Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihisalam Part-2

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 12 May 2020 / 19 Ramadan 1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

Hazrat Ibrahim was….. he broke all the idols from….. his nation and left only one big idol, put the axe on the, on the, on the neck of the, this idol. It was the day that they make festival out of the city, and he said I look in the, in the stars and I don’t feel well, I am, I am sick, so he didn’t go with them he was had the intention to break all the idols, because he always, his father was making idols….. statues to worship, and he was taking them all around….. dragging them, not….. humiliating them. Anyway, then they, when they come, then they were courting him, telling him this, you did it, he said ask the big one, if he can talk then will tell you, who, who did it….. and they made a big fire for him, they were making….. consultation, one of the people, of this Namrood people, said we burn him, so they were collecting wood, that the fire you can see from three days way, for only….. young man you know, sixteen, fifteen, sixteen years old man….. to, to burn him. Allah Azza wa Jalla dressed him with lots of….. great haybah? Greatness, I don’t know, I don’t have the, we don’t know the word in English, Alhamdulilah nobody knows. Haybah, he was, that he was, he…. he looked so, magnificent, in front of the eye of Namrood and his people, that….. that collect all this fire, making this fire for him, then it was a day, that they went, they will throw him, they put him in Manjalik it is, they have that, you put fire in the all, all, catapult, catapult, this is first time I hear, put him in catapult they want to throw him then all the angels are crying….. the earth, the sky is begging Allah Azza wa Jalla that he is only believer on the earth….. and he was, he is going to be in, in, in, burnt, and please….. let us help him. Allah Azza wa Jalla inspire them that, if he ask somebody, if he ask from you help, then I give permission you can help. Sub Haan Allah, Sayyedina Ibrahim didn’t, Hazrat Jibreel came to him and tell him, you know the, the, the ground, the earth and the ground, and or the sky and the angels, the wind, the water is….. asking to help you, if you say yes, they will help you….. Hazrat Ibrahim said no, Allah Azza wa Jalla is putting me here and he, he put Imaan in my heart, I only, I….. only ask help from him, I don’t ask anybody, then he said “Hasbunallahu wa ni`mal Wakil” and they were throwing to, the fire…..he was….. then it was cold coming to fire “Ya Naru Kuni Barda Was Salama”, “Ala Ibrahim”. It was cold on the fire, from Allah Azza wa Jalla, that the fire to be cold and safe, if it was only cold he will freeze, inside the fire he will freeze, and also all the fires in, in….. on the earth, won’t be anymore….. giving heat, so he was going and where his knees were….. push….. touching, there was water coming, water coming from there, and it….. like a pool around him, water, and he was in, inside….. this….. like a small garden in, in a place where he staying, and even they say that it was rose, rose was grown, and there was nightingale, nightingale coming, and making, asking Allah Azza wa Jalla to, go and make friends with Hazrat Ibrahim. This was, and all this small, until this small animals are helping to distinguish the fire, extinguish, not distinguish, extinguish the fire, even small ants and different animals, birds are holding water to make the fire extinguish, only one this, salamander, salamander was making, blowing on the fire to make it more.

So Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam he was telling, Hazrat Aaisha, that wherever you see this, you have to kill, because he is not good one. He was, all the animals were trying to help, and….. this one was blowing to make it more, this, and….. when Hazrat Ibrahim was there for, I think for forty days. There was angel also coming to him, and making friendship with him. Allah Azza wa Jalla sending him food from heavens,  he eats, he prays, he worships Allah in inside the fire is around him.

Then Namrood was, make, he said make for me hight tower to see the if Ibrahim finish or not, you know, and normally in one hour you put and anybody Astagfirullah, in, in one hour, hardly maximum two hour it will burn, and nothing will, now they make this in for that people, they put him in fire, how many, it takes one hour, two hour. He, forty days it was fire was around, and then he looked this, he saw Ibrahim inside, Hazrat Ibrahim inside, and he was calling him, you know, your God is very great, he, he saved you. Can, but can you come out of the fire, now you are inside the fire but can you, then Ibrahim Alaihisalam was saying yes and he was saying Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem and going out of the fire, nothing happens.

Now, now a days there is, it is place Urfa, Urfa, there is, they say Khalil Ibrahim Mosque….. they believe this is, there is one lake….. next to the mosque, there is small lake, with thousands of fish in it. They say, this one, the water was coming and the, the woods turn to be fish, they never eat from this fish, they never take it out of the lake, and they never eat it, it is big fish, and they say it is a blessed fish….. because of Hazrat Ibrahim. Mawlana Shaykh was….. Mawlana Shyakh Nazim went once, he was visiting there, and usually they give them food, they feed them, there is some like bulk there next to the lake. There was so many people, but Mawlana Shyakh Nazim was going, in, in one side, and they see all the fish come there, and never go to any other place. Mawlana was walked all, next to this wall, you know down, and they all behind him, following him, they never looked for other people throwing food or something, they were following him, and, they, he visited there, and, he was looking also for the place where, this two, there was two pillars, that were they put catapult. Hajjah Anna said it was very, very sad place, she visited like this, the area where this pillars are, where they throw Hazrat Ibrahim. It was, and there is cave also, I don’t know, I never went there but, anyway.

Hazrat Ibrahim came out, it was this moment where Namrood was asking for him, and that it was the question that how is your God, and I, I make life and….. my God is giving life and giving death for people, he said I do this also, this was the time that he was asking, Namrood asking Hazrat Ibrahim about it…..

Hazrat Ibrahim also he was, anyway, Namrood and Bukht Nasr, was two kings that ruled the world….. all the world. Bukht Nasr, Bukht Nasr, Namrood, two, two kafirs, two unbelievers, and two momin. Suleyman, Hazrat Suleyman, and Zulkarnain. This two momin, they ruled the whole world….. other one no, no king or any ruler will rule the whole world except Hazrat Mahdi Alaihisalam, when he comes. This is….. third one from momins. Then it was Hazrat Ibrahim was, he was the only one believing in his community, then his nephew Hazrat Lut was believing in him, and his cousin and wife Hazrat Sarah, his wife Sarah, he married Hazrat Sarah, and he was….. calling his people, nobody believe.

Then….. Namrood was calling Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihisalam, telling I want to see your God, I want to make war for him, I collect all my, my army. This I of course, of course quite long later. I collect my army, I want to make war to your God, I am God of earth, and if your God, God of sky, let him come to war to me, I will meet him, he will take all his army, meeting him in this….. plain place, open place, it is famous, you know, it is Haran Owasa, this is big land, like step, step, step….. he, then Ibrahim Alaihisalam said ok….. said will meet you, Allah Azza wa Jalla, Haji Bahauddin was telling this story, I didn’t know about it, I know that it is for, for Hazrat Moosa, for Firaun, that it the fish he was throwing to one, I don’t know to the, to the sky….. anyway.

Namrood was looking for, in this place, he was waiting, waiting, waiting after nearly asar time, it was very, very, very black clouds coming, and noise, very much noise coming, Allah, Allah’s army is coming, it was, what was army of Allah Azza wa Jalla, it was….. mosquitoes, millions, millions of mosquitoes, they come all and go through the army, they eat all the army. They eat, they go through their clothes….. armours and they eat them, only their bones are in….. the, the, this, and then whole….. army was finish. Namrood was so scared he was running away hiding in his, in his palace, there was one mosquito with broken leg, was very late to come to the war arena, it was so upset to nobody now, nothing, nothing left to me, and it was inspire to go, to the palace behind, after Namrood, going through, through the key hole, because Namrood was making them to close every where, no, no mosquito coming in, to going from key hole, going through his nose, nose to his brain, eating his brain for many, many years, I mean days, months or years, some, some say its for years, it was eating, but he had headache always, he let his servants to bang on his head. So one day when they are banging his head, it was broken into two, died, he died and then mosquito was, like its small bird….. big size of, small bird, it was flying going, and he was dead, he was, the servant was fed up, was banging hard, hard, it was broken, La hawla wala quwawata.

Hazrat Ibrahim left the place towards Damascus, him, Hazrat Sarah and Hazrat Lut, three, three of them. They were going through, all Bilad al sham….. to Damascus, to Egypt. He was….. I think trade, I think also making trading, trading, and he reached Egypt. In Egypt, the, the king always like, beautiful woman, he, the, the king of the firaun that time, the king of Egyptian, he was, he liked so beautiful ladies, and Hazrat Sarah was so, they, they even praise her that, there was not beautiful, more than Hawah, she, Hazrat Hawah was most beautiful, and she was after….. Hazrat Hawah, she was second in line with her beauty, Hazrat Sarah….. It was, you know, there is people, because Hazrat Ibrahim is….. trading, and giving, and she was next to him, then, there is people sending news to, to the palace, that there is a beautiful lady, you know if the king is interested, so, then he was calling them to the palace, to, to, buy something, or to look, and he saw her, and he said who is she, Hazrat Ibrahim said my sister. Hazrat Ibrahim on all, all his life they have, you know, three he lied, white lies, one is when he said I am ill….. second he said ask the, the big idol, and the third is….. he said my sister, because he was worried, if he said my wife, he will kill him and take her by force. So he said I want her, you sent her to me. Hazrat Ibrahim was not happy but he doesn’t know what to do, he….. she was going to him, to the king, and Hazrat Ibrahim was praying, that Allah keep her safe, her not, not touch by the king, then when go in the room where the king is, he wants, he wants to touch her. She was, Hazrat Ibrahim, it was the palace….. walls, walls were like glass and was seeing, Hazrat Ibrahim was praying Ya Rabbi, and then the kings hand, arm, and….. Hazrat Sarah was saying Auzubillah, his arm was paralyzed, frozen….. he said to her you let me, I won’t, I won’t harm you….. then she said Ya Rabb let, let it free, he was, he ok, second time, third time, and Hazrat Ibrahim was watching, and praying that she is not harmed or safe, safe from this man. Third time, the king was….. afraid of her, he said, he was calling Hazrat Ibrahim, saying, you send me shaitan, you know, you send me somebody, witch, you know witch not, not a human….. take her and go, from here, and he gave her….. as a….. present, that he maybe was afraid of her, he was giving her Hazrat Hajir. In one, they say Hazrat Hajir was a slave….. and one say, they say it was his daughter, this king’s daughter, Allah knows, but mostly we know that she was a servant given to, as a present to Hazrat Sarah.

Then Hazrat Ibrahim didn’t stay there he went, also by expression, he went to where is now his place, Khalil….. where Jerusalem, in the holy land, Hebron, Hebron, Hebron, and Hazrat Lut also in this….. time, he also, he had….. Allah sent him Prophethood. He has, he, I don’t know how he married this, his wife but it was not very good choice Astagfirullah. Anyway, he was, maybe, I think maybe he was married to this lady and he went to, to her place, to the, where Sodom and Goromh, all this place, where the dead sea is now. He was sent to them to call them for Allah Azza wa Jalla.

So Ibrahim Alaihisalam and Sarah Alaihimusalam, they, they didn’t have children, and Hazrat Ibrahim wanted to have a child, he was making dua, Ya Rabbi, if I, Allah you give me a child, I will scarifice, the, the most thing the what I love, the most I love, I will scarify, the thing I love most. Hazrat Sarah was pitying him, she presented to him Hazrat Hajir, she said, you take her as a second wife, Insha Allah, Allah give you child from her, and then it was, she, she was got pregnant, she had a baby, baby boy Ismail Alaihisalam. It was….. in, you know I tell briefly, quickly, quickly….. Sub Haan Allah, she, Hazrat Sarah, then she was jealous from her, she didn’t want her together with her, they said that it was the first one that she was even, I don’t know if it is real or not, but first one torturing….. as a, it was like making her, earring, putting earrings, and her nose, and making also circumcision for ladies, and then she said, she doesn’t want her to with her, she doesn’t want to see her. Then it was order for Hazrat Ibrahim to take Hazrat Hajir and Ismail, Hazrat Ismail, it was few months old baby, to, towards Arabia, you know Hazrat Sarah said I don’t want to see her, Maa Shaa Allah Hazrat Ibrahim took her to three thousand kilometer away, maybe three thousand, it can be from Khalil if you went to Mecca, even if its not three thousand, two thousand kilometer away….. It was order from Allah Azza wa Jalla most, in reality it was order from Allah Azza wa Jalla to take her with her son to a place, where he put, he took her and where the, now Kaa’ba and Zamzam well is, he left her there, it was between all mountains and it is dessert, nothing there, valley and between black mountains, and it was the, the….. pointing there, Jibreel Alaihisalam pointed there, where he, he should leave them. Then he put, put her and her child, Hazrat Hajir with Hazrat Ismail, little bit food, little bit water, and he turned back going, and she was asking him Ya Ibrahim is this your will or Allah’s will, is it you decision or Allah’s decision. He said Allah ordered, then she said if Allah ordered I, it won’t, Allah will not me, you go, and he turned back and go.

Sub Haan Allah it is very, very….. hard….. Hazrat Ibrahim, there is five Prophets ‘Urul Azam’, that most powerful, you know they have most strong will, five of them, Hazrat Adam, Hazrat Nuh, Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Moosa, Hazrat Issa, some say that, may be not Adam Alaihisalam, and Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, but Urul Azam. So Hazrat Ibrahim was one of them. He left her, then it was, she was, in, in this place. Hazrat Ibrahim after he left he was standing on, on the mountain, and looking towards and was reading dua that I left my, from my zuriyah, from my family in your place….. he was praying for that Allah sent them somebody to look after them, and you keep them safe, and, in….. that Allah safe, keep them and give them provisions….. that they are never, never out of provision, and he go back to Hebron, to the Khalil, Al Khalil, where he is.

Hazrat Hajir was there for one or two days this food is enough, then she was food finish, enough water finish, and the baby is crying, she was goin up and down, between Safa and Marwa, and seven times, you know. The place where is, if people knows who go to Umrah or Hajj they know there is a place now, they put green lights that you have to run, the mans are running, and ladies are should be going quicker. She was running because it was lowest part of the valley, this place….. that she doesn’t see the baby, so she, she was running there to go quickly to the hill to see the baby. On the seventh tour, when she was down, up in the marwa, she saw….. flies, birds flying, she was worried that bird coming to take the baby, you know the….. and she was running there she saw….. from the feet, around the feet of the baby there is water coming out, that….. Jibreel Alaihisalam came and  Ismail Alaihisalam was with his foot….. he was stamping on the….. sand, and there was water coming out. So she was saying  Zamzam , Zamzam, she was keeping the side, making the side of it. Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, if my grandmother didn’t say Zamzam it will be….. it would have been like a river, like a Nile, this, this water, and it was sound coming to her, telling if, you know this water, if you are hungry drink from it you are full, if you are thirsty drink from it, you are not thirsty anymore, if you are ill, you don’t feel well, you drink as for niyyat of shifa, it is, it will be.

So she and her baby were sitting there, and one caravan were passing, and it was they were looking for water, and they know when they see birds, there is birds that means there is water, or there is something there, that there is something life there. So they were coming towards them, and they were sitting, settling, looking after them, they were, this people were settling there, and there were, Mecca was built, then, then, that time, and Hazrat Ismail was started to grow. Hazrat Ibrahim coming…..coming on his camel, looking at him, and not coming out, go down the camel, he comes visit them and goes back, until it was day that Hazrat Ibrahim saw a dream he, they said in the dream, it was said him you didn’t fulfil your wish, your promise, your promise….. that, you will if you have a child you will scarifies most beloved thing for you. So he woke up, and he because Allah was giving lots of barakah to Hazrat Ibrahim’s he was shepherd, and he was giving lots of barakah to his sheep that, he, the guarding, the guarding dogs, thousand guarding dogs for this sheep, and they all have gold chain around them, Allah give him so much wealth. But Hazrat Ibrahim was so generous and so hospital?….. hospitable, hospitable. So he woke up quickly, going….. he found hundred of best ramps, his ramps, he scarified them, fire come, and took the, the sacrificed ramps. Next day he saw again a dream, you didn’t fulfil your promise, again he woke up, he took hundreds of….. nice camels, camels, scarifies, fire came took, one fire comes, that means its acceptable, third day coming again, he was making best of his horses, hundreds of his best horses, also fire come, go, take, four days in the dream saying your most beloved is your son, this one you have to scarifies, so it was order for him to scarify his son.

And….. when you make promise or nadar you think about it, before you….. this is, it is, it was….. meant to happen, test of Hazrat Ibrahim, but most also, when you, this is advice also from Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, when you are making nazar, when you are making promise, if Allah make with this, or if Allah give me this, or if the I will do this, or I will do that, you have to think about it first, you know some people will say I will fast I don’t know how, how long, and they don’t know how to fast, or some say I will, I will make qurban, they don’t have money to make qurban, they, they have, don’t have money to eat, or, you can make promises that you can affordable, affordable?….. affordable, like….. this is out of subject but I tell you this.

One man was wishing also to have a son and he will, he said he will scarifies a ramp, with horse, with ten, ten….. how you say this, ten hand size, the horse, the lamb should be ten spans, and he had a son, and now he had no, no ramp has ten spans, but he was going toa shaykh….. Shaykh was….. wise one, he told him bring your son, brought his son, and they found a big, lamb was big one, he put the baby spans on his then it was ten, he said now you, you scarifies this, so when you make promise you, you have to think about it, you can you know, if you afford you can make ok, qurban or you, if you are….. you use to fast, you for fasting or even for fasting if you fast for three days, five days, one week, some say three months or something, sometime you just, you cannot but as much you can, you, you have to think about your promise, when before you make it.

So we came to now where, Hazrat Ibrahim has order he was just getting up, going on his camel going to towards Mecca.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,