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Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani, Sohbat of the 5th of March, 2016.

Dastur Ya S. Abdullah Daghistani, S. Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani Madad. Tarighatuna as-suhba wal khayru fi jam’iyyah
This is what Sheikh Shah Naqshband, Bahaudin he was saying – 12000 times he repeated and every time it is giving barakat for his followers. Mashayikh they are great men, they are fighting with shaitan. Shaitan never stops fighting good people. He is fighting truth, he is fighting belief, he is fighting every good thing.

Shah Naqshband Hazratleri he was have more than 100,000 murids. Each murid was giving him, dressing him [with] maqam wilaya. And, this good way, way of Allah was all the time winning over this shaitan and his followers. So not easy that time, old people were better than this time – even they have strong belief and they are believing in God and believing in Prophet but shaitan still strong and to make them to go out of way. He is not giving him any chance to do anything. Every time, bringing more people, more murids for tariqat to help Islam, to help human being. And it is coming like this on, until India also. And after, when in India there was many groups there was before Islam. And then shaitan still fighting, make them to go out of Islam, making new religion, new god, new prophet.

They doing everything, and Sayyidina Ahmad Faruq Sirhindi mujaddid alfi thani, he came and he was fighting them and also, alhamdulillah, he had success with his fighting to bringing people again to the right way. And his son, Saifuddin, after – Muhammad Ma’sum, his grandson also they were teaching them every knowledge. They were teaching them knowledge but normal knowledge also, Saifuddin to know he was very clever in one or two years, they were become finished all this knowledge. You must say to them, you must be hurry we have a lot of work to do for ummah. And when time of Muhammad Ma’sum he was like a big university. He has in whole life, he bring not people who bring for hidayat only his student murid, what he was teaching them, they were 900,000 student murids. 140,000 they were awliya Allah – because India is like a continent. Big, very big. And it is very old place where shaitan he was doing what he liked. He was doing every people, like God. For this, we mustn’t be surprised how many people, this people it is too much for this continent. It is not enough even. He try his best, and he make this good for India and for all these people there.

Because there is no karama for who are non-Muslims, no miracle. But, from shaitan, helping from shaitan. So people sometimes, seeing something who are from non-believers and they said how this happened? These people they are saying no miracles for who are non-believers. There is no Prophet, Allah azza wa Jalla and Prophet Muhammad (saws). Then how it happened this? Only, helping of shaitan doing this, and jinn who are non-believers. Because when Istanbul was conquered, there was these priests they were, they say come to Sultan. They said how we fight these people? They this but these people, they are holy people, they are flying. And the Sultan told his Sheikh, Akshemsettin Quickly this mubarak (holy one) he turn the shoes out up and they were falling down .So, what you see, if anything, don’t make your belief weak.

Even to make miracles, it is not the aim for our tariqat. Only we can make dua and hope Allah accepts our dua in dunya. But if Allah He said – “Pray to Me, ask from Me, I will give you.” How many times people they are asking but not all of what they want, they get. Allah said, “If they make dua, I will give them.” But may be here, may be in akhira, in Judgment, in paradise. Even people, when in akhira they saw what they got from this dua, they wish nothing accepted in dunya, all left for akhira. So, don’t make yourself sad Sadness [is] not for us. “alladhina ‘amanu la khawfun alayhum wa la hum yahzanun” (2:277) Who are believers there is no fear for them, and no sadness for them.

The most important thing [is] to be believe in Allah. It is the most favour from Allah to us. But we want to most ask from Allah – make our belief a strong belief. Because believers before, sometimes they cut them by sword, some cut them, kill them, some burning them, but they are not coming back from their belief. It is a strong belief. Everything easy when they have strong belief. Many awliya Allah they are example for us. Many, sahaba, old before, old Prophets, [those] before our Prophet – all they was, example, good example for us. Our, these mashayikh, alhamdulillah, they make, because it is not easy to keep. I was in India before two or three months. It is not easy in front of these all, like [an] ocean of people there, to Islam to grow like this, and they have this belief from thousands of years they are following shaitan. They are not following Prophet, not following anything. Only what they are doing, they are following shaitan and his army. But people from whole world they are shown [it] as it is a good idea what they are doing there. For this we are saying, they were heroes, they were fighting the biggest shaitan, not fearing at all. Why? Because they have belief and they craft this belief on these people, and they make from these, who are non-believers, they make them awliya Allah.

It is a big thing what they are doing, not easy. If you go on wrong way, everybody helps you and [it is] easy to make bad things. What [is] bad thing? It is what Allah prevents [prohibits] people to do it. Because when you say bad thing, people they think they are think something, like killing people, stealing [from] people – this is what they thought, these people, normal people – whole world, bad thing something like this.

What Allah not accept, and against saying of Allah they see it as normal thing. Allah ordered pure clean things – what is dirty [is] not acceptable. But people, what Allah says don’t do – they say, “No! We must do, this is our right. We cannot leave it.” This is now a time of also like that time of when Sayyidina Ahmad Faruq was coming and cleaning all these bad things. Also now, time, Inshallah also there will be some … Allah will send somebody to clean it. What Prophet (saws) was [giving] good tidings [to] us – It is this time. Prophet (saws) he was saying after him what will be happen.

Each one coming one by one and one by one, and now is the time insha’Allah for Mahdi (as) and Isa (as). Because Mahdi (as) when he come with Isa (as) Christians also must believe. Because this is the Prophet Isa (as). He is in front of them, even in that time they will not accept, many of them. He is cheater but people also they like, their ego likes what shaitan ordering them.

Even they saw him, they will say “No, you are not.” We will not discuss too much, but, by them saying this, and how it is. They are clever people but they are not accepting because their ego it is too big. Because they are imagining how God, Allah Azza wa Jalla, he has a child. It is by thinking or in mind who has a very little mind, even not accept this. Because now in this time, technology time, they have. You can feel by your hand what it is wrong. In technology they have big telescope and showing this universe. Even not our planet, whole solar system of the milky way, it is like one, less than one dust, spot, yes. And how? This whole universe It is not our planet only, and with so this mightiness, how can be this? Because they are not accepting what Islam saying. And they are not looking this, it is not could be in mind and to be something like this.

More than 90 percent of these Europe people they are atheist. Because they are proud and they are shaitan make them more proud to not follow Islam, ‘you are better than them.’ So they are leaving everything and running away from belief. But without spirituality – no happiness. These people they are running after happiness, looking for happiness everywhere. And especially they are going to India because they have many bazaars for religion, non religion also, for spirituality without religion. Just they are going, coming, looking. In the end – nothing. Only “Khusran” (frustration) And shaitan showing the right way, [as] very ugly. Who is ugly, who doing ugly things [is] not in Islam, or not knowing Islam. Because tariqat teaching to good behave, good behaviour [is] the most important thing in Islam. Prophet (saws) said “Innama bu’ithtu li utammima makarima l-akhlaq” This meaning “I was sent to complete good behaviour for human beings.” This is what Islam ordering, But shaitan showing Islam violence, Islam doing every bad thing. And others, who are doing bad things, they show them as very clean people.

Islam ordered to be helpful for people for neighbours, for your community. Even they are not in your religion or your nation, or not your colour. For Islam, everybody, you must be good for them, to be helpful for them. If you help people, Allah also helps you here. You must help because you cannot take everything with you to akhira. Of course you help, and you live for yourself also, ok. Allah Azza wa Jalla saying “wa la tubadhar tabdhira” (17:26) Don’t give and to after, go and begging. No. Also, for yourself also. You can take for yourself. Once, there was old time, one of rich man. He was, he behaved bad and he was very, when you see his face, people not like his face because [he] all time like making people not happy with him, shouting for them.

Once, one beggar coming to him and asked him [for] something but he was making shouting on this man. And this man said, “Why you shouting? If you don’t give, don’t give. But why you are doing this? You are rich man and I am very poor and I am in need, so if you give me, OK. If not, why shouting?” And this man, he called his slave, before in this time there were slaves, “Take this man and throw him out!” This man was very sad and making dua – O Allah! Don’t make me to need these people again.” Allah Azza wa Jalla, everything in His hands, so he is, this man, rich man, everything coming against him. To be rich, it is very easy if Allah wants because everything it is prepared. If coming like this, you cannot touch it. But maybe, coming like this Allah, if He wants, you can touch it, but if not as much as you can do by your cleverness, by your hard working. if Allah doesn’t want, it will not happen. So, in short time he finished everything, he was broken.

And other one, Allah opened for him. This man who was begging and he was very rich and he was helping people also and this slave who was working with the other man, they was sold and, without knowing, this man he bought him. And when, one time they were eating then one beggar coming, knocking the door and this man sending his slave – “Go and take this man, give him to eat.” And he gave him something. When he gave him this, and looked he was shocked when he saw this man he was his old master. And the slave coming crying for new master. He said “What happened?” He said “My old master he was now begging, a beggar and I was very sad for what happened for him.” And this is what Allah doing. Everything in His hands. Everything, not from us, from Allah.

We will follow these people who are thinking for akhira. Even in dunya also, Allah gives them. This is a chance – what we have we must quickly use it. Not, leave it for..’we can do it later.’ If you give, Allah gives you more insha’Allah. This is also from strong belief. But what we said, also to give for your family, your house, [is] also barakat. Allah rewards you more than other good even. Don’t make any who asking, even Prophet (saws) he said – ‘if he comes on horse.” What meaning? Old time, horse [means] he is rich man – meaning if he asks for something, don’t let him go without taking anything, even a small thing. Allah make us to do good things, and to help us, and to give us, Allah give us generosity and give us richness also, to not be in need to anybody InshaAllah because if you are rich, it is not a bad thing. Because Hazrat Uthman was rich, and he was giving and he was thanking. Prophet (saws) [said] Allah praising him. Insha’Allah Allah make us to spend for good things insha’Allah. And keep us away from every bad thing.
Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq Al Fatiha

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