Du‘ā’ for a New Life

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Shaykh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani, Sohbet of the 18th of June, 2016.

As-salāmu alaykum wa raḥmatu Llāhi wa barakātuh.

A‘ūdhu biLlāhi mina sh-shayṭāni rrajīm. Bismi Llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīm. Aṣ-ṣalātu wa s-salāmu ‘alá Rasūlina Muḥammadin Sayyidi l-awwalīna wa l-ākhirīn. Madad yā Rasūl Allāh, madad yā Sādāti Aṣḥābi Rasūli Llāh, madad yā Mashāyikhinā, dastūr yā Shaykh ‘Abdu Llāh ad-Dāghistāni, Shaykh Muḥammad Nāẓim al-Haqqāni, madad. Ṭarīqatunā ṣ-ṣuḥbah wa l-khayru fi l-jam‘iyyah.

This life is ours. Allāh (awj) gives different lives to people, according to the age. First you are a baby beside your mom, then a child, adolescent, youth, adult, then old. Life goes on like this. Of course first the mother teaches the child. Then he goes to school, teachers educate him.

You shouldn’t leave everything to the teacher. In some countries, they leave it all to the teacher. Whatever the teacher says is right. How did the teacher become a teacher? It is important from whom he learned. In some countries, there are teachers, some are hodjas and some are teachers. The teachers resemble the ones from whom they learned. Rarely do they find reality and go in the way of reality. But most, especially people without belief, continue just like him. They give more harm than benefit to children.

Now the elementary school finishes, the children have completed one period of time, and it passes from people’s lives. Then secondary school also passes. In the past, most of the people, who graduated from high school, began working. They got on with work, became family men, and carried on. 20-30 years ago that also stopped. “A high school diploma isn’t accepted” says the government, “It has to be a university diploma. Bring it no matter how. I should see the diploma, I give you a duty according to that.” The elementary school diploma in the time of Mawlānā, may Allāh raise his rank, was better than today’s university diploma. It indicated more knowledge, they knew what they were learning. Now they are wasting their time. They waste people’s time – no benefit, just harm. They force them to study, either willingly or unwillingly. They get a diploma. It is done.

At this time the universities are finishing. Thanks to Allāh, children, who finished their last term, got their diplomas. They are returning to their countries. Some will be successful, some won’t. They somehow have gotten their diplomas in their hands. They will return home. There is a very important point. These people will start a new life. They get their diplomas and go home happy because they’ll start a new life. They shouldn’t forget that there is a very important point. If there is a holy person to be visited there, they should visit him, take his blessings so that they have a good life and are successful. Because no matter how smart, how successful a person is, if Allāh doesn’t want, success at school isn’t important in life. If Allāh doesn’t want, it is useless, he can’t succeed.

So this morning, may Allāh bless them, they came and took blessings. They visited Mawlānā’s maqam. Many people are coming. It isn’t even 5% of the students but still many are coming. May Allāh bless them. With Allāh’s permission they ‘ll succeed in real life because they studied for Allāh, not for this world. They want to take blessings and start their lives with goodness. That is very important. Like we said we read until this age, we read the good things and the bad things. This system that they teach is of course the secular system, without belief in the Creator, in religion. But thanks to Allāh the religious affairs with its Qur’ān courses, the community doesn’t leave the kids loose. They don’t set them loose, they follow them around. Thanks to Allāh, they don’t forget them.

So this is an important matter – remember Allāh before you start a new life. Everything is in His (awj) hand. We are at the beginning of our lives, 20-25 years old. If Allāh gives long life, you’ll have 2-3 times more to live. Your parents took care of you here. There you’ll take care of yourself. So don’t forget Allāh when starting your life. Keep your prayers. If you aren’t praying learn slowly – 2 rak‘ats, 4 rak‘ats everyday, as much as you can do. Start with 2 rak‘ats so you’ll have a successful life.

During the time of Mawlānā, Mawlānā had a relative. He got his diploma and came. Mawlānā prayed for him. He is the number one brain surgeon in Turkey so far. He succeeded. There are many people like him, well known people. There are hundreds of people like him. In 1974, 1980’s in London, there were people, who are now in some positions in the government. They all came and took Mawlānā’s blessings. So, it isn’t a shame or a bad thing to take blessings. Actually this is necessary. You shouldn’t forget this. If you put fuel in this machine this machine will work, with Allāh’s permission. If you don’t it stays new, nothing happens but it won’t go anywhere.

So don’t forget Allāh. When you start a new life, in order to succeed, take the blessings of the holy people. Visit the tombs of the holy ones. Ask help from Allāh. Ask help from the Prophet (sas). Ask himmah from the holy ones, in shā’ Allāh.
Allāh ‘Azza wa Jalla He created us and make period for everything for our life. There is period – when newborn one, baby period, after – childhood, and after – young. After… Like this for everything there is period. And it is when finish one, beginning another one. And when you feel, you see, sometimes people when they are beginning for school, first school and elementary, elementary school. I still remember, my mother she took me by hand, put in school. I was shocked. This is new period for me. After I finish elementary school, also Mawlānā take me to madrasah. I was also, the second one. So it is every period you feel new life for you.

And nowadays people, they are teaching… People, they’re sending children to school. In whole world there is place, teachers they are teaching what their ego, their ego likes, what shayṭān likes. And they are doing this like one of soldier of shayṭān. Very tough, they are doing this. And especially here in this island, these teachers’ union, they have special union. It is completely nonbeliever, completely soldiers of shayṭān. They were fighting Mawlānā from beginning until end.

Until now they are fighting – “We don’t want one lesson even for religion lesson.” We want… They put their desire – I cannot speak here what they want to do and they put this dirty magazine or dirty things. They want to do this here. And they are teaching all the world. But I give example for teacher. And teaching it is very important because they affect students.

Since 100 years here we see it is like they forget about Islam everything. Other places also, many of them, some like this, some like that and they are teaching students until coming to university. Before there was secondary school after high school. Old time people in our country secondary or high school, they finish. Who can read, study, they continue, very few going to university. And it was enough for them. Everybody know about what he will do. When finish secondary or high school, they take job, they get married, they have children, looking for their business. But shayṭān, it is not enough for him this. He must control until they finish from university and to go to not know anything. Because university nowadays, it is like elementary school in Mawlānā time school. They were teaching better then, they were more knowledgeable from these university people now. They are going out from university and don’t know anything. Even my son study 4 years here in engineer. He said “I learn more in 3 months in my work” he begin to work “I learn more than this.” This is reality.

And even this, now people… Ok, they are reading. What we will do? We are just speaking in this hot day, drying our tongue. Nobody listen. All people, even government here in Turkey and other places, they want, we want this paper, diploma for university. If you don’t have, you cannot go to work. You cannot work with us. So everybody, they are finding some way. And now university like grocery, every street you have one university. It is easy to get, but give money. Ok, this is we cannot do anything. But what is important after this, now they finish, one or two days they will finish, on Monday they will take diploma. They are going to their countries to begin a new life, to get work, to do something. They finish, no more study. What the most important here for these people to do? Most important thing to get du‘ā’, to remember Allāh, to visit holy places, holy people, to ask for prayer for themselves. “We take this, it is only one piece of paper. Make du‘ā’ we are beginning a new life – to succeed in our life.”

They are coming, al-ḥamdu liLlāh. Many of them coming here. But many, many are coming. But even these they are not 5% from university people. The 95% they are not thinking. “Oh we are … al-ḥamdu liLlāh.” – they don’t say al-ḥamdu liLlāh. They are making party, they can drink, they can be happy, they forget important thing. The most important thing this, to not forget this. Because Allāh, when He want something, even you are… without doing anything, make you succeed. Everything in His hand. Mawlānā was… Many of successful people, we know hundred of them, they were taking du‘ā’ praying from Mawlānā and they succeed. And I remember one also. Very… He was relative for Mawlānā. He was brain surgeon. He just take his diploma and come. His mother, she bring him and said “This is I bring. First he take diploma, I bring for you to make du‘ā’.” Al-ḥamdu liLlāh he was, now he is number one in Turkey. Very famous one.

This is one of them. But even there is hundred of people even in higher stations in Turkey. They have, they were in London meeting Mawlānā, visiting Mawlānā, taking du‘ā’. Many of them, they are ministers, prime ministers, what they are many of them. The most important here, not only for success, for dunya. When you come and ask barakah, du‘ā’ to succeed, it is more important for your other life also. So you’re remembering it is not only for this dunyā. So Allāh help you and make you succeed here and hereafter, in shā’ Allāh.

We are asking Allāh Azza wa Jalla to change this, especially who are claiming they are teachers teaching bad things from this holy day Ramaḍān day. Because Mawlānā was suffering from these people. Only for these people he was every time, he’s not happy with them. He remember and he see they are doing this, he is very unhappy and he was angry for them. In shā’ Allāh, Allāh change them, bring better people from them, in shā’ Allāh.

Wa min Allāhi t-tawfīq. Al-Fātiḥah.

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