Hazrat Shamsun Alaihisalam and Surah Qadr

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 1 May 2020 / 08 Ramadan  1441

Insha Allah Jumu’ah, for Jumu’ah, small sohbah for Jumu’ah, because we have long program, very long. Now we have our mawlid, then after zikr, then we have to visit Hajjah Anna, then we have to visit Mawlana Shaykh , so long, and iftar and then we have to run, run, pray Maghrib, pray taraweeh, so Insha Allah, small.
One day, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was sitting with his companions and he was reading the Surah, he was telling about, one saliheen, from good people who came before. This , about this man , he was telling that, it was, you know Shamsun, he was muslim, he believe in Allah and he was making jihad, fi sabilillah. He was calling his people to, to believe in Allah , for, to believe in One God, but as usual his nation was denying and fighting him back. He had, as weapon for himself, he had bone chain, I don’t know , jaw, jaw of camel. It was when he was fighting with it , it is like weapon and when at night, he put it for ,when he was praying at night, it is making light , if he is hungry then between, from the between of this teeth coming meat, cooked meat for him and if he wants to take wudhu or gusool, it come, he put it and come water, this the jaw. He was calling his people and fighting, they are fighting with him and he is fighting with them for thousands months, thousand months. That, and , his people, his wife also was unbeliever.
People were coming and telling his wife to, they want to give her money and whatever she likes, she , to give him to them, to…..then they, she said how I do, they said will give you ropes, thick ropes, that you tie him at night when he is sleeping and in the morning we come and take, take him. Then they give her this ropes, he was sleeping and she was tying him. And he get up, for morning prayer, he get up, he is find rope, he said “Bismillah”, the ropes were falling from over him. Then he was saying, “What is this?” then the wife was laughing “ha ha ha” she said, “it is ,you know I am just looking how powerful you are.” Then she go and tell this people, the unbelievers that it didn’t work. Then , they give her chains, chains, they said you make with chain. Then she was making, next few days later she was making with chain, his, his body and then when he woke up, he say “Bismillah” and it was, the chains were falling from him, like a biscuits. And then he was, she was laughing. He said “What is this?” she said “I am trying to see your power, powerful you are. You are very powerful, nothing is working on you.” She was telling him. Then he told her, “I…..if only something growing in me can work on me” and he had long hair that he makes eight braids, eight braids you say, eight braids. Then she say “hmm, hmm, now I know your weak point”. Then she went tell unbelievers, “Come tomorrow, I know how to give him to you”. Then she cut his hair and she tie his legs and his hand. Then he could, when he woke up he could not, open. Then they took him, they start to torture him. And they have their big place with pillar, big pillar in the middle, some place like a temple. And it was covered and in the middle there is big pillar. They tie him there and they start to torture him. After a while, Jibreel Alaihisalam came to him, until that time he was only a good man, whose calling his, his people to, to Allah Azza wa Jalla to believe. That time it came to him prophet hood. And Jibreel Alaihisalam told him “Allah asked what you want”. He said “I want my old power that I”, you know, “I destroy this people and I want my old power that I also thousand more months to, to be in Allah way, to call people for Allah way”. It was accepted. And this people were vanished, finished in this place. It is a famous story, also I think its in bible, in bible? He was shaking the pillar, holding and the temple was falling on them.
This is , Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam was telling, then companions were sad, and you know some of them crying say, how we can be like this in sabi, fi sabilillah, you know we are…..worshipping and fighting fi sabilillah because thousand months it is nearly its eighty two, eighty three years , it count as eighty three years , we are fifty, sixty. We are…..In this age it is we are too old to move, not to go and make jihad, fi sabilillah or…..then Surah came, “Inna anzalnahu fee lailatil qadr. Wa maa adraaka malailatul qadr khairum min alfee shahr. Tanaz zalul malaai-ikatu war roohi feeha bi izni-rabbihim min kulli amr. Salaamun hiya hatta mat la’il fajr”,(surah qadr). This is , that, it was good tiding coming from Allah Azza wa Jalla to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam to his companion and to his nation for the night of qadr, Laylatul qadr. The one it, Allah…..the Qur’an was revealed in it. And put it in Ramadan,, so we, we worship every night for, for that Allah shows us this Laylatul qadr and the intention of it also , it is better, the worshipping in this, this night is better than thousand year, thousand month not year, thousand month. And then they were so happy with this and Alhamdulillah, we are thankful that we are, we reached Ramadan and Insha Allah we….. Insha Allah one of us can see Laylatul qadr, Insha Allah.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,