Hazrat Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, Part 2

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 17 May 2020 / 24 Ramadan 1441

Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, we are talking about his birth, it was the holiest birth on, on earth, on Universe. We cannot….. describe words, words or to tell about how great, and how magnificent was his birth, Alhamdulilah. Allah bless the world with him, Habibullah, He is the beloved, most beloved present to Allah Azza wa Jalla.

His….. his mother was  told in her dream that to put his name Muhammad, Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and she was telling the grandfather Abdul Muttalib, about it, and he was putting his name Muhammad, he took him, bring him, after birth he came and took him to the front of Kaaba and put his name Muhammad. And the people there were asking why you are putting his name Muhammad, then it was not so common name, name of Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

And his uncle Abu Lahab, he was, setting free his servant….. woman, slave, slave….. woman slave….. she came and told him that ‘Amina is having a baby’, was….. boy, and then he set her free. So, Allah Azza wa Jalla, in, in judgment day he will be in hell, but every Monday it will be his, his punishment, his torture, was will be less because he was happy, that, that day he was happy and setting free this girl of the sake of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. He, it was not because of he knows that he is Prophet, but he was happy that he has a boy….. the, the, his sister in law has a boy, his brother.

So, this is also one of this thing. And in mecca it was difficult to grow up children, it was so hot, like now, now three days we have this heat, and we say oh we are dying it so hot, it so hot. So in Mecca, it is even worst, it is so hot the, the area. So, they were use to give the babies for….. mother, milk mother, milk mother, and she is….. mother, I think his mother was little bit breastfeeding him but also there was two other ladies also breastfeeding him in Mecca, and…..

In, in that year it was not so much rain, you know, there is mountain behind, behind Mecca, that place, that they go make its cooler, cooler place, and there, there was the….. village Sa’ad, Bani Sa’ad, the village of Bani Sa’ad, and the, the there was Halimatus Sadia, the milk mother of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and that time she, she is telling that this year was not so much things for the….. on land, and then we are hungry, we cannot afford our provision, to eat, so we were gathering with ladies, and from the village I had a baby, and they had the babies, and we said, we go to Mecca, we, we take some babies, and we, they pay us for them, so we can afford our living, for the next year.

So they were going, and….. ladies, few ladies with Hazrat Halima, Halimatus Sadia, they were going, she was going with her husband at the baby, she, her baby, with a camel and donkey, the donkey was so slow, cannot walk, it was, he was so hungry, I think….. or very weak, very weak, and camel also was not having one drop milk, one, the camel doesn’t give even one drop milk, they were going also towards Mecca, and she was saying that the baby, she was giving her breast for him, to breast feed him, he was not enough, crying all the time, crying, not enough milk for her.

Anyway, they, because they were so slow, they were, they could not reach Mecca, the other ladies reach Mecca, and they all take the babies from rich people and take money, money for this, and they take whatever they can afford for their living from Mecca, and they were on the way back, they see Halima is coming with her donkey and her husband, and they said oh Halima you are late, there is no, no babies there, no more babies left, except there is one baby, but he is yatim, he is orphan, his grandfather was offering him for us, but because he is orphan nobody will pay us anything of it, and then….. we don’t, you know, you don’t, don’t go….. don’t go, you go back it is, you know nothing for you.

But Hazrat e Halima was saying, that she was thinking I will go and look, it is, it will be….. I came all the way, I will look, then when she came, she was looking….. she came to Abdul Muttalib, and he was offering her Sayyedina Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and he told her take him, he will, he will be so much barakah for you, we can, we dont have so much to pay for you, but it will be barakah for you, and she was looking in his face….. she loved him, she loved him so much, she said I will take him. Her husband said also, he was agreeing to, to take him.

And she give her breast, her right breast for him, it was she said I, in this moment it was full like my breast is going to be burst. He took her right breast….. have….. enough and she put him on the left breast he didn’t take, he was making his face, turning his face, she gave the baby, her baby the left breast, so he was sharing, he has the right breast, and the baby, his brother having the left breast. Then she said we took him, and that night we were sleeping some place, and we see our camel is her, her not breast, dropping milk, so my husband was milking the cow, the camel and I drank and I was full, and he drank he was full, and it was, we were that night we were happily sleeping all together, and next day when we are going….. to, towards our village, my donkey was like, like a stallion, like horse is running, then we reached the ladies who were before us, we reached them, and then they were saying, oh Halima you have something special today, your, your donkey is so fast, how you are. She didn’t say anything, she say, and you have the baby, she said I have this orphan baby, you didn’t tell her them, and then they go together.

They find on the way there is a tent, and one man in front of the tent shouting, here is this fortune teller, come look for your fortune, and he was seeing these ladies with babies, and he was telling them, come you look for your babies, you know, what will, what great man they will be in, in future, it was like a trap, they were looking for Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, they were looking for Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, then they say to Halima also come, you come, come, they all looking, looking, and when Hazrat Halima put Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, in front of this man, he said I found him, he is one, jump, and she was so afraid, she took the baby, go on the donkey, and run. She, she was….. going, running, from in the front, and they were following her, they want to kill the baby, they were jews, they were nasara, jews, I think it is either nasara or jews, I don’t know it because, and they were running after following them, and Sub Haan Allah, from the sky there was some source coming, cutting their heads, they fall all on the floor, they could not reach her, then she non stop, she didn’t look right or left, she went home, with him, and she put him in his bed, and she was looking for her things to do.

Then she had….. blind neighbor, this I like so much, this, this part I like so much, blind neighbor, she came to her, to say Halima you have something very nice today, smelling very nice, your house is smelling very nice, what, what is it, she said, she said, I have a baby, you know, maybe it is from him, then she said let me, take me to next, to the baby’s cradle, and I, I smell his smell, then she was coming, putting her next to the cradle, the lady was holding the cradle, and taking breath in her, the smell of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. He was smelling like a rose, then it was Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, took out his hand, his arms, and with his two small fingers, he was putting his fingers on her eyes, and suddenly her eyes opened, she was looking at him and he was looking at her, and hahahaha making like a baby, then the lady she knew that he is special one, she told Halima, Halima you have a very, very special baby, take care him, protect him, take care and don’t tell about what you see from him. So she was maybe from the first believers of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

And then….. for two years Hazrat e Halima was looking after him, breastfeeding him, and he was growing….. you know, more than his age, you know his, he looked more than his age, he was talking very perfect, clearly, and his understanding was very good, his….. They loved him so much, the mother and the father, Hazrat Halima and the father, I forget his name, but he, they became muslim also, after….. in Madina, they became muslim. Then they took him after two years, they took him back to his mother….. and…..but, Hazrat Halima was so much, you know, she wanted to keep him more, and then she came and tell Hazrat Amina, she brought him back, and she said I want to, you know, to keep him little more, she said why, she said here it so hot, and he is going very nicely there, than we keep him little bit more, then it was short visit, Hazrat Amina was agreeing that to….. to keep him more, they took him back.

And he was always, she always keep him at home, she doesn’t let him go out so much, he wanted to go with his brothers to….. there to, to for the….. for the sheep, they have a herd, sheep, and….. and Sub Haan Allah, the barakah of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, was that, their sheep there growing more, the herd was getting bigger, and whenever, wherever they its green, they can eat, animals can eat, barakah of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and the people from the village was telling, you know, you have to go after the sheep, you know, you have to take your animals after the sheeps of Halima….. sheep?….. after sheep of Halima, to, to, to eat….. the greens because of, lots of barakah.

And he wanted to go to, also go to the, to the sheep, to the sheep, to be with his brothers to look after the sheep and the field. She was not….. eager, so eager, Hazrat Halima, but he was asking so much, so one day she was making for him a bag, small bag, putting his food, and put give, give with his brothers going, maybe be around three four years old, and they went, and after a while, one of the brothers came white, his face is so white, you know my, he said my Qurayshi, Qurayshi brother is, there is two man took him, and they open the….. they open his chest, they, they took him. Then she was Hazrat e Halima was so afraid of, and she was running to the field, she find Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, laying down like sleeping, when he saw, he get up and look at her and he said what happen, she said there is two man came, they open my, my chest, took my heart out, and took something and throw it way.

It was Hazrat Mika’il and Hazrat Jibril, each, each human has one point in the heart, it is they say hasbul shaitan, the share of the shaitan….. this, so they, they were saying, this….. this Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, later on He was telling this, and….. they were saying, we clean it with zamzam and water from, from the heavens, and we say….. how, how much it, it weigh this, they say hundred thousand, if you put whole world at one side and his heart at weigh, it will have, weigh his heart, will weigh more. So they cleaned it and, they put it back and they close, always it has, there was a small place, it shows on his chest, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, this place where they open the, they, they take his heart.

Then Hazrat Halima was so worried, she packed, packed his things and go to Mecca, to take him back to his mother, she was worried that something will happen to him, and it is Amanah. When she came to Mecca, she brought him to Hazrat Amina, and said I bring him, Hazrat Amina was not so happy, she said, she said why you brought him, she said it, I think it is enough that much, and he is….. now is old and you, I think you are missing him, and it’s enough for him that much. Hazrat e Amina didn’t believe, she said, told her, you were so eager to keep him more, why you are bringing him, you have to tell me what, what is it exactly. Then she told her this, she said….. leave him, keep, keep him here….. and not anymore going with you. He was four years old, I think that time, and she said I know, because she had dreams, and she had voice telling her that it will be great, he will be a great man or great future for this baby. So, she left him, he stayed with his mother until he is six years old.

When he was six years old, the mother wanted to visit her family, some of the part of the family is in Madina. In Madina Munawarah, they took, they go there, and while coming back, the mother was sick, and she died, then they buried her also some place, around Madina, and then he came back with a servant, came to Mecca with a servant, then now he was, when he was, she was pregnant he was orphan from father, and now he is orphan of mother also, and his grandfather Abdul Muttalib was looking after him, until he is eight years old, some say more, is it eight years or ten years, eight years I know it. 

And Abdul Muttalib was so, he loved him so much, he kept him always under his….. eye. And he, he had a chair for himself around ka’ba, nobody was sitting on this chair, with all his sons they all respecting him, they had respectful place, and Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was coming, sitting in this chair, sometimes, and the uncle’s telling him, no this is grandfather chair don’t sit, then the grandfather said no, he may sit, he loved him so much. He was taking care of him for two more years, and then because he was so old, he was….. dying, dying, then he was calling his sons, many sons….. He was looking for, first he was looking for Abu Lahab, Abu Lahab is also uncle, so he said you are so angry person you don’t, you cannot look after him, he was looking after Hamza, I think Hamza was same age, Hamza is, no, not Hamza, somebody else, Hamza is same age, like Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam,  also maybe brother, milk brother for him. He was looking for other one, other son, until they come to his, Abu Talib, Abu Talib the Hazrat Ali’s father. He, he said you are, you have many children, your heart is soft, you, I, I give, leave him for you, and he was accepting it.

Hazrat Abu Talib from this age till he died you know….. he was looking after him, and loving more than his children, for Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, he was looking after him, that one day the food is put to eat, he was not letting his children to eat before Hazrat Muhammad coming, and sitting to for the, for the food, not letting them to eat, he was looking after him.

Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, was….. shepherd, he was going to look after the sheep, not one Prophet is, not have been shepherd before the Prophethood. They say because it is to, to, keep the sheep, sheep, it is, it is good practice, and the sheep are good animals, that they have good habits, they are soft nature, not like a goat or not like some other thing, the sheep is. So no and, none of any Prophet, they say it is, they have to be first shepherd, sometime in their lives. And Even Hazrat Moosa was, he was grown in, in a palace….. you know, and when he came to Hazrat Shoaib, he was shepherd for ten years. And this, he was shepherd, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, he was not interested in any of, what Quraysh or mushriks do, with, with idols and with worshiping thing, none, none of them were entertained him.

He said, one day he wanted to go to have a fun with his friends, they called him, we go to wedding, there is wedding, you come, and he was getting ready, and suddenly he slept, and he woke up, he saw the sun is rising, no, no, he missed this also. Until twelve years he was, doing this, then his uncle….. was….. because lots of children, there is also….. he has to come to provide for them some provision, he wanted to go with a caravan to Damascus, and he was going. Then Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was so sad, sitting one place and sad, he is, that his uncle is leaving. Then Hazrat Abu Talib was telling, I won’t leave you, I will take you with me, I will take you with me, I won’t leave you.

So he took him with him together, they reached Basrah, they reached Basrah, and, in Basrah, around Basra there was a monastery, they always stop there to for break, for a break, for….. for stop, resting and they go, there was a tree, he was sitting under the tree, and the tree was making the branches down, he always all his life, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, has small….. cloud going over him to make shadow for him, and in the monastery there was a, a priest named Bahairah, Bahira, Bahira, not Bahairah, he was waiting for this moment, he because as I say, in Taurat and in Injeel, in Bible it’s written, the whole, how the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam will come, how is, how his details, how he will look like, how he will do, in this, it is, now it is so much, not now from this time also, they make mixed up so much, the Taurat and the Injeel, they changed it all, but….. Sub Haan Allah, still if you look you can find the trace of that telling about  Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam in Taurat and in Injeel, even if it is a changed, anyway.

He was looking, he knew when he saw the, the caravan came, he knew that Hazrat Muhammad is with them, he was, they were camping around this tree, and then he was coming out of the monastery, and tell them I made food for you, come, you come, all come, don’t let anybody to stay behind, and he was telling them come, and they all come, they said what happen to this monk, he is priest, he doesn’t, never look at our face you know, we come and go every time, every year, here we are nobody , he is not even interested in, what happen, something happen with his mind, then he was looking, looking, looking, and said are you complete, they said yes we are complete, he said no you are not complete, they say oh yes we let this little boy to look after our camels, then he was furious, angry, say I called you to tell all to come, all, not, he wanted the boy who was looking after the camel, he doesn’t want all this caravan, and then they brought him, he was eating, and then he said can I talk to you, and he was asking him many questions, about what happen, what is this, what is that, he looking at his, and he said can I look after, on your back, on your back, he was looking at his, and he see the seal of the Prophecy, on the back of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and then he was asking his uncle, who, who is that for you, he said my son, he said no, it should be not your, he shouldn’t be have a father, his father should be died, said yes you are right he is my, my nephew, his not my son, but he is like my son. Then Bahira was telling his uncle Abu Talib, he said he will be a great man, your, he had a great future, he is special one, you have to protect him, you whatever you are going to sell, sell it here, don’t go to Damascus, because there is so many waiting, and making traps, they want to kill him, they want to…..So you just take, whatever you sell here, you sell, and take him, and go back to Mecca, don’t take him around so much.

And then Abu Talib was selling with good price in Basrah, whatever he was selling and taking Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam back to Mecca, and until the time that he was going to Hazrat Khadija’s trip, he was not going out of Mecca, and it was Bahira was making….. he was drawing on, on leather Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam face, with, with a black pencil, pen?….. pencil, with black thing on the leather, and it was kept until today they say it is in Vatican, this thing, it was kept from what he was drawing from Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, what he keeping in his heart how he looks like, and he was secretly muslim, maybe not secretly, openly muslim. He was looking for him, because he was looking for him, and tomorrow Insha Allah the rest.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,