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Hadrat Shaykh Muhammad Mehmet Adil 18 February 2016/9 Jumada al-Awwal 1437 Sabah Namaz, Akbaba Dargah

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,

Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Wassalatu Wassalamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidul Awwalin wal Akhirin, Madad Ya Rasulallah, Madad Ya As’habi RasuLillah, Madad Ya Mashayikhina, Sheykh Abdullah Daghestani, Sheykh Nazim al-Haqqani. Dastur. Tariqatunas sohba, wal khayru fil jamiyya.

Authu Billahi Minash-shaytanir Rajim. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. ِ “Wala tarkanu ilallathina thalamu fatamassakumun nar.” (Sura Hud:113)

“Do not lean towards those who oppress. Otherwise the fire would touch you too.” “Faquti’a daabirul qawmallathina thalamu, wal hamdu Lillahi Rabbil ‘alameen.” (Sura An’am:45) “Thus the society that oppressed was uprooted. Glory be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.”
Allah Azza wa Jalla says not to be with the tyrants. If you are with them, you go to hell like them. Tyranny is not good, so do not stand with the tyrant. The tyrant’s harm would effect you too. His own end is not good either. “The tyrants will be uprooted,” says Allah Azza wa Jalla. He says, “Wal hamdu Lillahi Rabbil ‘alameen.”

These days, the whole world of unbelief is openly attacking Muslims and Islam. Wherever there is a Muslim, they are attacking them and trying to get rid of them. Those tyrants who are with persecution are like them. In fact, they are even making people leave religion.

This Europe, America, and what not who think they are civilized are persecuting all over the world, wherever there is a Muslim. However, in the End Times only these two will remain: Islam and those who are not Islam. There will be a war in between, great wars, but in the end Inshallah Mahdi Alayhis Salam will appear and take care of all these tyrants. And in the hereafter they will go to hell for all the tyranny that they committed.

Be careful, do not let your heart lean towards them. Do not help them either so that you may be saved. Oppression is something Allah (JJ) does not like, it is a trait Allah

does not like. Oppression is something Shaitan likes, something Shaitan teaches to people.
May Allah (JJ) reverse their oppression on themselves. May He break the tyrant with the tyrant Inshallah.

Bihurmatil Fatiha.