Hazrat Adam Alaihisalam

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 04 May 2020 / 11 Ramaḍan 1441

Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem.
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

We continue, Insha Allah…  story, Hazrat e Adam….. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Hazrat e Adam was…..So tall, when Allah sent him to… to the earth, he was tall, his head was over the clouds. He was hearing the angels making tasbeeh and he can smell the, smell of heavens. But the Angels were disturbed of him. So Allah Azza wa Jalla make his height, smaller. Height, zira’a (cubits). I don’t know zira’a (cubits), sixty, or fifty centimeter,  he was sixty zira’a (cubits). I don’t know the measurement what is zira’a, zira’a, it is like sixty centimeters, so was sixty, Allah make his height small, sixty…..zira’a. This Arabic, I don’t know the English one. But Anyway, then Hazrat e Adam was sad, he said, “I was hearing the smell and listening to them but now, I am alone, Allah Azza wa Jalla…..sent from heavens for him, Baitul Ma’mur with Hajarul Aswad, now it was white, shining jewel, jewel, big jewel. And there was, he was taught to make Hajj and to make tawaf around this Baitul Ma’mur. Him and his wife, Hazrat e Hawa. They use to live in…..either, they say it was Adam Alaihisalam used to live in Damascus, it is oldest place, city. Last year we visited, Alhamdulillah, Quddus shareef and we went to Nablus.

Nablus city, and also around, not very far from Quddus shareef, Jerusalem. They said, also Hazrat e Adam was also there. It was also from the older cities in the world. And he was…..having, living, there and learning how to live, you know there’s angel teaching him, it’s, in the book it’s written angel, either it was  Hazrat e Jibreel, or there was special angel teaching Hazrat e Adam, how to deal, how to be in the world in the duniya, so yesterday we were talking about how he was planting the wheat and….how he were making deal with oxes, when he comes out of from…..Jannah, from heavens, he had stick in his hand, this stick, it is stick of Hazrat e Moosa. And he had…..a ring. And this ring is Hazrat e Sulayeman. They are from heavenly equipment. There is so many things, it is written in the books that, he came out of, without anything or he came out of so many things, Allah knows. The, the leaves that, the tree give to him, it is, there is a story that, few animals eats this leaves from…. From Adam Alaihisalam is was five leaves, One….three of them are, like insect, they are called as insect, or…..and, two are big animals. One is…..one, one and…..the first one is a bee, honey, for honey. So it was that, it eat one leave, becoming honey, bee for honey, we say like this, honey bee. And the second one is the one silkworm. This eating and becoming silk. And the third one is, leech, leech you say? The one is making, taking one…. Ah! yes, so this is three one they eat this, each one eat one leave, and, the whale ate, there’s special way to eat one of this  leaves and become  amber. Amber, and…..one of the deer’s some, one kind of deer ate…..the fish, and it comes, musk. Musk, the perfume musk. This is…..side story I know.

Mawlana used to tell about it. So this is also the leaves. Hazrat e Adam and Hazrat e Hawa, they were living and all, all around the world, all the world was under the order of Hazrat e Adam and Hazrat e  Hawa. You have to  be proud of your mother. Hazrat e Adam was also so handsome that, no except Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam , but there was no more handsome man you say, handsome man, unless Yusuf  Alaihisalam. There was no more handsome man than Hazrat e Adam. Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam is different beauty. Then it is….. and she, Hazrat e Hawa, she was having babies, twins, twins, forty, forty,  twenty twins, forty babies, she had. Each, each…..one, delivering, she was delivering boy, and girl. And because there was no other people, there was no other people so they count, sister and brother, each pregnant, each tummy, count brother and sister, the other tummy doesn’t count, their brother and sister. So they were…..marrying one brother from here marrying one sister from here other tummy and, or the….other way round. So one of this was Qabeel and second tummy was Habeel.

Qabeel was the bad one and habeel is the good one. But that time it’s was not. And…..Hazrat e Adam, was saying that Habeel, should marry Qabeel sister. Qabeel sister was beautiful. And, Qabeel should marry Habeel sister but Habeel sister was ugly. No, not ugly but she was not beautiful one. Qabeel didn’t accept. Then it was….fighting, and Hazrat e Adam was, said, this is not acceptable. You know she, she count yours, she is your sister. You have to marry the other one. He said “No! she’s beautiful, I have the right, I marry her.” Then Hazrat e Adam and Hazrat e Hawa, they went to Makkah. For, for Hajj, for visit Baitul Ma’mur. And…..before Hazrat e Adam, they said to, Hazrat e Adam told them, you have to give, qurbaan. Qurbaan to…..See that who’s accepted, who’s qurbaan is accepted, then marry this girl. Hazrat e Habeel, had, had herd, he had the sheep and Qabeel was a farmer, he was planting and…..Wheat or something, then Hazrat e Habeel went, brought, best of his very big ram and put it in one place, this place, where they put qurbaan. And former time the fire should come and take the qurbaan that you, you put. I don’t know what is the qurbaan in English but understand, who ever…..to sacrifice something. And…..Qabeel, he went to his field, and he was harvesting bunch of  wheat. Bunch, bunch, of wheat, but it was not very, he did not take care, he was just like taking  from the side, not taking nice ones, and he brought  one and put the place, where the should, come the fire. This after Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, it was stopped this, not, no fire coming….from Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Then…. Fire came and took the ram. Left the, the….wheat. Then, Qabeel was so angry he said I will marry her, anyway. And he was, then Habeel was telling you cannot marry her. Then, he said, ‘I will kill you’. If, I don’t marry her. And this Habeel, it is in the Qur’an also, Habeel said, I will not touch you, if you are going to kill me. I, I am afraid of Allah, I will not, fight back, I want you to have both of our sins. We have the sin of our both you know. Both of us, both of us not our. Both of us…… but that time you know, there was no evil, nobody is evil or nobody is bad. So he didn’t know how to kill him.

Then, shaitan was around and,he, one day, he was in his field, and shaitan was coming and place where he can see him and took one, one bird and  took one, stone and smash the head of stone, of the bird, with the stone. Then he, Oh! I know Yes, now I know how to kill him. And then he was following, Habeel to find timing to kill him. In…..because he had his herd, he took his sheep around and he was left his sheep and he was sleeping. And Qabeel came and hit his head and killed him. It is in Damascus. I tell you now. And then he killed him and then he took him, he died, Habeel died. That was first one to die on the, on earth. And Qabeel, didn’t know what to do with him, he took him on his back and going around for him, with him. For maybe forty days or one week I don’t know, one week ten days, for, but mostly, I think forty days, he was going around with body, doesn’t know what to do with it. Then Allah was mercy with Qabeel, that he send two crows , crow, they fight with each other one kill other, and then the crow was his claws, he was digging the floor and putting him and put top of him soil. Then he knew that he should do like this. And, he dig and bury him. He, this there is one maqaam where you go from Syria to Lebanon, on the mountains, there is this, they say this is  place of Habeel. Maqaam Habeel. Allah knows. And Adam, and he took, and bury his sister. This, it is sin, that each, each one, who dies or  be murdered, murderer, each murderer, sin, there’s one sin written to Qabeel. Also because he was, this is bad habit he started it, and who ever started the good habit, Allah write, who ever follow this good habit, Allah write also for them good, good deed. But who make bad habit, also he was, he, this is to this person, who started this bad habit. Adam Alaihisalam cake back from Makkah, from Hajj, and he was asking for Habeel. And he saw that Qabeel is, he took his sister, as wife and, he was asking, and nobody was telling anything and then the mountain where, the mountain, it is in Damascus in Jabal Arba’in and Jabal Qasioun, where we use to live, and our Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah’s maqaam also, it is little bit higher, there’s a place, it is, it is open like a mosque. The place where it was killed, Habeel, this mountain was open, was talking, telling that Qabeel killed Habeel. And, in judgement day, this mountain again will talk and make as witness, as witness. And, this it is place where it cries, there is two drops place where coming two drops, last time it was dry, but it is usually always, it is very high and the mountain is complete stone, it is, no, no one green plant on top of it. But there is two places, you know crying, where there is water coming, one drop, one drop two places, say it’s crying until the  Qiyamah for Habeel. And it will be witness for, for…. The murderer of him.

 After that, Hazrat Adam he had Shees. Hazrat Hawa was pregnant and she had Shees. This was Prophet, He had Prophet hood also, one he was single, single and Hazrat e Adam was hiding him, and keeping him away from Qabeel and his people. From, for him, for Hazrat e Shees, it was coming, 50 pages. The other day, I said 104 books. 100, pages. And for complete book. For Hazrat e Shees, it came 50 pages. From heavens, from Allah Azza wa Jalla, to guide the people, around him. Because Hazrat e Adam was, he lived nearly thousand years. Not thousand years, it was written that he knew, he has age of thousand years, and, but when he was ill, for ten, fifteen…..eleven days, he was ill, that it was the death, the illness of death. Then,  he was, one Azrael Alaihisalam came to him, he said, he’ll take you soul, he said, I still have  forty or sixty years, some place it is, they say sixty years, some say forty years. He said No! You, you give your forty years or sixty years whatever it is, mostly they say forty years…..your forty years to one of your son’s coming, to be coming. And he said “How!?” He said, in heavens, Allah Azza wa Jalla, you asked to see your children. Then he was showing you all the children and all the prophets. You like someone very nice, nice but,  he’s very bright, and you asked special about him. And they told you this is Dawood. Dawood Alaihisalam. But he said how, how old is he, how long he will live he knew how long. He live either sixty years, or forty, forty or sixty years. Then he was sad about him and ask Allah to give him more life. More longer life. Then Allah Azza wa Jalla was telling you give from your age. Then you give him forty more years. Now your days are complete. So he was….. he, he…. He died, then the  angels were, Allah Azza wa Jalla sent from heavens, from paradise, angels to wash and make kaffan for him, and to pray his janazah and to bury him, he’s, Allah knows. They say he is buried in some place around Makkah, around, they say some place around Baitul Muqaddas in Jerusalem. And there is maybe also, in Damascus. Allah knows where is it, but in the cave, in this  place the angels were making in the, in his grave, they make (arabic word), like they make something like you are inside. They don’t put it straight in the grave, you just make, dig little bit wall and put the dead person to, the…. leaning his back, or her back. So, this is sunnah from Adam Alaihisalam time. So this was, Adam Alaihisalam passed away and Hazrat e  Hawa passed away after one year him, and hurried next to him also. Every year, I think, every year, every ten years….. shaitan,, they bring shaitan, to the grave of Hazrat e  Adam,tell him make one sajdah, you will be forgiven, he say no. Then they let him go. Again, everytime they bring him to the grave of Hazrat e Adam. The sajdah was for Allah. Like now we are doing sajdah, we are making towards, we are standing towards Kaaba and we make sajdah. We don’t make sajdah for Kaaba, we make sajdah for Allah. And the Qibla is that time it was Hazrat e Adam. And the orders, the sajdah, it is sajdah for Adam. But in  reality, it is sajdah for Allah, this is the only farz,  the only order was given to shaitan. But he’s still stubborn and still proud of himself what he did, he and he is still test for us. And we are, we have to know that he is our enemy.  And, we say, Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem and may Allah protect us from him and his waswas.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,