The Spiritual Spring and Khalwat

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Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani, Sohbat of the 1st of April, 2016.

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
A’udhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajīm. Bismillāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. As-salatu wa s-salamu ala Rasūlina Muhammadin Sayyidi lawwalīna wa l-akharīn. Madad ya RasūlAllah, madad ya sa’dati as’habi RasulAllah, madad ya Mashaykhina, dastur ya Sheikh Abdullahi d-Daghistani, Sheikh Muhammad Nazim alHaqqani madad.
Tariqātuna ṣ-ṣoḥbah wa l-khayru fi jam’iyyah.

Allah’s beautiful season is coming again. Next Juma is inshaAllah the 1st of Rajab. Rajab is a beautiful month of Allah. Shahru Sha’ban, it is the month of the Prophet (sas), Sha’ban. Three holy months are starting. “kullu atin qarīb”. Every future is close. A year passed and it came again. When it seems too much, you think it was recent but a year passed since it’s over.

Who wants to ease the condition of this world, who wants to get rid of the troubles of this world and his current situation should respect these months. He should try to take from the gifts of these months, the gifts given by Allah. The more you take from dunya, the more troubles come on you. But the beautiful gifts that Allah gives He (jj) gives both in this world and in akhira. They give peace and happiness in this world to people. Because it is the end of times mankind is confused and in a bad situation everywhere in the world. They try to understand what’s happening. Unless they have faith and religion, they won’t understand. And who doesn’t understand religion, he won’t be peaceful. Everything is in the hands of Allah. You should ask from Allah. Allah didn’t burn Ibrahim alaihi salam in the fire and Allah Azza wa Jalla can protect us from the fire of these bad days. He can and He certainly will protect us inside this beautiful coolness and peace. There is no doubt about it.

These three months… As we said, people are fighting and quarrelling a lot with each other. Even if they don’t fight, people are not peaceful where they are. They think of what will happen to them. Your situation in this world is – Allah appointed a time for everyone. Either this way or that way you will go. That’s not important. Think about akhira. And these months are for akhira. If you do 1, you will get 1,000 or 10,000. Not like the other deceiving gamblers. Allah is saying this. “If you give 10, I will give you 100, I will give you 700. The rest only I know,” says Allah Azza wa Jalla. Allah (jj) is the Creator. He (jj) is Powerful over everything, not like people in this world. They say “Give me 1, I’ll give you 10”. Then they take everything and run away. And people are deceived by this and run after them. They don’t believe in what Allah Azza wa Jalla says, Allah, who gives everything. They never appreciate Him (jj) and then think why they are not in peace and why they are unhappy. Allah Azza wa Jalla says “Take”.

Next week is Laylatu l-Ragha’ib. Allah Azza wa Jalla says to angels “My door is open until morning that night. Is there anyone who repents for Me to forgive him? Is there anyone who asks from Me for Me to give him? Is there anyone worshipping Me for Me to be pleased with him?” He addresses the angels until morning like this and says: “Look, so that I accept their prayers and give what they ask for until morning”. Then the month of Rajab is a holy month. Those, who fast during this month have its special sawab and special beauties. On the 27th, it is Laylatu l-Mirāj. And miraj is the miracle of our Prophet, his (sas) biggest miracle. What people try to achieve with science, Allah (awj) gave it to him (sas) as a miracle to show to people so that they will believe in Allah. They still don’t believe in Allah saying, “We will ascend with machines”. What is it like? Nimrod declared war on Allah. He built a tower and went on top to shoot arrows at Allah. Hasha.

Today’s people are not more clever. They think they are something, saying: “We learn this much, we have knowledge”. There is no difference. Just like they laugh at Nimrod, their science is as funny as this. Because Allah (jj) has put a certain limit. Even if a person lives for 100,000 years they can’t make even a step outside this universe. Imagine how funny is what they say and do. Allah is humiliating them but they don’t know.
Believe in Allah. Who believes in Allah has always won. The month of Rajab is coming next week inshaAllah. We should respect it. We should get the benefit of its gifts and beauties so that our souls take its food. This is the food for our souls. If your soul is strong, your ego will be weak. If your ego is strong, your soul will be weak. Pay attention to that. And how will you strengthen your soul? With belief in Allah, by obeying His orders and worshipping. The season for worship is coming. A beautiful season is coming, shukr to Allah. We must make shukr to reach it again because many people pass away before reaching this year. Shukr to Allah, we reached it.

InshaAllah this week also, this year it is a bit different after Mawlana. We should make a seclusion after the Sheikh because we need more spiritual strength. We made it twice during Mawlana’s time. And third one was done partially because Mawlana said at that time: “You will complete the duty afterwards.” And this seclusion was required then. InshaAllah we will start it next week.

Many ikhwans [brothers] will be doing it because Naqshbandis must do seclusion at least once in their life. If they don’t do it, Mawlana said that they will do it in the grave. And Mawlana said that this last seclusion can be done by everyone, by ikhwans. If you make an intention for seclusion for 40 days at tahajjud time by waking up 2 hours before fajr and staying awake until Ishrāq. Like us. You can also do it between ‘Asr and ‘Isha. You can also do just a part of it. Both are possible, it is acceptable. This is a good tiding from Mawlana – Ikhwans do a lighter seclusion. Everyone is permitted to do so. They can do it either from Fajr till Ishrāq as we said, for those who work, or from ‘Asr to ‘Isha. It is better not to be in contact with anyone during that time. They should worship more and read more Qur’an and make more dhikr. That will be accepted as seclusion for them inshaAllah.

It is not right for some people to say “I’m going to do it”. Who is told or given permission for full seclusion can do it. For others, no need. But everyone can do like we said. May Allah be pleased.

Alhamdulillah we have arrived to a nice climate season, nice season. What is a nice season? Spring, it is a nice season but real spring we have arrived [at]? What is this? It is three months of spiritual season, very nice season – Rajab, Sha’ban, Ramadan. InshaAllah next week, next Friday InshaAllah it will be the first of Rajab and it is a gift from Allah to us.

A day it is passing very quickly. Now, one year from last year, and last Rajab. But, it is going fast and people, since that day until now I think – I went travel around every place, many places – all people, they are not happy. They are worried, they are afraid, they are anxious. “What is this? What will happen in this world? How we can survive?” It is for people, it must be only for people who are non-believers, this anxiousness. But even in believers also, they are also affected. Because this shaitan it has its agents, first one the media, making everyone in this world miserable, sad, stressed. In everywhere you can find this. What happened in some place, all world they will be very afraid what will happen. For non-believers, ok, they must be afraid what will happen. It is, here this world, not good, the next world for them it is worse than this world. But for believer people, they must be happy, not be anxious for this because we are believers. And after one year of this bad situation for us Allah make us to reach safely for this good season.

The month of Allah Almighty, Rajab. It is month of gift, spiritual gift from Allah. And, He is Generous. When He gives spiritual, He also gives barakat, What barakat meaning? To be enough for you what He gives you. This is the meaning of barakat. Even a small thing, if He puts barakat in this thing it is enough for you, for everybody from your family. But if no barakat, nothing can be enough for you. And it is holy month especially this year, beginning from Friday. Friday it is the gift for Prophet (saws). For each day in the week, [is] special for one Prophet. The more valuable, Friday. So Alhamdulillah, we are reached to Rajab, Friday. And it is first day, holy day also. Special day because night of Ragha’ib. It is night which Allah Azza wa Jalla he said: Until Fajr, until morning He opens door of giving, forgiveness, for asking angels ‘Go and look, anybody asking Me for forgiveness, I forgive him. Anybody ask me for health, I give him. Anybody ask me for wealth, I give him. Anybody ask me for belief, I give him.’ Like this, until morning He giving because He is Most Generous not like human being.

Allah said ‘If you do one deed, good deeds, deeds, Allah give you 10, sometimes 100, sometimes 700, sometimes like this. Night of holy nights [He] gives you from His endless treasures. We hear this in our world. You put one, take ten. But these people, they cannot do this because they only have limit. But Allah Azza wa Jalla, He [has] no limit. You cannot say any limit for Allah. He has everything, and [is] able to give you everything what you want, what you ask. And He said ‘Ask! Ask Me, I will give you. Don’t be non-believer, believe and ask Me. I will give you.’ And He gives especially the happiness, which you cannot find in any place else.

People they are all looking for happiness now these days. But no, you cannot find. But in spiritual gift, when Allah gives you spiritual power, you be happy.
And these days give you food for your soul ‘Ruḥ’ for soul. When your soul is strong, your ego weak. But if your ego strong, your soul it’s weak. This is – nothing else you can say this. So, what we must make strong our soul by accepting what Allah ordering and doing worshipping what He ordered. Make your soul strong, your ego weak. And these months, Rajab, Sha’ban, Ramadan it is very strong months. Allah said ‘Rajab My month, Sha’ban, month of Prophet (saws), Ramadan, Ummah, the nation of believers’ month. All, they have different, different gifts like each season, you have different fruit. And this fruit for your soul, different, different, make you stronger, stronger, stronger insha’Allah.

And this year, it is little bit different for us also because Mawlana, he was, in his life made [us do] two khalwats and one part [ly]. But after Sheikh, we must do one also. So, insha’Allah this year. Last year it was so tight [busy]. Insha’Allah we intend to make it this year Insha’Allah. Allah help us to be insha’Allah more spiritually also stronger and we hope Allah gives us. We ask Him to give us because everything [is] from Him. He helps us and to make us to do what He wants. It will be big gift from Him. And there is, Alhamdulillah many people they are coming for Khalwat with us. This is 40 days seclusion khalwat. To be away from people and to take insha’Allah barakat from Mawlana. There is, we said how many people there will be.

And, but for other people, to make seclusion for who are Naqshibandi, in tariqat, our tariqat. They, in life they must do once at least. Who cannot do this, Mawlana Sheikh he was saying he will do it in his grave. Somebody saying “Grave, it is easy – we sleep there, we can do.” But it is, Allahu ‘alam, how? Sometime maybe more difficult from there! But, Mawlana, from his mercy, the last time he said for making khalwat for all of our people. They can do part, from before Fajr, two hour wake up until sunrise, and from ‘Asr until ‘Isha. And they can go to their work, they can do everything what they want. Even, they can make only one part like from Tahajjud until sunrise or or from ‘Asr until ‘Isha.

This is also mercy from Mawlana and to make people to have seclusion to make their soul more strong, to make ego weak. Because these days everything, everything in this time. Especially they have powder, these people who making, clever people they make their body big they drink [protein] powder to make it big – for ego now, these days, these times it is like this. Everything making your ego bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger, this is in this time. So we must give our soul something to be stronger. And it is this seclusion insha’Allah helps us. All of our murīds, our people, insha’Allah with barakat of Mawlana. Insha’Allah Allah helps all of us to be happy.

We are happy Alhamdulillah. Nothing affects us from what happened in this world, what happened in this time. Everything, exactly like what Allah He said, it is happening. Don’t worry. You cannot change. Allah wants this. We must be obey, we must be happy.
Amanna bi-Llah Wa l-hamdulillāhi Rabbi l-‘alamīn, Al-Fātiha

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