Fasting and Zakat

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 29 April 2020 / 06 Ramadan  1441

Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

Insha Allah, today we talk about fasting, the Salah, it is, it is very big subjects to talk about , I talk only main, main things to tell of how to do things, how to pray, but actually it is bigger subject, people can find through internet also madhab  al Hanafi , our Shaykh is from madhab  al Hanafi, so it is how to… pray, they can see now it all internet or they can also have some books talking about this , they can read about how to pray,  I only reminder, this is reminder for sure, I have so many things, I missed to tell or I forgot later on it comes to my mind but its only small reminder about how to pray, how to do wudhu and how to take gusool.

 Insha Allah, today is we are praying, we are talking about fasting. Fasting it is , it was ordered for Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam , to fast  Ramadan   after his hijra, his immigration to Madinah. Before he was fasting 3 days every month or also it was ordered to fast Yauma Ashura, the first ten days of Muharram actually it is, then it was ordered to fast Ramadan , for each nation , each prophet his nation, it is ordered to came to fast, I don’t know if it is Shahrul  Ramadan  or other month but , all nations, all religions before…..prophet alaihisalam  had ordered that their nation should fast. It is, fasting it is as I told other day also it is…..some to fast it is to keep your mouth from eating, from drinking, and also from relationship with your husband, this , I don’t know the other word, anyway, also it is, it is different worshipping  that you are just keeping, not eating ,not drinking  if you sleep the whole day,  you make intention in the morning, that it is fasting and you sleep the whole day and wake in Maghrib, it is counted. But usually, it is more counted that if you are making more work, more worshipping because Allah Azza wa Jalla, every moment in  Ramadan, every moment he is setting free people…..who is going to or meant to go to hell. Every , every,  every moment and…..ten’s of Ramadan , ‘Awwalahu rahmah’, also to ‘Magfirah akhira wa atkum minan nar’, first, first 10 is rahmah, mercy, second 10 is maghfirah, its forgiveness and third 10 is atkum minan nar, to set free from , from fire, from hell. So, until the ten’s Allah Azza wa Jalla,  every moment forgiving thousand and thousand of people whose meant to be in hell, after  ten’s, every moment he is setting free what, what was, what was on the first ten. The number of people on the first ten and on the third ten, every moment setting free for people who are and first 20 days every moment, number of them, and for Laylatul qadr he…..he forgive as much as he was, it was until death moment .

It is , month of Ramadan  is very holy because also, ‘Shahru ramadānal-ladhī unzila fihil-Qur’ān’, Allah Azza wa Jalla,  it was Qur’ān Kareem, came to the first heavens, first heavens of duniya, the whole Qur’ān was coming down and after that by verses, verse…. Jibril alaihisalam  was bringing to Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam . One day, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam asking Jibril alaihisalam , you know, who, how you bring the Qur’ān for me , He said, there is the first heavens, there is place, veil and somebody is telling me behind the veil and I come and tell you. Then Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam told him, next time when you are bringing for me Qur’ān, Qur’ān e Kareem, you look behind the veil, behind the veil, curtain, behind the veil you look who is……Then next time Jibril alaihisalam  coming to Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam he was laughing saying, ‘ Ya Rasool Allah I bring from you to you’. That he look there , Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam is there. This is very holy month , the whole Qur’ān was coming to the first heaven and slowly, slowly  coming to Prophet  Sallallahu alaihi wasallam to guide ummah, his ummah, until yaum al  qiyamah.

It has the last 10 days the Laylatul qadr , the holiest night of the year Laylatul qadr, it is, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said to look in the odd, odd number night and specially after the 20 of Ramadan  21, 23,25, 27, 29 the nights. Allah knows, we are always celebrating 27th because most of the time they say it is in this…..this…..this night, but Allah knows but we have to worship like or make dua like it is any night.

Hazrat Ayesha Radiya Allahu Anha,  she was asking Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam if we see the night of….. Laylatul qadr, what should we , the dua, we read. Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam was telling her, ‘ Allahumma inna nas’aluka l-afwa wa l-afiyah fi d-dini wa d-dunya wa l- akhirah’, We ask you for…..forgiveness and afiyah, afiyah it is health, health or well being in…..deen, in our religion and in our duniya in our worldly life and in akhirah, our after life , and after life also. This is the dua was teaching Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, Hazrat e Ayesha. So you can also if you pray and you can find the, the night of power, Laylatul qadr. You can pray anything asking for Insha Allah any … pray for us also.

When you pray, you pray with mind, with mind, that, I tell you this joke, so you, you know. One lady was praying so much to see Laylatul qadr, so much she was praying, every night every night every night ya  rabbi show me Laylatul qadr  and one night it was opening ,  the opening and light coming say it is Laylatul qadr, tonight. She was hearing . make dua, dua. So she had her baby next to her , she looked at him and said “o ya rabbi make his head big” , she meant may be to be big man but his  head started to be big , big , big , big, then said , “no, no, no make it small” , then she was small , small, small, it was going to disappear, the baby’s head so said “no, make it normal, back , back to normal,” then it was closed .

So when you are making dua , you make dua with mind you know, wisely. You make dua for…..for akhirah, for duniya, for your children, for good, for everything but make it with mind. Like another joke also.

 There is one man who is coming to Shaykh sahib asked to him, pray for me, I want to …. Have …. Money…..I want to have wife…..long children….. and I want to have long life . The Shaykh said you have to choose one, you cannot tell you any, all, then said, Iwant to see my grandchildren playing with golden ball. If he hasn’t , no money , it wont be golden and if he is not grandchildren, he wont be live so long to see his grandchildren and grandchildren he should have children to have grandchildren , so this is wise dua .

Today we have lots of jokes , Alhamdulillah . Anyway for dua every moment we have to make dua also but especially in Ramadan , at night of Ramadan  we make dua wisely dua Insha Allah , for, for us, for our family, for our beloved for, for the ummah, for Insha Allah, also make dua that Mahdi alaihisalam  to come soon and to have opening for all.

So this is Ramadan , how to fast, you all know how to fast Alhamdulillah and it is , zakat, to, zakat, most people from behind, before also, they always make zakat in Ramadan , because the order of fard of zakat, it is counted for lunar year not for solar year, so, so people were making it like Ramadan  and zakat together. Actually can , give zakat anytime , but it is to remind, it is like a reminder you know, to for zakat, Ramadan , ok , zakat, we give zakat in this months. So we don’t miss it because if you are counting it on solar…..year, solar year, you know, lunar year is every 33 years its one more year, add. So you don’t , don’t miss this one year zakat, for zakat. And there is zakat ul fitr, zakat ul fitr it is zakat in just given in Ramadan . You have to give everybody in your family. If you have a maid, or you have servant, or…..or you have new born baby, last day of Ramadan , new born baby . You have to give also fitr for each person in the family, to give , to, you can give it anytime in Ramadan  but mostly they say, either the last day of Ramadan  or the Eid ul, before the Eid prayer. But you give it inside Ramadan  before you forget. It is better than giving it in last day. If, to, you give it to poor people, Muslim people, to… Ramadan  also, they can also have things for themselves, for themselves family , they can also themselves give the zakat ul fitr of themselves to other people also.

This is zakat ul fitr and the zakat is to give. If you have….. I think 40, 40 gold lira, you give one, it is 2 ½ %, (Two and a half percent). For, you have to know the calculation of it. For the ladies, if you have gold, in madhab ul Hanafi, you have to give zakat for it. In madhab ul Shafi’i, if you are not working, if you are not trading with gold, and only the gold is for your personal use, you don’t give zakat in Shafi’i madhab, but in Hanafi madhab, you have to give zakat for your personal gold, if, even if you sell it or you don’t sell it, you use it for your personal use, you have to give …..2 ½ percent from 100 and I think, I am not very sure but for every 40 lira you give 1 lira as zakat.

But, this, you know, you have to know the grammage, you know, 1 lira- 2or 3 gram or something like this. I don’t know the golden coin, I don’t know how much it is, is it 5gram, 6 gram, 1 grammish for 40…..2 ½ % from 100.

So this is the zakat, to give and you know the money that you are using ,if it is getting more every year, you are working with it , or benefit, beneficial thing with money , if it is getting more every year, you have to give some % as a zakat from this money. If it is not, if it is, still or it is getting less, you don’t give for, but if it is too much money, you have to give also still, but if it is you know you have small money that you are using is not getting investment, there is lots of calculation for the animals, for the land, for the, for the fruit, for I don’t know wheat, but this is not our subject, but you know they calculate but, and zakat should be given to person who, to the person. You can say it zakat you need to give , don’t say you can also not say zakat but you cannot give, you give to some person also, you give to some people that they are collecting zakat to give for people. You cannot give zakat for place, anonymous place you know, like building a mosque or doing a school or I don’t know hospital, you can give like a school you can give the, or the school that zakat or to head of the school, to give for the students whose need this zakat, but to build or something , this zakat , don’t give money for anonymous places, you give it personal. Or you give it to people who are collecting the, the money , the zakat and distribute it later or you know they buy things and give to people or , because zakat it is, is meant to give the person to get their own personal needs, whatever they want  they can get.

This is mostly ,it is in Ramadan  they calculate and do it. Anyway, or if you cannot do it now you can calculate it in Ramadan  and you can also give it through the whole year, if you calculate what zakat should, you have give, you make it, make appointment in Ramadan  that much money and you register it some place that you don’t forget and you can give through whole year until next Ramadan,  you can give whatever zakat, you can give small, you can give more, less, but you have to do it, yearly. Lunar yearly.

Wa MinAllah at-Tawfeeq,

And hajj, I tell hajj and tomorrow I tell you a story. Al hajj , it is Allah Azza wa Jalla ordered Hazrat Ibrahim to build a house for him but in this place of this house…..May be tomorrow I tell this , better, it is, because its too long. Wa MinAllah at-Tawfeeq,