Long Life Full of Goodness

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Shaykh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani, Sohbet of the 23rd of July, 2016.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa raḥmatu Llāhi wa barakātuh.

A‘ūdhu biLlāhi mina sh-shayṭāni rrajīm. Bismi Llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīm. Aṣ-ṣalātu wa s-salāmu ‘alá Rasūlinā Muḥammadin Sayyidi l-awwalīna wa l-ākhirīn. Madad yā Rasūla Llāh, madad yā Sādāti Aṣḥābi Rasūli Llāh, dastūr yā Shaykh ‘Abdu Llāh al-Fā’iz ad-Dāghistāni, Shaykh Muḥammad Nāẓim alḤaqqāni. Madad. Ṭarīqatunā ṣ-ṣuḥbah wa l-khayru fi l-jam‘iyyah.

They asked the Prophet, ṣallá Llāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, “Who is the best of people?” He (saw) said: “The one, who lives long and does good things all his life. He is the best of people.” He did good all his life, did what Allāh ordered. Can’t be anything better than that. The Prophet (saw) described him like this to the ones, who asked him. They asked “Who is the worst of people?” He (saw) said: “The one, who lives long but doesn’t do goodness”. He wasted his life, he harmed himself, and oppressed others. Everybody is fed up with him. He is the worst of people. He both didn’t do good, also fought with everyone, did fitnah, created chaos. He is the worst of people.

Man didn’t come to this world for his ego. You have to think why you came to this world. “What was I created for?” Allāh tells everyone. The Prophet (saw) called people to reality, showed them what to do, told the wisdom for their being. Everything is clear, obvious. You can’t say “I didn’t know why I was created, that’s why I crushed people, I oppressed them, I didn’t keep Allāh’s order, I did all kinds of dirty things. I thought I was created for this.” At that point you are the worst of people. Allāh sees you are worthy of hell then. If you want to be a good person, you’ll both be peaceful and people around you get benefit from you. They are happy with you. Allāh will be happy with you. In the hereafter for every day that you lived, you’ll be get more rewards. We should keep this in mind.

The most beautiful words are the words of our Prophet (saw). They got inspiration from him (saw), wrote millions of books. He (saw) talked beautifully. “The best of people, is the one who lives long and keeps the way of Allāh.” Someone, who keeps the way of Allāh won’t fight with anyone, won’t do wrong to anyone. He won’t do wrong. May Allāh keep us all on that way. May we do goodness until the end of our lives. It isn’t certain, we may live long or short, but, in shā’a Llāh, we keep the right path until the end of our lives.

Prophet (saws), ṣaḥābah companions, they were asking him about who is the best people, the most perfect, good ones? They asked. Prophet (saws) saying: “he is that one, he is, Allāh give him long life and on his whole life he is doing good things. This is the best thing in front of Prophet (saws) and in Divine Presence of Allāh (awj).” To not forget whole, this long life to do good thing. Every time, whole life doing good thing, this is the best for Prophet (saws) he showing, saying for people. Telling people, “this man or woman, lady she is the best, what Allāh like, Prophet (saws) likes.” And after they are asking, “who is the worst one?” He (saws said: “he is, or she is, who has long life and doing bad thing. This is the worst in Divine Presence.”

Because our aim not to do bad thing for people. The order for Allāh not to do bad for people and for yourself also. Because you are ordered and Allāh sent Prophet, and in His holy book saying about for what we are created, the wisdom of our creation. Prophet (saws) 23 years teaching us. Why – the wisdom of to be in this life. Why Allāh created us. Nobody can say “I didn’t know, I thought it is I am coming here to harm people, to kill people, to do bad thing for people to do every bad thing, every forbidden thing. For this I thought I was created.” No, it is, cannot be to say this, it cannot be accepted. Because Allāh sent all His messengers, Prophets telling people what is good and what is not good. So it is bad to do what Allāh forbid and Prophet (saws) telling not to do it. So for this the worst one who doing this and he is not acceptable in Divine Presence of Allāh (awj) and Prophet (saws).

Prophet, he is telling us the good thing. The good for us to be good life, happy life and happy end. Showing, Prophet (saws) his word it is the best, the most soft, the most good word, and there is millions of books printed or written by writer from – taking inspiration from Prophet (saws). And it is what he said, you must follow. To try to be our life to be good in our life, to be the best in front of Prophet (saws). Long life, maybe 100 years, more than 100 years, or 90 years many example. Al-ḥamdu liLlāh, we have Mawlānā, he was 92 years, mā shā’a Llāh, long life. And he is the best example for us. He was when he has very few murīd, was same. When he had 1000s of murīds also he was same. Not changing not become to change anything from his life or to change anything what order of Prophet, or order of Allāh. He was doing the same. This is Prophet (saws) saying, to be good every time, not when you’re seeing people pretend to be better and when it is not, no. Every time you must be same because order of Prophet (saws).

In shā’a Llāh, we like to do this, Allāh helps us. We don’t know our life be long, short, but what we must do like Mawlānā, to continue to not to be lazy. Sometimes, no need to do this or that, no when you are doing something good you must continue not be bored from this because no time to get bored, if it is short time. We must continue, Allāh helps us, in shā’a Llāh. Allāh gives us good life, to be obedient for Him. Life is in His hand, and we don’t know when our life end but, in shā’a Llāh, until end of our life, to be in right way, in shā’a Llāh, way of Prophet (saws) and Mashāyikh, in shā’a Llāh.

Wa min Allāhi t-tawfīq, al-Fātiḥah.

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