The beginning of creation part 1

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Part -2

Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan
Dated 2 May 2020 / 09 Ramadan  1441

One, one day….many times in his…..when he was giving, talk to his companions, telling them, that he was, his Prophethood and his ummah, life is a…..Prophethood and Qiyamah, the judgment day is like this. He showed his two fingers, next to each other, that, He said, Allah Azza wa Jalla created the creation, and he created all in six days, on the day of Jum’aa, the last hour he created Adam Alaihisalam. And, and….from the time, of last, the time of Adam Alaihisalam, for the time of the duniya, for the time of the world, worldly time, it is a last, last part of before Qiyamah. Before the judgement day, and He said,  “Me, I am coming, my Prophethood, and my ummah’s time is like also, like this to Qiyamah”. That means, it is the last hour of the day, he was showing. One day, he was praying Asr with his companions and it was little bit late, it was, later than Asr time and he was showing them that your time to Qiyamah is like this time to Maghrib, you know, it is very short time after Asr to Maghrib, it is very quickly. And, and, also the Qiyamah is going to the judgment day it will be in the time of Maghrib.

So that’s why we are praying three rakah not two, not four or two. It says it should be four rakah, but  three rakah and we pray it quickly, because it is very short time, Maghrib time. Allah Azza wa Jalla, one of the sahaba, I know, I cannot remember the name, but came to Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and asked, ‘What Allah created the first? Then Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, the first thing Allah Azza wa Jalla  created is, the noor of your Prophet. Your Prophet’s light. Noor of Muhammad. So the first of the creation is Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam’s noor, his light. Allah Azza wa Jalla, I start for you for, so long, for from, until from the beginning so, yes we are starting now from the beginning…..Allah Azza wa Jalla created in six days all the creation.

Every day, He created different things, and the day is the calculation of the day of akhirah, of Allah’s time, it is 1000 years. So he was creating, he first create, qalam, qalam, and tell the qalam to write. On the Lawh Al-Mahfuz. The qalam was writing and asking, what to write first. Allah Azza wa Jalla….. revealed, the qalam write, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, first. So when, qalam is writing bism, the meem, the last meem there was a light coming out of this meem, then the qalam was split in the middle. The top of it was split. And ask ‘what is this noor’? He said, ‘This noor is of my beloved, Muhammad’. So the Qalam was writing, writing, writing, and so long and it is so long…..Allah created so many, different creation, who lived on, on the, earth, the last one was a jinn before Adam, Adam Alaihisalam and Bani Adam.

And they were, so they were, worshipping and then they were also, going out of the way, they have the punishment, you know, shaitan, was that time, he was very, pious jinn. Jinn, that malaika, the angels ask him, ask Allah Azza wa Jalla to bring, him up to heavens, to be, to teach them how to, worship, that they loved him so much. So he, was worshipping Allah Azza wa Jalla, forty thousand year on the, on the…..on the earth. And he was forty thousand year, in the sky, in the heaven. Of the, heaven in, the forty thousand years, in, inside the heaven. Inside the paradise. So hundred an twenty thousand years, he was  worshipping Allah Azza wa Jalla. And his name was, Azazeel that time. Allah Azza wa Jalla, decide to, create Adam Alaihisalam.  Then he was ordering, he said I will create, Khalifa, who’s a, successor. Deputy, not successor, Astagfirullah…..Deputy on earth. And he ordered, he said, the Malaika were…..because of this was later but he has four angels, Jibreel, Mikael, Israfil, Azrael. He ordered Jibreel Alaihisalam, He said, ‘Go the earth, and collect the soil’.. Soil, or like American say, earth. Earth from the floor, from the earth, earth and soil. From all over the world. I want to create my deputy. Then Jibreel Alaihisalam came to earth and the earth was screaming, no, no, no, you cannot. You know I don’t want anybody because from this time it was, I think, shaitan was making fitna between Malaika on, on earth also. Because he was jealous, he said, I am, I am the one worshipping that much why I’m not the deputy, Allah is creating a new creature. Astagfirullah, and earth was saying the name of Allah, you don’t take any, anything from me. Then Jibreel Alaihisalam went, stop or stand went, it his place, Allah Azza wa Jalla, was asking what happened, He said, ‘The earth was giving your name, I could not take any, of the soil’. Then Allah Azza wa Jalla sent Israfil. The earth did same for him. Then he sent Mikael. Same for him. Then he sent, Azrael. Azrael, the earth was shouting, ‘In the name of Allah, I don’t want you to take anything’. Then, He said, ‘Allah’s order,, you know, is above your word’. And he was taking soil from everywhere. Everywhere, earth, taking earth from everywhere, of the world. The world were, the earth was screaming and was just taking everything you know and put the soil in place where it was going to have to, to do, to happen to create Adam Alaihisalam. Allah Azza wa Jalla saying, ‘Did you make the order? He said, ‘I made the order’. The soil is ready, the earth. Then Allah Azza wa Jalla said, this I put you, also for, for to take their souls. Because, when I give them souls, and you will be the Angel of death. Then, he was so sad. He was never saying from that day. That Allah Azza wa Jalla told him, Don’t be sad, they won’t be told your name at all, Everytime anybody dies, you never, say, Oh! Azrael or Angel of death  took his soul. He said, why he tell, why he died, what is the, what is the problem, is it accident, suddenly died, I don’t know or I don’t know any, anything, Allah Azza wa Jalla made it that nobody will pronounce your name, nobody will mention you, Or they all will look for reasons. They don’t……for you.

And…..the soil is what earth from each place took, each…..each one, each this of…..drop, not drop, scent of this…..the body of Adam Alaihisalam, was built of it. Each sand is from each person who born in the world and where they are buried. This, there, there the earth, there’s each part of… coming…..grain, ok, I don’t know English so much so understand it. Each grain of this, it is each for each person who born, on earth, Qiyamah, till the Qiyamah. From Adam Alaihisalam, each one, one  little tiny earth particle.…particle, I found it myself! It is from each person who, who lives on the earth. And Sub Haan Allah it is, where it’s one particle is from where you are doing to be buried. Even you know if you are…..(arabic),  each person doesn’t know, who where they die, where they’re buried. So this it means this, the soil of this person is from this place. So Allah Azza wa Jalla, started to make rain, on the, on the…..on the soil, on the earth, it was collected forty days, sometimes maybe forty years, forty days, forty days,…thirty nine days of, misery, sadness, hardship, so many things… day, happiness. It is…, it was…..the soil was with mix with water, of this. So when you are, people when they are happy they can be quickly sad. You know they can be very sad, but when you are sad you cannot be happy very quickly. Allah Azza wa Jalla created Adam Alaihisalam , give him his shape, and let him… a statue, like statue, he was standing, drying, for  forty days, forty years, also, forty days, maybe….. forty years….. (arabic).

Forty days he was standing in the sun, drying….. shaitan, was so angry and jealous, it’s is four habits of shaitan. One is, first one is jealousy, second one is, proud, to be proud, pride. Third one is too be happy with some self, and fourth one is envy. He was jealous of, Adam Alaihisalam because, he said, why Allah is making him the deputy, he likes himself what he was worshipping,  this is the second one, and he was proud of himself that he is teacher of the Malaika of the Angels and he was envying Adam Alaihisalam and he say, If Allah tell, he was going out, from his mouth going from down,  from down or going out from his mouth, he was saying, he is saying if Allah said to, to make sajdah for him, I will not. He had so much envy. And he was going to the Malaika, the Angels and telling them not to , you know,  Allah is creating this, this will make so much war and enemy and so many bad things in, on, on earth.

Then, after 40 days Allah Azza wa Jalla  order the soul. Soul, soul didn’t want to go in. It was very dark, it looks very dark. Again the third time was going in. That’s why Allah Azza wa Jalla  promise soul, that I will let you free sometimes day, in the day time, that’s why we are sleeping. Allah gave sleep, sleeping. To sleep. When we sleep, our soul is going around. Promise that I will let you free sometimes. In heavens in paradise, there is no sleeping. And, as the soul was going…. Hard, in difficulty, also one the soul come out from the body of the person, also comes in with difficulty. They say it is very painful, Allah make it easy for everybody, with iman…..(arabic). Even Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, said there is a, hardship for, for the last moments of, for the death. Then, the soul came first to the  brain of Adam Alaihisalam, he, he, start to think. Comes to his eyes, he open his eyes, he looked, at the Arsh, the throne. It’s written there ‘Lā ilāha illā -ilāha, Muhammadur rasùlu -llāh’. He knows how to read. When, comes to his nose, he say “HAAACHOOO! ( Sneezing ). Then comes to his mouth, he say Alhamdulillah. So Allah Azza  wa Jalla answered, ‘Yarhamuka ya rabbuka ya Adam’. So that’s why, when somebody say, Alhamdulillah, it is sunnah to say ‘Yarhamuk Allah’, farz, ‘Farz e Kifaya’. That if somebody, if you are big group sitting and  one sneeze, say Alhamdulillah and only one person say, ‘Yarhamuk Allah’, then it is all okay. But if nobody say, ‘Yarhamuk Allah’, then you have, you owe it. It is you have to do it. But he has to say Alhamdulillah yes. If not saying Alhamdulillah, no need to say anything. So and, comes to his throat, to his heart, heart start to work, say, Allah, Allah, Allah, comes to his stomach, he feels hungry, and then he is watching himself, that the soul is coming and all, this…..the statue from mud is coming alive, is coming, blood, bones, blood, veins and muscles and skin, nice skin, all his looking, it is going pink nicely bit is coming very nice. Then the angels brought him clothes to wear.

Then Allah Azza wa Jalla is ordering the Angels to… make sajdah for him. They all make sajdah, to Adam Alaihisalam except Iblis…..Iblis. Shaitan, he was not making sajdah, and there is….. some, this is only one saying. Some of the angels also not making sajdah so, they were…..Allah Azza wa Jalla was cursing them, they vanished. Then they make another sajdah…..the Malaika was making, Angels were making another sajdah. That’s why we make two sajdah in one rakah, each rakah, so he, because, first they wanted to see that Allah Azza wa Jalla cursing the other’s who doesn’t…..didn’t make sajdah, they make sajdah another time. And, this was…..then shaitan was saying, I will not do sajdah for him you created me from fire, you created him from earth. And, he was cursed that moment. And he was…..but, he was asking, that he is my enemy, for the, to be his……..he will fight him, ask Allah to give time for him, to fight against, to be his enemy, to  shaitan…..was…..and Allah Azza wa Jalla  give him time. He said, I will come from front, from back, from right, from left, for them, I will not left for them any space that to worship you or to know you. And, I will let them all to go to hell. But Allah Azza wa Jalla, Sub Haan Allah let him forget the top and the bottom. So when we stand for…..prayer, the mercy of Allah coming from top, going from… this is mercy of Allah for us, he forgot the two sides. So he will not be…..success. And then Malaika, because they were objecting that Allah Azza wa Jalla is creating, that creating someone who’s making bad things on earth. And make  blood to shed blood and to make corruption also in the, in the….world.

Then Allah Azza wa Jalla said “I know what you don’t know” and he taught, teach…taught Adam Alaihisalam, ‘ Al Asmaha kullaha’. Adam Alaihisalam knew all the names. Mawlana was telling that Adam Alaihisalam  knows all the names and  the secret of the names, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam knows….. Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam knows the secret of the names. And Adam Alaihisalam knows the other names. And tell Adam Alaihisalam tell them the names. He asked the….the angels, tell me the names what they said, we don’t know except what you taught us. Then tell Alaihisalam to tell them. This is was….in a place…..sometimes honoring Adam Alaihisalam and was honoring Malaika, the angels that he didn’t say Adam Alaihisalam to tell me….. to make balance between both of them, not to, not make the angels down. So this is, then Adam Alaihisalam was telling them. Then they were respecting. Allah Azza wa Jalla put him in the heavens. He said, ‘You go inside the heavens, paradise’. In paradise. He put them in the paradise, in Firdous. And Adam Alaihisalam was going around like this, was making, sitting, was going here he’s not, he doesn’t feel happy. What is the, what is there, there is, what is missing, nothing missing, Everything is paradise Ya Hu. Everything is good then, he was…..Allah Azza wa Jalla created for him Hazrat e Hawa. He was, the only time it was slept, somebody slept in paradise, it was Adam Alaihisalam. He was sleeping, in his dream he was seeing that Allah Azza  wa Jalla created Hazrat e Hawa from his rib. And she was created and the angels brought clothes and she sitting like a bride in the front of him. Then he wakes up and he knew that she’s his wife. He wanted to catch, touch her. Then Malaika said no, you’re no, nikah yet. So it was…..they say, how you know, how to you have nikah, they said you have to give mehr…..dowry. what is a dowry? It is that ten time Salat us salam on Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam . Then he was in one breath. Then he was…..trying to make it he was ( deeply inhales ) the middle breath continue, he made five, continue with breath, second breath he made five. That’s why the mehr, we have mu’ajjal and mu’akhar… that a when you, give mehr….that nowadays it is…forgotten. I don’t know so many people,  but muslim people…..countries it is more. And, Turkey and thing they don’t have it so much but, to give first, and if they divorce they give also….second. Mehr, they split it to two, to make this two. Then Allah Azza wa Jalla said, ‘ I married you, this is your wife’, Hazrat e Hawa. She was most beautiful lady on the world. Nobody was first. She was beautiful. She had all the beauty of her….daughters. All the daughters,  you know…..people has, all the Bani Adam,  children of Adam, each one has seven names, each one. And each man his name is Adam and each women her name is Hawa, one of her names.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,