I’tikaf, Zakat and Hajj

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 30 April 2020 / 07 Ramadan  1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

We are…..we are , Insha Allah, we talk about…..Ramaḍan also again, the I’tikāf in the last 10 days, there’s I’tikāf also…..it is also mentioned in Qur’ān also. For, for men, they have, they can make I’tikāf in the mosque. One corner of mosque, that a jamā’ah prayer is prayed there, and for the ladies, whoever wants to even if one person in one city, it is good, it is…..for ladies also they can, make I’tikāf in the last ten days of Ramadan. To start from the nights of 21, and finish at night of  ‘Īd, and I’tikāf, it is a sunnah mu’akkadah, Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam  use to make it every after his immigration hijra to Madīnatul – Munawwarah, he use to make it in…..every year 10 days in the masjid. He was making I’tikāf in the masjid…..it is a…  you can you fast a day and you can eat, it’s not like a seclusion or khalwah, it is kind of seclusion, but…..it is more, relax because you can eat a normally, you can eat ah normally, your normal food in a iftar time and suhoor time, somebody can serve you, give you the food in the Maghrib, at the Maghrib, and, and…..suhoor time. You can do it yourself also, you can if you are alone at home, you can do it self, you can make, pray, make intention for I’tikāf.

 I’tikāf is more, Maa Shaa Allah, we have expert here, Hajja Khairiya every year doing this. You…..mostly you make prayer, you make your zikr, your wird, more and you don’t talk to people, unless it is very necessary if you want, if you need something you can talk…..you…..you keep your time for, worshipping. This in 10 days…..if you have some necessary you’re alone at home or your nobody’s doing your thing, you can do your things also your normal life thing also to wash or to cook for yourself for, to wash yourself or to you can make from…..what necessary to you at home also. For the ladies, is at, at their houses. For man in, in mosque…..in mosque Insha Allah. This is…..if one person, made the I’tikāf in one place then, the whole people are released and  from this, it is….from this I’tikāf, because Allah azza wa jalla  said, I’tikāf also in the Qur’an. So…..and it is good because,  this the more شكس (tough) whose making I’tikāf, and…..this a, to pray more شكس (tough), who’s making I’tikāf,  also it’s good to pray for, for themselves, for the Ummah,  the nation. For…..for a…..every good thing, Insha Allah. And for in the zakat, also zakat also there’s something I have to tell, that zakat should be given to adult, muslim adult, and sane not the crazy. Zakat  cannot be given to non-muslims, and you cannot give to your parents, your father, mother, your grandparents, as much their be, they have, you know great grandfather, mother also, grandparents is a…..you cannot give them zakat, you cannot give your children, your grand children, zakat. Because it’s your parents, and your children you are, you are responsible of them to look after them, so, you cannot give them zakat. Your parents, your grandparents, your children, your grandchildren. You can give to your relatives, you can give to your sister in law, you can give to your brother, your sister, your son in law, your daughter in law but to give…..little bit farz…..or better.

To give zakat also to give to your relatives, you know, not your children but your relatives, it is that when it is need is a, it is  better, much better than giving to somebody you don’t know. Some….if you have a, relatives who are in need to give them your zakat, is better than to give to some from different places. In, so this is what I want this point I want take about zakat and also you cannot give zakat and sadaqah to All al-Bayt, who’s a…..from the line of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam  .You can give them gift but you cannot give them zakat or sadaqah. You can…..how you can give them zakat…..zakat and sadaqah, this person’s is responsible to distribute, the, the zakat and sadaqah,  you can give this but for them personally you cannot give zakat or sadaqah. If you want to give something you have to say its’ gift. That is also some, other point Insha Allah, so many people come and give Mawlana…..zakat and sadaqah, but Mawlana will use to distribute it. And that’s why you know even Shaykh Mehmet also asking ,this is,  what is this you know…..when it…to so…..he get…..to the thing, right thing, about it. For Hajj, Insha Allah,  the Hajj it is only one time farz. Obligatory one time in your life time. .It is from this, Adam alaihisalam, the Hajj is obligatory. It is long story…..when there was, one, Adam alaihisalam , was on…..in the duniya, came to duniya, Allah sent him, he was crying after his forgiveness, it was this Baitul Ma’mur, was coming in place of Kaaba now. And he was making Hajj every year with Hazrat e Hawa, and his children, I think. And, one at time of Hazrat e Nuh, when it was flood, the Baitul Ma’mur was took high, taken up to under Arsh, under the Arsh, and today, until today, for until Qiyamah, angels are making tawaf around it, there. And it is exactly, he Kaaba now it is exactly under same line, Baitul Ma’mur.

So it was…..and, and the place, this one the Baitul Ma’mur was taken up, there was, small hill put on, on the place, where Kaaba now. After, so long, Ibrahim alaihisalam  was ordered to build, house for, for people, for Hajj. To come for Hajj. So him and Hazrat Isma’il, his son, were building the, the Kaaba. It is long story…..Hajj…..also Ibrahim alaihisalam was told  that to call people for hajj. And he was calling them. Then he was hearing, was like a, like a bee, you know one bee…..humming, humming, ‘Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik la Sharika Laka Labbaik’, so long going then he was so worried, because he was so host…..he liked and generous, he liked to host people so much to…..then he was worried, he said what a you know, he said where, you know, how I should feed them or how I should look after them, all this people, their so much voice and wahy came to him, he said this is, a, not there, not now, they are the voices of people, who are, who will  come till Judgement date, till Yaum Al Qiyamah, the people who will come and visit this house. The house of Allah, this Kaaba, but, then he was asking, you know, Ya Rabbj, give me something that I can Ikraam…..can offer them, offer this people, then Jibreel alaihisalam came with one glass of water and tell him to throw and he was throwing this water was distributing all over the walls, it was salt. It was salt, this water from heavens came, from paradise, it was salt, so the, salt is a, what a, Ibrahim  alaihisalam was giving, offering us giving us, hospitality of him.

And to that, the salt. Mawlana use to be always be angry, the people say, salt is not good. So this is a, Ibrahim alaihisalam , he was making Hajj with…..his, two wives, Hazrat e Hajar and Hazrat e  Sarah, and his two sons, Hazrat e ‘ Ishāq and Hazrat e  Isma’il. Five persons they were making Hajj around Kaaba. So, and around Kaaba, also it was,  when they finish it was small stones,  big stones were from the building was around. And they was trying to clean it and there was one wind came, and took all the stones, all around the world. So,  where there is big stone fall there is big mosque. Small stone fall, it is masjid or small mosque…..places where this, small. So every, every mosque in the world, even if was it is before, different thing  or becoming later of different thing,  there was one stone of Kaaba, from the mount of, from the kaabah. From the  stones were left over. And, then Hazrat e  Ibrahim, was praying for, for the, for the people, who in Makkah, that this is, Baladul  Amin, to be safe, safe place. Safe city, safe country, safe place for he was praying for Makkah, and he was asking Allah azza wa jalla  they finish the Hajj ritual. He was asking Allah to make him, shafa’ah…..shafa’ah, intercession for old, old people coming to, to the, visit Kaaba. Hazrat e Isma’il was making same dua for the middle age people. Hazrat e ‘Ishāq was making same dua for young people, and Hazrat e Sarah was making dua for all the ladies and Hazrat e Hajar was also making dua for ladies and for servants and for week people who was, who are coming to the Kaaba to visit to, for hajj or for Umrah. And Allah accepted their du’ās, Alhamdulillah. After that, you know, for so long it was Hajj coming this, they are making Hajj, the Arabia was following religion from Ibrahim Hanifa. Hanifa…..but there was one shaitaan men went towards Damascus and he find that there is people are worshipping idols, they brought idols and started worshipping idol and they filled the Kaaba, is also with idols. People later on, Hazrat e Muhammad  Sallallahu alaihi wasallam  when he was in Prophet hood, He was, there was still, every year they had Hajj, every year you know, it is for since Ibrahim alaihisalam till Hazrat e Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam  they have pilgrim, they make pilgrim…..pilgrimage. They and a, of course they, get out of the right way, they make their, funny rituals on Hajj and this they make every year they make Hajj, they were making Hajj

Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam   came and he was every Hajj time, he was going up to Arafat and looking for people and telling them about Islam. But…..I think he was going, that means he was making Hajj. But only the Hajj he made only after his immigration to Makkah, Medina he came back, after Fath e Makkah, after the conquest of  Makkah, and clean it from mushrik’s, he made Hajj one time. He took all his, all the sahabas, and all the his wife, his family,  he took them all, to Arafat. Hazrat e Ayesha was not praying that time, she had period and she was asking, ‘Shall I come’, also. He said, you come make intention in Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina but you don’t make tawaf, you don’t make Sa’i until you are clean. When you are clean, you go, you make your Hajj and they you make tawaf and then the Sa’i for the, for the visit, Hajj visit. It is Insha Allah,  so many people are intending, to go…..this is a you know, you have to go, if you have money, who’s have to go hajj, who has health and having money. And for ladies, to have mehram. Mehram to have one man, of her family. Her son, her husband, her brother, her father, her brother in law, from…..Uncle, her grand child, son if it is or if it is you know with ladies, they going with ladies, if one ladies has mehram then six more ladies can go with this man, you know it’s counted, that they can go together. Or if they are seven ladies or more, they also can go without mehram alone, but I think, now it is, they have rule that you cannot go below forty five years old you cannot go without mehram. So for ladies to have mehram, when they are going, it is also wisdom you know it is, some people say, Oh! man, why we need man this and that, but when you go, you really need man. It has wisdom for everything, it is not something that it is discrimination or I don’t know, no, it is wisdom that you have mehram, with ladies to have mehram when they are going to Hajj or anywhere else also.

And this is…..if you have house but you don’ have and if somebody is sending you, also it is good. You know, you can, if someone is offering you to send you for Hajj, give you money, you can go. But you have money, you don’t  have house, you can send somebody with your money to Hajj for you. But this person should be Hajj, have Hajj before, made one time Hajj, for himself, for herself, so you can send this person, instead of you, because you have money, but you don’t have house. This is also,  it is ‘Hajj ul Badal’. This is also offered to people, and who, there is so many people who like to go but they don’t have really no time, no health. This because they are making intention, having this love for this place, and judgement day when it comes, when they open their books, they see, they have this reward of Hajj. But this and then this person asking, I did not go to Hajj,  but Allah azza wa jalla  answering if you are, if you have so much love to go, but you don’t have, very sincere, and your intention but you don’t have, no house, no money, but your heart was always asking to go. So, this is also niyyah for, you make niyyah in your heart Insha Allah, and if somebody making niyaah, Insha Allah, Allah will make opening Insha Allah. For them, you can also…..put one,….place box and put, everyday or whenever, you have extra money, you say this is my Hajj money. Just put it inside and this is making intention, if Allah give you life long, you go…..you cannot go but your intention is there, and Allah will reward you about it, for it.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,