Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihisalam and Hazrat Lut Alaihisalam

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 13th  May 2020 / 20 Ramadan 1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

Hazrat e Ibrahim, he was making promise, promise, nazar, nazar they say in Arabic, it is oath, oath that if Allah give him a child, he will give sacrifice what the most he love, what he loves most and we talk about it yesterday that he saw dreams for three nights. He was sacrificing 100 ram, 100 camel, 100 horse but it was in the dream they say to him that it is your son. The dreams from Prophets, it is like revelation, its part of the Prophethood, when they see dream it is like revelation, it is an order. Then, Hazrat e Ibrahim was taking this order and going to, towards Makkah and he took, went to where Hajar and Hazrat e Isma’il were living, that time it was, this people were  together with them and the place was becoming like a small town where they were living. Hazrat e Ibrahim said to Hazrat e  Hajar, ‘ I want to  go with Isma’il some place’. He told her I am going some place with Isma’il. Then, she said okay…..go. He was just telling her.

 Then, he took Hazrat e Isma’il and go now where is Mina, Mina, the place where Mina, the, but on the way when he is going the shaitan came, shaitan came to Hajar. Tell her, you know your husband is taking your son to sacrifice, to, to slaughter him. She said ‘ Ya la’een (لعين)’, the cursed one, she throw on him stone.  She said , ‘You are lying, go from here’. Then, he was going to Hazrat e Isma’il, telling him your father taking you some place, that he will sacrifice you, say he will slaughter you. Then he was also again throwing stone on him and saying go, you are cursed one. Then he came to Hazrat e Ibrahim, he said, it is only dream, why are you taking your only son, the only son that you wished to have and why are you taking your son to slaughter him, sacrifice him. This is only a dream, why you are , then Hazrat e Ibrahim was throwing stone on him also and go from here cursed one. This is three places, now they make stoning for shaitan, you know when you go out from Hajj, there is three places for stoning shaitan, this is the three places, one is for Hazrat e Ibrahim, place where Hazrat e Ismael and Hajar, they were part of  each other, this becomes like a ritual in the Hajj, you know when you after come from Arafat, you have to stone this three, first day the first one, but second, two or three days, you have to stone three of them. And, shaitan he was so angry he said, ‘I first time, I say right in my life, and nobody is believing me’, he just run. Then, when they came the place where he will sacrifice him and he will slaughter him, then, he told Hazrat e Isma’il, Hazrat e Ibrahim told that, I see in my dream that I have order to sacrifice you. To make your Qurban. And then, Hazrat e Isma’il said, you do what you are ordered. You are ordered, you will find me from patient. From the patience, you know the patient ones . It is also, Hazrat e Ibrahim also patient , Hazrat e Isma’il is patient, which one is more, Allah knows, it is difficult for both sides. Hazrat, and he said you tie my hands and my legs, so I don’t fight back or I don’t, move. And you put my face down so you don’t see my face that your heart is getting soft that you don’t, make the order.

Then it was, he was tied and was  put on his face, and Hazrat e Ibrahim…..with big knife he is trying to slaughter him. One time, two time, three time, five time, six time, seventy times he was making this. Then he was so angry he throw the knife on the stone next to him and, say, ‘You, useless thing’. Then voice come from this knife, said, ‘Allah, I have order from Allah, Allah who make the fire cold and save for you ordered me for not to cut your son, not to slaughter not to cut him. And this moment, Hazrat e Jibreel brought big ram for to be slaughtered there and instead of Hazrat e Isma’il. He said, ‘Allah Azza wa Jalla sent salam, he said, it is your oath is accepted and you did fulfilled and,  and…..this is big for him for Isma’il, this ram is instead of Isma’il Alaihissalam. This ram was the ram from Habeel. Habeel, the son of Hazrat e Adam, when it was, he was offering Qurban, it was accepted. His one is accepted , his brother one was not accepted, so it was looked after in the heavens until the time of Isma’il Alaihissalam, it was coming. There was few animals also to, to be in heaven, few animals to be in heaven because in judgement days the animals are becoming soil, they will become earth, like earth. But you know, after they, Allah make judgement between them or judgement also between the people, human beings. That’s why they say you must look after your animals or, if any, if you don’t have animals you must not torture animals around. Some children are playing with or some people torturing any animals, even, dogs cats, birds on the roads, it will be in judgement day, it will be asked. Even in, in the, for your animals, even if you have, having  hurt, or you have anything you must not beat them in the face. You know beating in the face is not good. You know animals will come and you know Allah Azza wa Jalla will make  judgement, between, between both of the animals themselves and between if you, human beings, look after the, who look after cat, animals or any, any animals, anything happen with animals, so that’s why if, it is not necessary don’t harm any animal. Mawlana use to say, we had upstairs mouse. He say, I sit read Quran and the mouse going up and down very happily. Many stories, it is now if I open Mawlana side it will be so many stories. But, anyway there is few animals in heavens, in judgement day, in paradise, one of this is this ram, one of them is the camel from Hazrat e Saleh, one of them is dog of Ahl Al- Kahf. One of them is, I think the donkey from Uzair and one of them is camel from Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. You know, I think five, five or six, seven, seven animals, maybe the way…..and this, this one of them it is…..ram.

So after they make Qurban, it was,  Alhamdulillah he was saved and the oath was fulfilled. Hazrat e  Ibrahim went back to…..towards Hibrān where he was living and it was many years, some say, ten or fifteen years after that, it was that, Hazrat e Lut, was in his nation, where he was Prophet for people, they were homosexuals, they were, inventing homosexuality. Ya, it was this…..like this, ya , this and they were always looking for men, they do not look  for any ladies. Then it was…..Hazrat e Lut was only his three daughters were believers, not nobody, else. Even his wife was not believing. Then in that time angels, Allah sent three angels for, for…..for, first for Hazrat e Ibrahim, then they will go and tell Hazrat e Lut that there is punishment coming for this three, three cities. Then it was, they came to Hazrat e Ibrahim. Hazrat Ibrahim was very generous and  hospitable. He was looking, putting four guards all around his house or his place that if there’s some guest coming he will come and feed them and give them good treatment. This angels came to him, then he was running and bringing big cow, not calf, calf, baby cow. Done, calf. Calf…..cooked calf and bringing and out in front of them…..And they didn’t touch. Angels they don’t eat, they don’t, not humans. Then it was tradition, if you don’t touch the food that means that you are not friend. You are, you have bad intention. Hazrat e Ibrahim was afraid of them. They said, don’t be afraid, we are rasool, we are the messenger of Allah to you. We are coming and Hazrat e Sarah was sitting there and he was, this, the messengers, the angels were telling that Allah sending you good tidings. Insha Allah, you will have a child for Hazrat e Sarah. Hazrat e Sarah was laughing saying, ‘ I am old lady and He’s old, I am old and He’s old’, they were maybe she was near eighty and Hazrat e  Ibrahim was older than her nearly hundred years old and then she was laughing. They said Allah sent good tidings, don’t be hopeless from Allah’s, what Allah is giving.

Then they told him they will give you good tiding for this you that you will have a child, a son. And we will also, we are going to Lut Alaihisalam, to tell him that punishment is coming for his, for his nation, to tell him to go out of the place. He was, Hazrat e Ibrahim was saying, yes, no. Then said, it is order of Allah, it is one Allah is ordered we cannot negotiate or say no or yes or why shall we wait little bit more or something. Then they were going to Hazrat e  Lut. They came to Hazrat e Lut, it was the sign that they have to tell him and they have to go out so the punishment is proved, that he will be three, three times, he will be restless, he will complaint, three times. Then when they came to him, He saw them  they look nice, like nice man, and the, the city and the place is known as the, they love men, Astagfirullah. This is reality. He was looking and said, ‘Oh my God! What I shall do? this is the first, this is the first complaining. Then they said we are coming, they come. Then his wife was running to the city telling,  ‘Oh! there’s three nice men there, three nice men, come look…..This is, Astagfirullah but this is story, it is reality and then he was, they coming to the door and he was looking to them. They said, we don’t, don’t we tell you that we don’t have guests, now you give them us. Then he said, ‘You look after my girls, my daughters’, they said, ‘No, we don’t want your daughter’s’. Then again, he was saying, ‘Oh! What I shall do? then then they were insisting, he was saying, Oh! I hope I was in some place that I go in and I don’t come, I don’t come, out. You know, I go some place that I don’t come, he was so shy of this, this men, people coming and asking for this men, for his guests and he was saying, he was so upset, this is was his, third complaint. Then this angels told that they don’t, they will not reach us don’t worry. We are angels, we came to tell to you that you have to,  in the night, at night you have to go out of this place, there’s in the morning, it will come, the punishment will come for them. Nobody will be back, when you go out of your house, in the night, don’t look back and except your wife. Except your wife she will be with them. Then they, they left the angels they disappeared, through the men were, then they went the village people they  went. He in the night, after midnight he was taking his daughters and go out. His wife was following them, following them, and then it was, the, it was nearly morning, you know the light is coming out and Hazrat e Jibreel came or Mikael came and took the, the she was looking, the wife was, she heard the voice, there was big voice, shouting, and he took the earth, and put it upside down. She was,  the wife was looking in the back, she was going with them, also she died with them. And it was the place where now it is dead sea. Dead sea it is nothing lives in it, it is all salt, that funny salt that if you go inside, it will harm your skin even, that much  salt,  you cannot swim in this place. That it, you will float they said, you will not get drowned.

This was end of the story of Lut nation. Hazrat e Lut, then he was going some other place, maybe next to Hazrat e Ibrahim and live there. The Prophets when they were having this, you know it is because it’s habit of human being and shaitan is going working very hard on them. So it was, only few believers with each prophet and it was when they, when the punishment comes, it doesn’t come in five minutes. It takes so long years they are keep doing and calling people, for unity, for iman and it was, the punishment comes after years, few years. And, it was, he was, when they go out of the place, they just go and worship Allah and they don’t have another duty for, you know, for other people or any other they live their with, what they have as a believers.

And this, Hazrat e Ibrahim, has, Hazrat e Sarah had a baby. Baby boy named Ishāq. She was eighty years old. And then, they were looking, after him, the people around there, they said, ‘Oh!  they found, they found a baby’, this two old person and they say, their son, it is their son. He grew up, in, and then Hazrat Ibrahim was saying you know, ‘Ya Allah, you know, you show this people that this is my son’. Then Hazrat e Ishāq was exactly looking Hazrat e Ibrahim. Not know, they cannot know the difference between them. Then they start to mix between them, Hazrat e Ibrahim said, ‘ Ya Rabbi!  give me a sign that it is difference, some difference’. In the morning, next day in the morning, he was looking for his beard, it was three four white hair in his beard. He was afraid, he was the  first one who has a white beard, white hair in his, and he is the first one who is afraid of it. Then he said, ‘ Ya Rabbi what is this?,  He said, ‘It is my noor, my light’. Hazrat e Ibrahim said, ‘Oh! make your light more, next day he came all white, his all his beard is white’. So this was the  story of Hazrat e Ishāq and Hazrat e Lut. Insha Allah  tomorrow we tell about, building of Kaaba and we finish Insha Allah Ibrahim Alaihissalam. It is very long story, about them you know, I am always, small, small details, maybe I skip some details, but Insha Allah it is enough for, for to make Ramadan nice.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq

Al – Fatiha