of people, very little say, some say 40, some say more than 70, fif, people were believing all this time in him, from his….. Nation. He was making dua, baddua, bad-dua on them and then it was accepted he was making dua “ ya rabbi take them,you know, this is….. finish them”. Then it was order coming to Hazrat e Nooh  to build an ark. How he build ark. He was, some places they said that he was in the place that there is no, no water. It was something, some place like no running water, no sea, no ocean so…..  Allah Azza wa jalla said “you build ark, don’t think about it”. And then it was inspired to him, to ask, there is, there was from old creations, some say that maybe he is human, some say he is before…..something it was created before. Aush , his name was Aush …..Giant, giant, his name Giant . This Giant is always hungry. He goes to one place asking for food, if they don’t give food, he make his….. I don’t know he is making his….. dirt on them and they kill them, if they give you food he eat everything, they stay hungry. They don’t know what to do. But then it was inspired to Hazrat Nooh to ask him to bring from forest, wood. Cause also no forest around. And he called him, said “can you bring me wood”?  said “what you want, what you will give me”? The Giant was, Aush his name. Then he said “I will feed, I will make your tummy full”. He said “promise?”he said “promise”. Then after a while Aush came with handful, handful you say , pile, around his arm, handful….. trees put like a mountain in front of Hazrat Nooh . Hazrat Nooh has two breads two big breads said, take eat this, say Bismillah Hir Rahmaan Nir Raheem and eat. He was looking said these two breads you feed me will make my tummy full? He said it will make your tummy full. Say Bismillah Hir Rahmaan Nir Raheem.He said I will not say. He said “What you are not going to say?. ” He said “I don’t say Bismillah Hir Rahmaan Nir Raheem”. Then Hazrat Nooh said “eat now”. He eat one, one bread and he could not eat half of the other bread, he could not even come to finish his two breads. Then this Giant was I think was also stupid, he was so angry, he was so angry said “ You cheated me, you make some magic on me, this one and a half bread how I can be full?” his stomach is not, cannot eat more. He took all what bring, what he brought from the wood and take it and throw it away, not, not leaving for Hazrat Nooh anything. Hazrat Nooh was looking whatever left you know whatever was falling from this, his hand, from this giant hand, he made his ark, with it. He was making the ark, Momins helping you, helping them and it was the measurements were given from Hazrat e Jibraeel Alaihisalam and how it is to be. And it was made. Every hundred and twenty four thousand wood, how you say, log, log? Logs. At every one they put, the name, one of the name of the Prophets, prophets you know from, coming from Hazrat e Adam to Hazrat e Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, to hundred and twenty four thousand prophets. Three hundred thirteen Nabi Murshals, with risala. But rest Nabi, only Nabi. Each one put its, it’s written on it, then it was last one, the main one was Muhammad is written . Then it was missing four, four logs. Then were putting Abu bakr, Umar, Usmaan, Ali. Two more missing Hassan and Hussain, is written. This, complete, it was complete, the ark. Big ark, 300 zira, I don’t know the, the, wide, how wide it is, how long it is. It was all measured. In the middle of no-no air, you know, it’s nothing maybe it was not desert but was not place where there is water, big, big Ark. Then his people were laughing at him, you know, you are getting crazy, getting old, getting crazy, to make this big ark in the middle of the,no place. And then they want to, also to, torture, to humiliate him, they start to use this ark as a toilet. Then all the, everybody go to this ark and making toilet, their toilets. It is so dirty, Hazrat  Nooh  was so sad that, crying. Allah Azza wa jalla inspire him “Don’t worry I will make them leak it, make it very,very clean”.

And then he was waiting. One day, they start to have, all the nation, of his Nation, this unbelievers, they start to have illness on their skin. They have like….. exima or rash, that comes out of them yellow thing and puss, and coming all their faces itching and itching they cannot nothing is working and all they have the same. One day one man was going to making the toilet in the Ark fall inside all this dirt. And he got up and went home and then after a while he saw that his exima, his rash was, his puss was, his skin is healed. He said “huh I have the medicine, the cure. Then they all go and clean themselves with the all this dirt. They even no, not one point that it was so clean to, to heal, to heal up. Then it was, I think it is a longer story but Hazrat e Nooh was waiting for sign, he, sign it is that they have an oven in the ground, tandoor, wood, wood oven you say, in the ground. It was, they say if it is coming Allah Azza wa jalla saying the, the sign is when this water comes out of this, this oven, it will, you have to put from each animal, two, two, one pair- a couple, you and your, the believer should be in the Ark.

Then one day it was coming, this water started to come and the clouds are getting black you know and he was putting the couple of animals and then what is it, shaitan was trying also to go in the Ark….. they all going, he hold the, the tail from Donkey. Hazrat e Nooh said go on, and he is holding the Donkey’s tail, he cannot go, go on, he is beating him, go inside, not, another, go! Ya Mal Oon(cursed one) go cursed one he said, then cursed one is shaitan, not, not the Donkey ,so he was going also inside.

Then it was they were all going in, the down, downstairs was for….. big, big animals, the middle was for the insects and flies and birds, and the top was for Human. The water was coming, coming, coming and from everywhere is coming water.  And the, start to rain but the rain colour was red. It’s coming and from down also yellow, yellow water.  Coming from, or from down red and from top yellow, I think this is. And it is Ghadab (anger), ghadab it is, anger rain. It is not, water of anger…..Hazrat e Nooh took all the  believers and took his three sons with wives. And they were on the Ark, he was calling his first son, his first son was not believing, he said no I will run go in mountain, top of the mountain and be safe. Ofcourse not safe, it was one wave came and make, make separate between the Ark and this, the son of Hazrat e Nooh.

 It was raining and it was from Rajab from the months of Rajab till Yauma Ashura Muharram tenth of Muharram, 6 months, 6 months they were on the sea, waving, waving, waving, there was also Hazrat e Nooh was putting food for…..for, to eat. Then a mouse, then it was so much dirt, he was feeding the animals and there was dirt, around and it was smelling, then it was smell coming up to the top to people and they were complaining. Then Hazrat e Nooh was wondering what to do? Allah Azza wa jalla inspire him that, to make a wipe the back of Elephant, there are three animals. And the Elephant sneezed and pig was created from, from the sneeze of Elephant. Allah Azza wa jalla created it and this pig is eating all the dirt. And then it was….. that’s why from day one it is dirty, this animal. We don’t eat it is Najis . Then shaitan was making on the top of pig, like this, Sub Haan Allah! Allah created from the pig’s sneeze, Allah created mouse. And mouse was going around and eating all the food. Then Hazrat Nooh was having also trouble. Allah Azza wa jalla said make on top of Lion. Lion sneezed, created cat. Then Cat was following the Mouse not messing to be….. free. And they had some, some, I think some in the Ark, there was something broken. I don’t know how, may be the mouse was eating also this, making, broking, hole, to bring out. There was water coming in. Then snake, nobody likes the snake but snake was making like a roll and blocking there and to keep, they say to keep me here, blocking this.

Six months, it was….. all over the world, going this. And, the flood, some they say it is only one area or something but it was all over the world, the floods. After six months, it was on the mount of Judi there is one mountain in the south of Turkey named Judi Allah knows if it is this mountain or different mountain, Allah knows. It was on top of one mountain, it was landing on top of one mountain, it was the day of Ashura, the tenth of Muharram. It was on top and only the top of the mountain is shown then….. Hazrat Nooh was taking, sending a bird, one of the bird to look for, if it is, there is land, land showing. Because the sky stopped and the earth starting to suck the water. He was sending crow but crow was going, not coming back, going, finding so many dead things to eat. Then he sent, some say pigeon, some say dog. It is also, I don’t know if, they make symbol, if it is. He send this and it went and bring for him a green branch/twig but because this dog was, has all, the claws?, claws of it, it was all with hair, with feather?, feather.  But because it stops on water then all the feather was falling because the water was anger water. It took one twig and bring to Hazrat e Nooh. They waited little bit and they went out of the …..Ark. There was so many small small things whatever left from their food, they put it together and cook it they make Ashura, they make Ashura of this. And they eat out of it. His children three of them Haam, Haam is the father of dark skin people, Saam is the father of Arabs and Jews, Yasis is the father of all the Asian, white, white people and the asians the Turks. That’s what they say, the turks. And all the ones who has their eyes are little bit like Asians, the Asians, far east. So this is the three of them who are living after this….. after this floods. (this was so long, tomorrow Insha Allah the rest.)

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,