The beginning of creation part 2

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan
Dated 3 May 2020 / 10 Ramadan 1441

Hazrat Adam ….. after Allah created Hazrat Hawa from his rib, he was is, he slept, in paradise and he was seeing in his dream how Allah created….. Azza wa jallala created Hawa , Hazrat Hawa. They ….. and they were married , maher of 10 salawat, first 10 salawat, for Hazrat Hawa. Allah Azza wa jallala said, “this is your, your zouj, your wife.” And they are couple and then he was happy in paradise. There was, not, you don’t have different word saying, Allah saying, you have to it is more you know ( Turkish words ) it is okay, Anyway, it is ….. simple, it is very simple to say Allah saying but it is okay, I don’t know more English so excuse my English.

Allah Azza wa jalla, they were in the hea….. in the paradise, they don’t accept also heavens but doesn’t matter. In paradise, tell them, you can ….. go in the….. you can live in the paradise and you can eat from everything anything you like except this tree. There was a tree in the middle of the paradise, they cannot….. eat from it. And then shaitan was from day one, from even when the day Allah Azza wa jalla is saying that I will have deputy, deputy of me on earth. He was enemy of this deputy without even seeing how it, it will look like. He was, this enmity, because he was proud of himself that he was, so much worshipping and he was even teaching the angels, he was like master between the angels. So this was, its his pride. And then he became “asif”, disobedient and Allah cursed him and throw him from his presence and that a, he was asking Allah to keep him till the judgment day, and Allah….. accepted his …. for the….. To be test for….. Adam and children of Adam, to see who is good, who is bad. This….. it was the only order from Allah Azza wa jallala for him and for, to make one sajdah for Adam. One sajdah for Adam, it was, this was fard, obligatory, it was order of Allah. Hundred and twenty thousand years he was worshipping Allah, Azza wa jalla, but he was, by him, his will, as he like. But it was will of Allah that only one sajdah.

And …..when Adam Alaihisalam ….. he is in heavens in judgment day when and shaitan is in hell, Adam in paradise, heavens, in heavens, and every hundred year they take out shaitan from, from the hell, bring him to the door of….. paradise and Hazrat Adam coming in the front of, inside, in the front of the door and telling shaitan to make sajdah, only one sajdah, make one sajdah, you go in. He say, no , they take him back to hell. This To be stubborn it is also the habit of shaitan, so, you don’t be so stubborn, this also one of the habit of shaitan, that he is so stubborn and he has so much envy and jealousy from Adam Alaihisalam. This, so this is…..that is the story of….. the order was only one sajdah. If he make one sajdah then he will be forgiven but he, he very stubborn, he doesn’t make sajdah.

So, shaitan was starting to planning how to take….. Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawa from heavens, from the….. paradise. They say sometime that Adam Alaihisalam and Hawa Alaihisalam, alahimussalam, that, they were in , in he, in paradise for three hours, three akhir hours. Allah Azza wa jalla created Hazrat Adam Friday and also Friday he was in, in the….. on, take him out of , put him on earth and Friday also he passed away. But I don’t if it, I don’t know if it is same Friday or different Fridays. But, and also on Friday….. becau, Prophet Sallallahu alahi wa sallam was telling this, in the Friday there is five things happened, five great thing, that, Allah created your fathers, Hazrat Adam Friday and also he put him out of ….. paradise in, on in the Friday, and also he passed away on Friday. And Friday also it will, there is a moment or timing in Friday they say sometime it is Jum’aa time, sometime they say after morning prayer, sometime say, say before maghrib, between asar and maghrib, there is a timing for, for accepted dua. That’s why that, the old people and you know wise people Friday they only make worshipping, they don’t make duniya work. Our, our old grand…..mothers and they were always getting angry if you work on, on Friday. But some say, said only Jum’aa time you know one or two hours this time. But mostly, you don’t do so many heavy things in that , on Friday, you do your usual things. But on also the time of Jum’aa prayer time, nearly one hour, to sit and to read Quran, or to make zikr or to go pray Jum’aa in the masjid better, better to do. And also Friday also, the fifteenth of Friday is that the qiyamah, the last day, qiyamah, the day of resurrection, it will be on the day of Jum’aa, of Friday.

So Adam Alaihisalam and Hazrat Hawa were going around in the, in the paradise, eating from this and that, and shaitan making plans so he wanted to go in, in the, in the heavens, in the paradise. He came to the door, they don’t let him. So he went out and find …..the, the snake. Snake that time it was very beautiful animal, with legs and wings and nice, nice …… neck, nice neck, like you know , no wing, with nice neck and legs and he was…..cheating the….. snake, and let him, he said, let me go in your mouth, we go inside. I don’t know the peacock, there is something with the peacock but I am not very sure….. there is something with peacock also, they both, there were both. Maybe peacock was telling shaitan to go inside the mouth and his mouth is not very small, not very big then he go to the mouth of snake. This is I am not very sure but there is also, story with peacock.

Anyway, he went with….. the snake came to the door of paradise and went it. And the guards, they didn’t notice that the shaitan is also in. Then he went next to Hazrat e Hawa, it start to cry, you know….. the shaitan and he said to her, she, she was asking “why you are crying?” he said you know….. I will….. you will die, you will get old, you will die, you will, your hair, you will lose your beauty, you do this, that. He is telling her so many thing, know, you know what if you eat from this tree, you will be ….. eternal, that’s why Allah didn’t…. He didn’t, he said if you eat it from this tree you will be eternal. Then she believed him. And she was telling, she took one fruit of it and she eat, one of this. And she took one and give to Hazrat e Adam and tell him the same thing then Hazrat e Adam first he didn’t want then he was, she was insisting and he took and he… bite and then Jibreel Alaihisalam is coming and holding his neck, that he took it out. He didn’t eat it, swallowed, that’s why they say, there is something for man always there is, Adams apple.

But in this moment everything on them it was getting out , went, fell off from the clothes, they had, their body was like nail, like nail, it was not skin, it is was nail, like , like our nails, the body was the skin its was looking like this , this was also taken from them, only they top of their ….. it is to remember us, that we are in heavens. And then they were running, they are running here and all the trees were holding their …..branches up, they were trying to hide because they are nake, naked. One tree only give them leaves…..fig, fig tree, give five to Hazrat Adam and seven to ….. Hazrat Hawa and then also the trees were like this, the gold and the silver was also, tree and they were even telling off them that you are doing this.

You know then it was and then Allah Azza wa jalla saying, what, why you are running away, you are running from me, I said no, I am very shy, shy, ashamed, ashamed of myself, that I disobeyed the order. Then Allah Azza wa jalla said you go out, out of paradise, you and your wife. So Hazrat e Adam was go, and also shaitan and the snake. Hazrat e Adam was going from the door of Tauba , the door of forgiveness and Hazrat e Hawa was going out of the door of rahma, the door of Mercy. He was on the, when he came to earth he was ….. next to India, Ceylon, Ceylon and Hazrat e Hawa was in Jeddah, in Arabia. Shaitan was out of, from the door of  Babulana, the cursed door, was….. thrown out and snake also was thrown out with, from the door of anger, Babulgathab, out, and also this the tree, the fig tree, Allah Azza wa jalla said why you give your leaves to them, said, I learned to be kind from , mercy from you, then he said you go also out. That’s why fig tree, it doesn’t have, it doesn’t burn. The, the, the branches, it has milk in it, you know even if you try to burn it is very hard to burn, burn. It is not wood, even it is not wood and their fruits, it has their flower inside. You never see frui, the, its only fruit. You see fruit on the fig tree. Their flowers is inside the fruit, it never co., it never shows out.

And also sending, because gold and silver were….. sending, telling off and angry with Adam Alaihisalam and Hawa and he, they never have mercy with them then also send out, said, you, you didn’t like them, you didn’t like Adam and Hawa, but they will like you forever. This also gone out. Also, the, the tree was, and we know as it is, it was wheat, may be wheat becau, some they say apple, Allah knows but for wheat also you know they said because it was also sent out….. it was, not out, but, for this , wheat because we are eating bread every day, we are using wheat everyday we never get, fed up of it you know. Anything else we eat it every day, you say, after a while you will say “O no, I shall, we find something else”, but wheat, something made with wheat like bread, you eat it every day , you does not “o I am bored, I am fed up of this, I don’t want to eat this, why you are eating every day bread?” nobody is saying this. This is love of this, this tree. So, Allah Azza wa jallala said that you never fed up from eating this. So Adam Alaihisalam was on, on the mountain in the Sarandeep, Sarandeep Ceylon now, central asia. There is even one, one foot, one foot print he was standing on his one foot for three hundred years.

He was crying, non, non-stop, non-stop crying, asking forgiveness. His body was becoming all black…..dark, black. And….. then Hazrat e Hawa was crying in Jeddah, in arabia. Shaitan….. not, not stopping also. He was in, on earth, he was collecting the wild animals because he used to live in, on earth. Because he is Jinn, from jinn. And he knows he collecting the wild animals and telling them to…..attack Hazrat e Adam. Then ….. wahi came, Hazrat e Jibreel came to….. Hazrat e Adam telling him that….. the animals will attack you and the first one you, attacking you, you put hand on the, on the head, it will be with you, it will defeat, with you , defeating the others. Sub Haan Allah that time, the wild animal were attacking Hazrat e Adam, first one was dog, then Hazrat e Adam put his hand on his….. head, he was beside Hazrat e Adam attacking the, defeating the other animals.

This small, small stories, and they has, there was this sparrow, sparrow coming, and….. singing for him, for him, making zikr, then Hazrat e Adam was loving the, the, the bird. It was, the top is black, the under is white. It was all white but from Hazrat Adam to loving him, and it was, it is the only bird that lives, in the houses, not afraid of people. It comes especially make the nests in the houses. We have, we have a lot of them. And they read….. my mother used to tell that they are reading huwallahu il lazi la ilaha illahu alimul gaibi wash shadatu war rehman nur Raheem, they, they read it until the andahu azizul hakeem. When they make, when they have this singing, they singing this….. this two ayah. The last three ayah of surat ul hashr. So this is also, Hazrat e Adam was crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, three hundred years asking for forgiveness.

Mawlana used to go to Sri lanka and it is very strange….. it is very strange that they have gems, they say gems, stones, precious stones, but usually when you have precious stones, you have it like a line you know you have a big stone and you have small small in it from the same. But Sub Haan Allah there, in there countries, they are digging on in the ground, places and you have very much different, different gems, not, not related to each other. And ground, they found in the rivers or something you can find different kind of gems. Mawlana used to tell it is the…..the tears of Hazrat e Adam. That they become, each one come different gem, of this. And also from his tears, they say that, it was growing that they have all the spices. The Spices helps the, help spices for, for people that using and it is mostly in India and in this area also from his tears.

After three hundred years he was….. asking one day he was just say “Ya rabbi forgive me for the sake of the one you write his name next to your name , for, sake of Muhammad.” ……Muhammad RasoolAllah. Then…… it was coming….. Allah forgive, said, “I will forgive you” but how, how you know Muhammad, Muhammad RasoolAllah. He said “when you created me first I was looking on the throne, is written “Laa ilaha illallah Muhammadur RasoolAllah” if was, somebody was more, more dear to you, more beloved to you than Muhammad, it, you would write , his name next to your name”. So it was, his name next to your name, he was the most beloved one. So he ask for the sake of him, Allah Azza wa jalla forgive him….. Hazrat….. also forgive Hazrat e Hawa. But there was, who was, responsible more, it was Hazrat e Adam, because always ladies are always following the man.

Anyway then Hazrat e adam was ….. like all black…. Jibreel Alaihisalam came said you …, three days, three days of the month, it is this three days, yaumul beed, the white days they say, 13,14,15 of every lunar month. RasoolAllah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was telling “if you want to fast in every month, you fast the three white days.” Three white days is 13th, 14th 15th of the lunar months”. He fasted first day, one third of him become white then second day then third day he become completely white, returning to his normal color. It was, they say, it was the, the, the,….. that Adam Alaihisalam was not with his will when he was going to this tree. It was, he was pushed by the, his children….. he was pushed by his children, that…..the atoms of his children that they are not good, they are bad side of the ….. unbelievers, that, he had, he hold them all in his body. So, he was pushed the, with their, with their energy to, to take the fruit and eat it.

So, after this he was meeting Hazrat e Hawa Alaihisalam. He was going around the world, every, every place he sit there is a big city, was there, every step he go there is a village, village or small town, but every place he is sitting and resting big city, become big city. All in the whole world. He, Hazrat e Hawa was crying in the, next to the sea and Allah Azza wa jalla created from her….. tears,(Lolo) pearls and (ahmar) curls, curls, curls and pearls from her tears. Shaitaan was crying, Allah created from his….. his tears the bad insects and the, the poison, poisonous insects and ….. what is the….. snake was crying, Allah created from him also….. scorpions and other things, the, the sentipillars, this thing.

And snake was becoming like a snake, Allah Azza wa jalla make him, take the neck and take the wings and take the, only the long neck was, the whole body was becoming like a neck. And was cursed that “you are enemy for human being and human being enemy for you.”

And then, when they meet Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawa, they meet in Arafat, Arafat, the mount of Arafat, that way it was name of Arafat. Hazrat e Hawa, she saw Hazrat e, this is little bit like a joke or…..always tell this, Hazrat Hawa saw Hazrat Adam coming ,she was, she was looking for him and show him coming she just quickly sit and look on the other side. She was sitting and looking on the other side and Hazrat Adam “Ha, Alhamdulillah I found you, yes Alhamdulillah found me, I was, what are you doing ? said no, I am just sitting here”. So it was in Arafat they met.

After that jibreel Alaihisalam was coming ….. Allah Azza wa jalla sent Baitul mamoor ,they were making hajj for this from heavens for Adam Alaihisalam and Hawa. Jibreel Alaihisalam was teaching Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawa how to, to live on the, on the, on the earth. And one thing, that from eating, Hazrat Hawa eating, the, the, the fruit, the forbidden fruit, Allah Azza wa jalla make that she has period. She has her period and she has also blood after birth. Yes, this is the , the one reason for this, they say.

And allah azza waj, then Jibreel Alaihisalam was teaching how to, to deal with earth, so they have to plant, the come, it came, the wheat or the seeds coming from heavens and how they plant, Allah sending two, two ox, from heavens. And they, they try to tie them then the oxes were talking and ox didn’t want to tie then….. one stick coming also from heaven, they say stick coming from heaven, Adam Alaihisalam, Jibreel said to, smack him, they smack him then the ox was telling him “you are not obeying Allah Azza wa jalla order and you want me to obey you and you hit me” then Hazrat Adam start to cry again. Then Jibreel Alaihisalam said, you come, said “you make deal with them, you work together and you, you share whatever comes from after, you share” then making deal with them said we work together and we whatever it come , harvest come, we, we share, okay, okay, then they work. Adam Alaihisalam from morning till asar time he was….. making….. planting, planting with ox making( chuk chuk chuk) going up and down, up and down and after asar Hazrat he was tired, after asar  Hazrat Hawa was making, planting again, Hazrat Hawa was planting double that what Hazrat Adam was planting. But what Hazrat Adam was planting it was wheat and what Hazrat e Hawa was planting is barley, it was barley.

Barley, it, it is more, it has more bar, wheat if it is one , barley is ten. Like, more yield. Anyway, ….. finish and it was growing and it was harvest and they make…. One side wheat and barley and one side straw, we, they have deal with the oxes, we share. And then….. said say to the ox, Adam Alaihisalam said to ox, you choose, which one, then he look, wheat and barley, they were small, small hill, and the straw, oooo like a mountain, they said I want this. Then, when the ox choose this, Allah Azza wa jalla ordered that they don’t talk anymore. The animals don’t talk anymore. They were talking then it was ordered that they don’t talk. They have their own …… moo, mee, like this, they don’t talk, not talking like human being.

And they made bread. And we finish Insha Allah, because we have maulid.  They made bread. This also joke. They have three breads, two for Hazrat Adam one for Hazrat Hawa. Then Hazrat e Adam eat the bread, sleep. Hazrat Hawa eat half of it and hide the other one. From that they, this is mean , the ladies are more economical and thinking for the tomorrow that, that she, and from that way day they also have diet, because she doesn’t want to be fat. She has half of bread and she eat the other half. That man they don’t have so much worries so they eat more and sleep.

Wa Minalla at-Tawfeeq,