Hazrat e Ibrahim Alaihisalam

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 15 May 2020 / 22 Ramadan 1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

Hazrat Ibrahim….. had, Allah Azza wa Jalla sent him ten pages also from heavens, so hundred pages was complete. Ten pages for Hazrat Adam….. fifty pages for Hazrat Sheesh, thirty pages for Hazrat Idris and ten pages for Hazrat Ibrahim….. in this pages it is also, there is orders from Allah Azza wa Jalla, for….. for Hazrat Ibrahim….. and, there is also….. advice, advices, advice for, for his people and for his nation and from his shariah what we got we still have in our….. that, the Hajj, the ritual, ritual they say?….. rituals of Hajj, and also circumcision, he was the first one to be circumcised, he was over eighty years old, some say that maybe he was over hundred years old, when order came to be circumcised, and he was circumcising himself in, in the fields, he was working in the fields, and he was making with I don’t know this one, and he was, Hazrat Jibreel was sent, why, why you are in hurry, he said I don’t want to make Allah’s order late. So, and to cut your nails, to, to trim your beard, your mustache, your hair also is from Hazrat Ibrahim’s shariah, his shariah, and many many other thing, but I, that much I remember.

Hazrat Ibrahim was….. this is side story, but before we finish from Hazrat Ibrahim Insha Allah….. he was fasting every month three, three days….. there is one Turkish lady was asking for this story, Hajja Anna use to tell it so much about Hazrat Ibrahim, so Insha Allah maybe somebody can translate it for them….. that Hazrat Ibrahim was fasting every month, three days….. Hazrat Dawood was fasting one day….. not was fasting other day, Hazrat Nuh was fasting all, all the days, he was, all year except eid days, five days, one day eidul fitr, and four days eidul adha. Hazrat Ibrahim was fasting this three days, one, one, once, he was, one day because he likes so much guest, he want make, to make iftar with the guest, so….. first day no guest, he use to put guards around his house, his place to see, his house was on the, on the cross roads, so he can see people coming, then he can, host, host them, invite them, give them, offer them things, and feed them….. he likes to look after guest. So first day he was fasting it was no, no guest so he just break with water and continue to second day, second day same happened….. third day maghrib time one guest came, and then they had iftar, eat together and then Hazrat Ibrahim was very happy about himself that Ya Rabbi you send me a guest, you know he was little bit maybe, Prophets are masoom….. they are innocent, no, no. Prophets are innocent, they don’t have bad habits, they don’t make sin, what is masoom?….. innocent, so he was little bit in his, say oh look I fast three days Alhamdulilah Allah sent me…. guest in three days, otherwise he will just break with water, not, three days he didn’t eat anything, except water….. wahi came to him that you don’t be….. happy with yourself, you go on, in my land, towards some place, and see my, my servant, see my servant.

So it was order, because he was happy with himself, that three days his not….. doing….. not eating. So he went, he went to some place that it was mentioned, he find man….. under tree, sitting under tree….. the, the….. he say Salamun Alaykum, Wlaykum Salam, it was maghrib time….. said Alhamdulilah, this man said that Allah sent me guest to break my fast, so the tree was pomegranate tree….. in, on top of it there was two, two, two pomegranates, he was taking them, one for him, one for Hazrat Ibrahim, then they break the fast, the man was thanking Allah Azza wa Jalla, that Allah sent him guest for….. to break his fast. Then Hazrat Ibrahim was curious, he said how long, you know, how long you were fasting, he said every week I break one, every week, seven days, one time I break my fast, and if I have guest, this tree gets two pomegranate, Allah grow in, on it two pomegranates, so one for me, one for my guest. I break my fast, otherwise…. if no, no guest…. I break my fast with water, and I continue seven more days….. then he said oh Maa Shaa Allah, you are very, you know….. power….. pious, and, he said no I am nothing, you have to see my master. So that day, that night, they slept, they pray, they worship together, then he was, Hazrat Ibrahim with this man, and he said where is your, where is your master, he said my master is….. he showed him some place in cave, and Hazrat Ibrahim continue second day, until he reached him, it was maghrib time, then this, he saw one Zahid….. like, like a monk, but muslim monk, like pious, very pious one….. he praying and Salamun Alayka, Alayka Alaihimus Salam, it was maghrib time, come please, sit down, we make iftar together, this man he was telling him, he looked there was no, no tree nothing, the other one there was tree, then he was only….. some place with….. only cave with little bit water, and stone, place for, for making qibla, as to pray, mihrab, and he looked there is no, said please come, and we make iftar together, they make, then one, one deer, one small deer came, and man said Bismillah come, Bismillah, and just touch the deer, it was on the ground with one side is barbecued meat, and the other, other side is cooked meat….. boiled meat. Say Bismillah, which one you like, Bismillah we, then they eat said Alhamdulilah, the man said shukar Ya Rabb, I make two rakat shukar that Allah sent me guest, that I make iftar, said how long you are making iftar, you dont, you make your, how, fasting, he said I make twenty-one day, twenty-one day, and may be more, months, it was months, or maybe twenty-one day. Every three weeks I break my fast, then I eat, if not sending me guest, then I break with water, and I continue twenty more days, twenty-one more days, said oh Maa Shaa Allah, you very nice….. you are very pious, very…..you know….. good, he said no, you have to see my master, said you have a master, he said yes I have a master, you have to see the master, then that night also, they slept little bit, worshiping little bit, next day Hazrat Ibrahim said where is your master, I want to see him, then he was telling him, that he is on, on small island on the sea…..

Then he was….. going towards the sea, and he saw one person on the island, and he was telling him Salamun Alaykum, alaykum Salam, but far, how to, to take him there, then he was coming walking over the sea, taking Hazrat Ibrahim and let him walk over the sea, and like on road, and take him in, in the, on the island, and….. saying Salam, Alhamdulilah, Allah sent me guest that I can break my fast, there is no cave, no tree, nothing, Hazrat Ibrahim was waiting in the maghrib time, when its maghrib time, then it was from heaven there was plate coming down, with lots of different food….. this, the man said Alhamdulilah, Allah sent me, you know….. guest that I can make iftar, break my fast, Hazrat Ibrahim was curious, how, how long you are fasting, he said I fast every forty days, I break my fast once, and….. if Allah is….. not sending me guest then I continue forty more days, and, he, Hazrat Ibrahim was so, so….. you know….. surprise, not surprise, astonished?….. he is not, astonished, he was astonished, and he said Maa Shaa Allah you are, appreciated, appreciated, appreciated the so much, and, admired, admired it so much, he said Maa Shaa Allah, you are, you know, you are very big pious awliyah, very big awliyah. He said no, you know, what, he said I don’t, I am not, I, I, you don’t look this like this, I am….. worshiping all the time, you know, and fasting all the time, but I think I am the worst servant of Allah, he said why, he said I have now I don’t how many years, maybe seven year or more, I am pray, I am praying one, one dua, or more, more maybe seven years, Allah knows, I pray one dua, I wanted and is not accepted, so I….. I think….. it is, I am not so worth, I am worthless servant, I am not, you don’t look that what I am doing in worshiping or thing. Hazrat Ibrahim was curious, what is the dua you are making, he said while I am going around with Tai, Tai’yu, with spiritual power, around the….. the place, I saw a very beautiful child, standing next to the sea crying with so much light in his, in his….. on his forehead, you know, I was, I loved him, I loved this child, and I go go next to him, and ask him why you are crying, he said I miss my father, he said who is your father, he said my father is Ibrahim Khalilullah, and I miss him, thats why I am crying, then he said I had the love of Ibrahim Khalilullah in my heart, that his son is that much beautiful, how will his father, I, I would like to see, I was praying for Allah Azza wa Jalla, that….. to show me Ibrahim Khalilullah, that….. Allah Azza wa Jalla make him Khalil for him….. his….. friend, his companion, I want to see this man, and…..and die, see him once and die.

What a, what a….. they have this word, I don’t know the word, it is something that Hazrat Ibrahim was so happy with this man, but man was telling him this story. Then Hazrat Ibrahim tell him, you know, your, your….. prayer is accepted now, said I am Ibrahim Khalilullah, then this man was so happy, he was hugging him, and dying in his hand, Hazrat Ibrahim was, have to make burry him, make janazah for him, bury him and go back to his place, or go back to Hazrat Ismail to see him, to see Hazrat Ismail, and this is, one of the stories of Hazrat Ibrahim.

One of….. the stories also that Al Majoosi, I don’t remember it so much, but anyway, when Hazrat Ibrahim was asking Allah Azza wa Jalla, praying for Allah Azza wa Jalla, if I don’t ask for death, please don’t take my soul. So every day he has guest, every time and he has to sit with his guest. So, one day, there was one very old guest coming from the beginning of the road, he could not walk, very hardly walking, sitting on the ground then going up, and then, he sent his servants with donkey, they put him on donkey, bring him, coming down from donkey, falling down, and they hardly hold him, and put him, and then they brought food to this man, and say Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, take, you know, Bismillah, take he eat, and he is trying to eat, he is putting in his eyes, in his nose, he cannot reach, he don’t know where is the food, and his having funny behavior, and not hearing, not seeing, and then Hazrat Ibrahim was so sad, and upset of this, about this man, he said how old are you, he said I am two hundred two, Hazrat Ibrahim said Oh I am two hundred, no if in two more years I will be like this, please Allah you take your, your amanah. Then it was Hazrat Azrael, it was angel of death, and Hazrat Ibrahim was, you know, passed away in that time, and he was buried in Hebron, Hebron Khalil. Alhamdulilah, we managed to visit it last year, it was very powerful maqam Maa Shaa Allah, him, his wife Sarah, his son Ishaq, his wife, and Hazrat Yaqoob, his wife, and there, there was one maqam for Hazrat Yusuf also, but they said it is his maqam, his place, his grave or, and there is, they say it is only maqam, it is only place where, they were, they kept the taboot of Hazrat Yusuf.

Alhamdulilah, Hazrat Ibrahim is now on the, seventh sky?….. sixth, sixth sky?….. seven….. seven sky, he….. Hazrat. When Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, was in miraj, he saw him, he was saying welcome to the pious son, pious Prophet, zuriyah, my the descendant, to Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and his duty to do is to teach the children who passed away from Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam’s ummah, from his nation to teach them Quran, so he is teaching the children Quran in the heavens, in the sky, that this….. Allah make sadaqa of them for us and Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, Insha Allah, and Insha Allah tomorrow new day, new thing to tell, Insha Allah.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,            


(It is lots of long, Hazrat Ibrahim one finished, and, all the Prophets , have long things to tell, most….. Hazrat Mawlana….. Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam is, with they many hadiths there is, you know, to, he is telling about stories about Prophets that mentioned in Quran, but of course we are weak….. servants so, as much we know, as much I remember, I all, even checking the books, that if I am not….. making something, saying something wrong, Insha Allah….. if it is also, I am, making Ishtehad, Mushtahid, if, if it is right two, two ajar, wrong, one ajar. Insha Allah, it is, Allah knows better and Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam knows  better about it, may ask forgiveness if we say some mistake, or something wrong. Insha Allah, not, and we ask for shafa.