Hazrat Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, Part 1

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 16 May 2020 / 23 Ramadan 1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

Insha Allah, today we talk about Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Insha Allah, it is for the other Prophets, maybe next Ramadan, Allah knows different times. Insha Allah we can talk about them again. Sayyidina Ibrahim was the father, the grandfather of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam but Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was, he’s, he wants to, when he counting his  grandfathers, he just said till Adnan. He doesn’t want to get higher than this, but, the, the historical who’s writing for this, they write for untill Sayyidina Adam they write the names but Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was only counting till Hazrat e…..his grandfather Adnan. Allah Azza wa Jalla is, there’s hadeeth Qudsi, ‘Laulaka, laulaka ma khalaqtu’l-aflaka’. ‘If it was not you, I won’t create, any, any of this creation’. So one of the sahabi was asking Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, ‘Ya Rasoolallah, who, what was the  first created? in, in the  universe. Allah Azza wa Jalla  what he create, then He said, ‘Jabir, ya Jabir’, ‘Awlaan khalaq rabbuk nur ‘anbiayik’. It is first Allah created, created, my, your Prophets light, your Prophet’s Noor. And also there’s another Hadeeth shareef, that I was, Prophet, I was a Nabi while Adam was in water and mud, water and earth. I was Prophet in presence of Allah Azza wa Jalla.

So Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, it was, so, so many good tidings, from all Prophets come before him. Especially you know, Ibrahim Alaihissalam knew this, also all the prophets knew about it, they all wish to be one of his nation. To be one of the normal person from his nation from Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam nation. And this, and also written in Taurat, also it is written in Injeel, in Taurat and Bible also it’s written and it was good tiding coming from Sayyidina Musa and Sayyidina Isa. Also, Sayyidina Isa, it is mentioned in Qur’an Kareem also saying, ‘I, I came to you as a Prophet, to complete your, what is missing from you or, and I will give you good tiding for Prophet name Ahmad after me. It is, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, so it was known that it will come and where it is in the desert, in Makkah, his name, what is his name and this.

He was also the father, his father was also, also, was going to be sacrificed, sacrificed…… because his grandfather oath also, so he, his two grands, his father, and his great grandfather, Hazrat e Isma’il is saying they have nearly same destiny, because Hazrat, different, different wishes, but same destiny nearly. Hazrat e Ibrahim we talked about it other day and Abdul Muttalib is grandfather of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam had only, one son. When he was young and he had in his dream there was well of zam zam, it was close, somehow it was closed, nobody knows where it is. And I think, it was in his dream there was order showing him place, this is the place, of…..well, zam zam well, you dig it, dig there and he and his only son were digging this place and people going saying what are you doing, they are laughing and then one day he was, even him, himself, Abdul Muttalib was trying, saying, no, I was digging this too long and not saying they are going and zam zam water came out back, it came to the surface. It was coming and he was making well around it, making wall. Then the people were, when this time the people were coming, going, nobody helping him, except him and his son .He was making oath, oath that if I have many boys, many sons, I will sacrifice one of them.

So after this zam zam came, the people were asking this water is not only yours, this is ours also. He said, ‘No, I have the order to have it, it’s mine’. It is still today it is for Hashemi’s. The zam zam well,  is for Hashemi’s. Now I don’t know, Allah knows what is going on but  the zam zam well is for Hashemi people, the  family. Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam’s you know father, from grandfather, it is for them. This well, they have the right to own it, so they were making trouble for him and then they said we go and look for this fortune teller or some wise woman that….. to tell us, what is what really, really the water is for whom. While they are going they lost the way, under desert, no water nothing. And they were so hopeless that they think they will die. Then they said, we make our graves and we lay in it. And then we die, whoever die, first they bury the other, the last ones who will die we have no help, we don’t have place to see, to go, we lost the way. And when, this, in this time the horse from Abdul Muttalib was digging on the ground and getting water, some water was coming from his, his digging, the horse digging, then they said Allah is with you. You know this, the water we don’t want any right, we don’t want any share in this water. You if you give us we take, if you don’t we don’t ask for share in this water. Because look here we saw we are going to die, but from Allah Azza wa Jalla was helping you and getting us water from the ground from your horse digging. You know mushriqs, they were you know, you know the Quraysh’s, the all the mushriqs, that means that they believe in Allah but they don’t believe as Allah as only Allah. One, only one God. They don’t believe main in God, they believe that there is Allah, there is his helpers. Helpers, helpers there is different Gods that helping Allah, but Allah is the Great one, but this is the issue of mushriqs, that is mushriq, what means mushriq word that you believe in Allah but you believe that there is lots of God’s helping him, but he’s not the only great power.

So they was telling Allah is helping you see this, they came back and after many years Abdul Muttalib has many, many sons, and it was the time that he was, upto Hazrat e Abdullah, the father of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was I think the youngest that time, later on it was Abbas. But that time he was there. He, he loved him so much, Abdul Muttalib he loved his son. Sub Haan Allah because he has the light of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. The light of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam coming from father to mother, to father to mother, from one to other, so each one whose the grand father or the grandmother of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, they, they, they carry the light.

So it was the light, in on, on the forehead of Abdullah, Hazrat e Abdullah, and he, he was, he said, he will make his oath fulfil, fulfil his oath. Then it was, he was looking,  making, what like, like, they put, names in, in a box or something and they take from one name, they take one name, so he was saying he will fulfill his oath. He put all the names of his children, his boys and put them in the box or in what you say a bag, in the sack,  sack, sack and they took towards Abdullah. Second time Abdullah, third time Abdullah he said, you know I have to.  When the Quraysh people whose wise people, were telling him no you cannot do this. You are going to make, bad habit, bid’ah, that all people will start to kill their children. This is cannot be. This is not the wise thing to do. And then they said what to do? They said, we go this women, or men I don’t know fortune teller, monk, monk some priest, to that….. she may tell us what to do. And they went to her, then she said, you put camel, ten camels, and you put name of Abdullah in the sack. And you take, if it is Abdullah, you put ten more camels. Then you, if it is Abdullah until it is camels, the camels, paper coming out, then it is, that means that much you have to sacrifice from camels instead of Abdullah.

They came home back and they were making this, taking out like lottery, lottery…..I don’t know the word that. But, anyway, they were taking Abdullah…..ten, ten, ten, ten, until it his hundred camel it was, one it is completely hundred camels, the camels name  come out from the sack. It’s camel. Then Abdul Muttalib was not very sure, he make again and again come, third time also camels. He said, I am sure now, for this is, what is, what is….. that’s why it is when the man died they said  if somebody kill somebody and, and, and willingly, by mistake, it is you have to give his family 100 camel or, or something like worth, worth equivalent to 100 camels. This is the deed for human being life. They say deed for this, and then it was done Alhamdulillah.

Hazrat e Abdullah was married to Hazrat e Amina….. In first night of Rajab. First Laylatul Raghaib. That the first, third day of Shahrul Rajab. She was also his cousin but you know from great grand, grandfather’s. Also their father, great grand father was one. So she was his cousin and she married, they married on Laylatul Raghaib, Laylatul Raghaib, it is this night. The first Thursday of Rajab, we, we celebrate it, that Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam is in his mother womb. Allah Azza wa Jalla, it is starting to create Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam as a human. As……as bodily, as worldly. So, so many people they don’t know about this but it is like, this it is like a wedding night, this Laylatul Raghaib, it is the holy nights, one of the holy nights, in Rajab. The other one is Miraj, the first one is Raghaib.

So Hazrat e Abdullah was also trading, Quraysh was trading. In summer they go to Damascus, in winter they go to Yemen. So his father was trading also, going with caravans and when he came his mother was pregnant two months with him. He was on the way back, he was, ill and he die, he passed away and his, he was buried some place next to Medina  Munawara. And then Hazrat e Amina was widow. Every month, she’s pregnant with  Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, every month she saw Adam Alaihissalam, second month she saw Nuh, she saw Ibrahim, every month she seeing different Prophet in her dream telling her about the baby that she’s get in her womb. She was telling that it was very light that she was not feeling that as she’s pregnant. It was very nice feeling that she has in her tummy. It was year of Fil. The year of the Fil, the Elephant. The year of the elephant, the Arabs before they didn’t have calendar. Their calendars it was when they have a big event, something big happened, they start to count from this on. And until, until second something, something else happening, big event happening, they start to count from this event. They can, they tell you about history it is from this event to this event. This many years from this big event, to this big event.

Only, after, after Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam passed away. He  was, Hazrat e Omar was putting calendar, the Hijri calendar, he was putting it, to, because they wanted to have some, something historical thing, they want to write, and to, to sign, register. Then they were asking Hazrat e Omar, he was Khalifa and he said, we have to make calendar. We have to make calendar, and they, they were making which date we start, we start from the date that Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was born or from the date his his…..was, Prophethood came or is when the time he immigrate from Makkah to Medina. Then they thought it is beginning of calendar, Islamic Calendar, Hijri calendar, it’s from his Hijra, his, his immigration from Makkah to Medina. Because at this time it was, Allah make opening when it is when it was, immigration, hijra from Makkah to Madina, after that it was opening for Islam. Opening for Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam’s mission. This it was big opening, the whole world. So they put this calendar, anyway now we come back to our, to our subject.

And the Fil, the elephant year it was more, more, most of you knows about it but I tell you again. Good to listen. It was this, that Abraha, in, in Africa, Ethiopia, they were Christians. And they were hearing about Prophet, no about Kaaba that so many people coming, visiting pilgrims, you know it was not Islam time but always, since Ibrahim Alaihissalam, it was there is Haji, over years  there is Hajj and there’s people coming and making Hajj coming all from all the Arabia and even from Africa to make Hajj.

So he was, he said he will make, built a big church, that it will and make it so beautiful and so fancy that people come to this church not to go to this Kaaba, it is nothing except stones, one small room and people going all around every year. So he made big, big church and it was very fancy, sometimes some people comes, something. Then one of the Arabs tribe,  one man from this Arab tribe he was angry, he said, I will make for him a good trick. He went and use it as a toilet. The church, he used the church as a toilet. And then, it was the news to Abraha, he was so angry. He said,  how he can dirty our sacred place, this like this,  I will go make war on them. And I will kill everybody who comes in front of me and I will go and destroy this Kaaba. And he was collecting his army, coming on the way, who whatever, stand…..to fight back to him, he was fighting, beating them, killing them, whoever say we are surrendering they showed him the way, they keep. They until, they come until the Makkah, close to Makkah. They have elephant, one elephant name, Mahmood. Not one elephant, more elephants but one elephant. They come towards,  they make camp  you know one, mostly one, you make war, old forward time they make camp then each two enemies they see each other  and they calculate how much and they might be they want also to make the one, opposite one afraid. So they make camp out of Makkah and they were collecting things from around  they, from what they collect the army, they were taking the camels from Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

Then it was the people, they were so afraid , complaint in Makkah, that he coming, he will kill us, then they never saw elephant also and then they come. It was, Abdul Muttalib was so angry, serious that they took his camels he went, to, to the camp. Asking the, the to meet Abraha. Abraha was saying, he said who is he? They said Abdul Muttalib, he’s from, the, high, high position one in Quraysh, in Makkah. So Abraha was thinking that he will come and say sorry, and you know, don’t do this and beg him for something, you know, he said, ok let him come. He say who are you? I am Abdul Muttalib. What are you doing, this is this. He said, what are you asking for? He said, I have camels and  your man took my camels. Then Abraha was so angry. He said, you are coming here for camel, I coming here to destroy your sacred, most sacred place and you are asking for your camels. And then Abdul Muttalib said camels are mine, Kaaba has its owner. Allah is the owner of the Kaaba, Allah protect, give me my camels. Then he said, give him his camels and he was so angry, he said tomorrow we go, tell your people if they stand in front of me, I will kill also. If they not, they can go out of Makkah, they leave Makkah, I will destroy Kaaba.

Next day, they took even Hazrat e Amina also, they took her out of place, they took, they go out of Makkah, all Makkah people they go out. Allah Azza wa Jalla, they were coming, they were taking their elephant to go towards Kaaba to, to break, towards Makkah. Then the elephant was sitting on the, on the ground, not getting up. They take, they get him up, turn him to other side, he’s going but when they turn him to Makkah towards Kaaba he was sitting, not moving. They could not let him move towards Kaaba to, to go. Then Abraha was give up with his elephant, he said the army go in. When the army was walking, there was birds Ababeel, Ababeel, may be they are kind of swallows. Now, until now they around kaabah, you can see they making houses and they going specially Maghrib time they are so much around. This is small swallow, kind of swallow, I think its Ababeel. Allah sent flocks of this birds, they have three small stones, one in their beak and two in their claws. And they were just dropping each one and each one is like a, like a stone from fire whatever touching its all melting in their places. All the army was like this. Abraha was, he was getting, I think running away or something but getting ill. He was, his body was falling apart and died. Not so long but he could not run away quickly. He was in his camp, he was having some different thing but all the,  the others are all died with this and only one, one army was, one soldier was running, running, running, running, running, I think he was the marathon one, he was running till he find his people. The people from Abraha

He was telling them that this happened. We are doing this and this happen and we all died. Nobody except me. They said, how is this happened? Then there was one bird on top of him making, dropping the stones, then he was dying in front of their  eyes. So they believe that it was it. It is in Qur’an also, ‘Alam tara kayfa faaAala rabbuka bi-as-habialfeel. Alam yajAAal kaydahum fee tadleel. Waarsala AAalayhim tayran ababeel.Tarmeehim bihijaratin minsijjeel. FajaAAalahum kaAAasfin makool’, that it was melting, something like melt. So Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was born in this year. Till after this happened, maybe forty days, maybe, less maybe more, after this, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam  was born. He was, Hazrat e Amina was telling that while she’s having a contraction, but she see that the doors of the heavens open, the lights are coming from everywhere. She see the palaces from Damascus. She sees the palaces from Persia and there is lots of angels coming and helping her and three ladies came help her and they say that one is Hazrat e Asiya, one is Hazrat e Maryam and one is from Huri, Huri, Huri. Asiya one, one Hazrat e Maryam, one Huri. Some they say it is sister from Hazrat e Musa. Allah knows this one These three holy ladies were coming and were helping her for delivery. Then it was, she was delivering it, delivering Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and he was coming and on his face saying ummati, ummati. She was listening he’s saying ummati, ummati. Angels came and took him and you know she was, may be she doesn’t, she’s not on herself and they took him and make him visit all the around the world, the universe and bring him bac to her. It was the whole night, this night, it was morning prayer, morning prayer time. The night it was, whatever there was idol they are falling on their heads.

And there was a fire for thousand year, it was not this extinguish, it was extinguish that night. It was, there was lake also, it was swallowen to the ground. It was dry. This lake also they were worshipping some sacred lake it was. Kisra, he was saying that his got, his throne was broken and he was falling down. And every, everywhere in the world, where is idol, it was idols all on the, on the head down. And it was like a, the lights on, in the sky that all the world was lightening. That one of the, Jew, Jew was watching this and saying this then the star of Muhammad, star of Ahmed is born. He is born. He is born.He was giving also good tiding or bad tiding for them, Allah knows. But he was seeing this and saying and so many miracles happened that night. It was like big festival, big Eid, like Eid all for the world, for all the skies and all the heavens, all the angels are very happy. All the earth, all the trees, the seas, all the animals were all making like an Eid.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq

Al – Fatiha