Hadrat Shaykh Muhammad Mehmet Adil 6 April 2016/28 Jumad al-Akhir 1437 Sabah Namaz, Akbaba Dargah

Esselamu Aleyküm ve Rahmetullah

Eûzübillâhimine’ş-şeytâni’r-racim Bismillâhirrahmânirrahim. Vesselatu Vesselamu ala Resuluna Muhammedin Seyyidel evvelin vel ahirin. Medet Ya Resulullah, Medet ya Sadat-ı Ashab-ı Resulullah, Medet ya Meşayihina, Şeyh Abdullah Dağıstani, Şeyh Muhammed Nazım el Hakkani, destur. Tarikatun es sohbe vel hayru fi cemiyya.

Inshallah Rajab starts tomorrow after Asr, at night. As you know, Inshallah we will be doing seclusion (khalwat) in Rajab this year. Many people are asking, “What will we do?” because there is a partial khalwat and anybody who wishes to may do it. The intention will be the same after all:

for the sake of Allah, for the Prophet (SAW), and to train our ego. You need to make intention to obey the orders of Allah for forty days, in seclusion and away from people. Our Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “Wisdom springs open in the hearts of people who hold their heart in sincerity for forty days.” May it be goodness (khair) for us all Inshallah.

The first thing to do that day is to perform a whole ablution (ghusl) and then to make intention for the sake of Allah. While asking for the consent of Allah and the consent of our Holy Prophet (SAW), we will make the intention for seclusion for forty days. We make the intention after the ghusl, say the Basmala, and Inshallah start this duty. It is in the evening, the duties start in the evening. Normally we pray the Salat Awwabin as six rakats. It is to be 20. Then complete the tasks, go to bed after Isha, and get up at the time of Tahajjud. Ghusl ablution needs to be performed. Sometimes you might not be able to. You can perform ablution (wudu), night prayers, tasbihat (dhikr), and Koran duties can be done until the morning (Sabah) azan is called. A thousand Basmala should be recited after the prayer until sunrise (Ishraq). Sunrise prayer needs to be offered, then Sura An’am needs to be recited. This should be done for forty days. May Allah accept it. Those who cannot recite Sura An’am in the morning can recite it during the day. Then you need to pray the Duha. Salat Duha needs to be prayed 12 rakats. You can rest a little after Duha and get up.

A person who will do a complete khalwat can recite one to eight chapters (juz’) of Koran until evening (sunset). And the Dalil al-Khayrat is not to be read according to
the daily organisation but according to the section organisation. First section, second second… That is how it will be read. The zikr of Allah (Lafda-e Jalal) starts from ten thousand to however much you can do. Ten thousand by tongue and ten thousand by heart. The Salawat Sharif starts from five thousand and the Lafda-e Jalal from ten thousand. They can do as much as they can that day. They will continue increasing this way Inshallah, and in the end, close to the end of khalwat, we will decrease and bring it to normal levels Inshallah. And a thousand Ikhlas daily. And the Ayatal Kursi, whoever can do should do from a hundred to a thousand. Those who cannot should at least do a hundred. If a state or something occurs, so if such an appearance (zuhurat) occurs, there is also permission to write it. These are the duties.

As we said, it can be done both for those who want to do it in full and for those who want to do it partially, meaning from Tahajjud to Ishraq or from Asr to Isha. Of course, they cannot get all of these done on time. They can do as much as they can. It will be complete in forty days Inshallah, and we will gain its advances (fuyudat) Inshallah.

The state of the world is not good. May this khalwat be good for us and for people Inshallah. May we be under protection. We have made this intention Inshallah for the victory of Islam, the religion of Islam, and for the exaltation of the word of Allah. May Allah (JJ) accept it, may Allah be our helper, and may Allah not leave us to our ego.

You cannot be proud for entering khalwat. Inshallah we are only doing it for the sake of Allah. We need to thank Allah for granting us this service, we need to thank thousands of times. Inshallah, may Allah bring it easily and not let us follow our ego. May it be a reason for us to take a hold of our ego Inshallah. Walhamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alamin. Al-Fatiha.