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Ṣuḥbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 26 April 2020 / 03 Ramaḍan 1441


Tariqatunas sohba, wa khayru fil jamiyya. Insha  Allah it is Shah naqshband i dont know 70,000 times he said it….that what Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah was use to say and it is , our tariqa is soh, sohba… talk to talk, to make lecture… give, to talk about everything about wisdoms about religion about old people, old people who passed away and about… everything. And it is….. Always makes good..khair is good….. in gathering….. khairu fil jamiyya…..

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim

…..I want to…..As every year I want to remind all people about ….. small fikr things…… It looks like small but is actually it is big Our lives to do proper wudoo, to do proper salah, to pray, after the five pillars of Islam is shahadah, salah, siyaam, zakah and hajj….five……After shahadah when you become muslim or when if you are born muslim, when you are seven years old, it’s order to pray, to start order your child to pray if he’s ten years old if not praying you can even beat him you know , smack him on his back to pray to….. So you have to teach your children how to read Quran and to…..tell them to pray. And….. to teach them how to pray also to make them love also to pray. …..To pray, you need salah you need to have clean….clean body, clean place for to….. the place  where you are praying also clean….. so For to have a clean body, first you have to be, you had gusool. You have to  First you have to have gus…..  if you have something that you need to have gusool, should be have gusool you know.

To have gusool, It is if you have your periods and its finish, you have gusool or if you had a baby  you have  40 days finished then you need gusool. This is farz or if you have relationship with your husband or sometimes man have their special conditions they need to have gusool in the morning….they have to have gusool. This is farz. Gusool is….. it has three conditions. You….First niyaah, you make niyaah that gusool is gusool….and  it is also sunnat to have gusool every week specially Friday or Thursday. Once a week it is sunnah to have gusool and Eid, Eid days or day of Arafat or holy days that holy nights to have gusool, also it is sunnah ….. this is for cleaning. But for when you make gusool you make intention this is that have shower. It needs to have shower. It has three…three conditions: first you make niyaah… intention you make  I make gusool you say, I intend to make gusool for cleaning from my periods or I intend to make gusool from…. from, what…. I had relationship from janabah. Or I intend to make gusool sunnah…. gusool , gusool youm Al jumaah this you make intention and second condition to clean your mouth and nose three times and third condition is to wash your head till your toe, Wash it …. you wash it. From head till your toe… You wet it…. from your head till your toe. This is gusool and you repeat it one two three…..three times like wudoo your making wudoo that’s gusool.

If you take wudoo before gusool… then it’s ok but it’s not liked to take wudoo after you finish your gusool to take wudoo…. It is makrooh they say. It is not liked because if you forget to take wudoo before gusool it doesn’t matter gusool it means big wudoo this is because you are washing all your body. So this is the, don’t take wudoo after gusool. If you don’t go to toilet or you don’t do anything that it may break, requires , wudoo then gusool, when you take gusool it means you have wudoo ….. and….. That is gusool .

For ladies you know….. now we have our conditions are Alhamdulillah we have water we open the tap there is water, hot water cold water but before times maybe now also some places there’s condition that if you have braids and your hair is thick you cannot open your braid or you are afraid of cold or….. you cannot… is difficult for you then you can wash only the scalp your head…..your scalp…..your gusool…..if your scalp is wet…..then no need to open your hair to make it wet….. or it or the water comes over it…..then doesn’t matter to open it , no need to open it….. But with men if they have thick beard they have to put their fingers through it to get the water to the skin under the beard….. and to make beard also to wet….. this is also should be noticed. So that is gusool.

First we have gusool, we are clean…..then we need to have wudoo. No we don’t have gusool every minute you know…once a week , twice a week or when we need it.. so we are clean…. But for prayer for salah we need to have wudoo. Wudoo is farz. The obligatory for the wudoo is to make wet for …..organs of your body….. First you make intention to make wudoo….. To make intention to say Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem….. it is sunnah to wash your mouth to wash your nose is also sunnah. You wash you hands first…then you…. but to make wudoo also you need to be clean when you go to toilet, you have to clean your downstairs with water or before one time they had they have …stones , or they have leaves… To clean their down…. You need to clean yours from urine and from other things you have to be clean. You Must not keep dirty….now we have water you wash with water…you have to wash three times or until you feel it is clean…..and if you cannot use water… You know some people some ladies some men. There’s is some difficulties you cannot use water. You can use paper…now we have toilet papers….at least three times…..three times you have to wipe….odd numbers…three times…five times…seven times…nine times…. You can….or until you are satisfied it is clean…but don’t do so much cucu about it….that you use one roll for wiping….  Astagfirullah azeem…..

Anyway at least three times you wipe if you cannot use water…. Because some…. there’s some difficult…you never know each person has their own conditions….to be clean now….before they use to get leave or they used stones or water…but the best thing is to clean with water….you can write later also….but if you cannot use water you have to clean yourself with paper…three times…five times…six times…seven times…. Or it should be odd number….. So when we clean…..We are cleaned Alhamdulillah our clothes is clean….our clothes also you can…if there’s special conditions….with some people they can…..water the clothes if it’s dirty….that means it has some dirt….from urine or something else…..or najasa you can pray with it….or you don’t have anything….or you are alone, you are old people.. sometimes nobody there then they are allowed but not for all….this is special condition people…..najasa is….it is what comes out of from your front and back from downstairs…. and also the blood  the blood is najis…. dirty….also alcohol is najis also ….so if it is or your clothes…you wash it….or you….you dry it or you wash it the stain of it….if stain not going then doesn’t matter….blood sometimes doesn’t goes the stain….but clothes should be clean from every dirt….the ….. soil is not dirt…..some of the you know the birds you know they fly… sometimes they come…some dirt coming….then you just wipe it it’s ok….but dirt from all the bigger animals you know…..dogs..cats..this is they are you know their dirt. It’s dirty so you have to clean it…..and… have to just clean it….and big animals like donkey….but sheep or goat it is not najis….

Anyway we are talking about people human beings so it is four things making dirt for your body also your clothes so you need to be clean and your place also where you pray it should be clean  you know, Allah عزوجل, granted prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم that his nation also that they can pray anywhere you know different religions you know . They need to have special place to go and pray in it….but for muslims Allah عزوجل granted prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم this, that…. I made whole world masjid for you when , whenever the place is clean you can pray!

So now we are clean our place is clean our clothes now we have wudoo we make intention to make wudoo then you wash your hands three times, you wash your mouth, and nose you…..three times also….but when you are fasting you don’t make so much water little bit water from your mouth and nose and then you wash your face from the beginning of your hair till under your chin you wash it first time is farz second is wajib third is sunnah ,three times then you wash your arms you take water and make it until your elbow you wash it…it should be wet but you don’t use  you use very little water and you don’t open water like river and you make wudoo with same aqal, wisely, and you make it wet your arms till elbow three times…. and other arm also….. first right then left….three times….and prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم was saying if even if you are front of river…. take your wudoo wisely not, don’t waste….so it is also for your face also you don’t take water and make PUSSHHHH ( Splashing water ) don’t splash it on your face….you have to make it with softly…..with little bit water that it is wet….your elbows…then wet your hand and you put it on your head…..the palm it should be on your head, you,  that you feel it you press one time not two, three time then you wipe inside, outside and behind your neck one time. This his is sunnah also that sunnah. Then you wash your feet first right foot then left foot until your ankles above your ankles you wash it.

When you have mast, khoof you take wudoo and you wear your khoof, After that everytime you have your wudoo you can just wipe on top of the khoof, mast one time this for 24 hours you can keep the mast on your feet for 24 hours but if you are travelling and you don’t have opportunity to remove or take your mast out it’s allowed to have mast three days when you are travelling but if you take one of your mast you have to take the other one and wash your feet again if you have wudooo and you take your mast but if you take your mast without breaking your wudoo then your wudoo is complete you know first, in the morning you didn’t go to toilet or didn’t make anything that you loose your wudoo you can take out your mas. But if you are you go to  toilet and you have your wudoo again and some accidentally something happens then you just take one of your mas you have to take the other one and wash your feet and wear it again and it counts from this moment till 24 hours , if you have….some…..some… something broken…or some wound…or something you can make mas also you know…. Mast it means you can wipe on it for……. Insha Allah no no….. no…..harm come to anybody but if sometimes their foot is broken the leg is broken or the arms is broken you can or if something happen there is wound and you need to just strap it, you just make wipe one time over it when you take wudoo.

The wudoo should be also…..nail polish is….you cannot take wudoo over nail polish. They make….. put nail polish because it doesn’t….the water doesn’t go inside the nail….it should be wet because nail is also alive….and when you put polish it is closing it is like not…..your wudoo is not… is not complete….when it is not complete it is not useful you need. Because wudoo, you need to have wudoo for prayer for reading Quraan for tawaf in kaabah, for saee…… for this… have to have wudoo….you cannot you cannot hold Quraan without wudoo…..either you put…..if you don’t have wudoo you have to have something  hold it with….some cover you cannot hold Quraan without wudoo. You can read Quran by mouth, without wudoo but if you are clean. If you don’t have period, your period or you are not janabah. So we have wudoo now Alhamdulillah our place is clean our …..body is clean, we have wudoo then we start to pray Insha Allah tomorrow.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,

The farz organs are your face, from hair until your chin, your arm….your hands until your elbow, one time over your head and your feet are farz. The rest is sunnah or …… mustahab or……. after you finish wudoo you say either La ilaha illallah Muhammadur rasoolallah, Ashhadu an la  ilaha ilallah Muhammadur rasoolallah or read three time Qul huwallahu ahad or read inna anzalna hu fi laylatul qadr…. anything you read after is ok…..this is sunnah, mustahab. Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم was reading sometimes because you have  wudoo and then after 5 minutes you loose it so it is when you read this after finishing your wudoo like Ashhadu an la ilaha illallah or qul huwallahu ahad or inna anzalna hu fi laylatul qadr, it counts…..your wudoo is double rewarded…..

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,