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Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Mehmet Adil 28 July 2016/24 Shawwal 1437 Sabah Namaz, Akbaba Dargah

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,

Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Wassalatu Wassalamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidul Awwalin wal Akhirin, Madad Ya Rasulallah, Madad Ya As’habi RasuLillah, Madad Ya Mashayikhina, Sheykh Abdullah Daghestani, Sheykh Nazim al-Haqqani. Dastur. Tariqatunas sohba, wal khayru fil jamiyya.

Our Holy Prophet (SAW) says, “The person who says a word was from me, it is the word of the Prophet (SAW), when it is a lie has guaranteed his place, prepared his place, in hell.” Why did our Holy Prophet (SAW) say so? Because people might do anything for the honor of our Holy Prophet (SAW). Our Holy Prophet (SAW) said so to raise awareness in people, since people with bad intentions might use them.

Our Holy Prophet has explained and shown everything for us. In the last Farewell Sermon he also first said to people: “A Muslim’s blood is forbidden for Muslims; their posessions are forbidden; their honor is forbidden; you cannot approach any of them.” Just like you show respect to your own posessions, honor, and whatever you have, you need to show respect in the same manner to everything all Muslims have.

A person who does not do this is one who has nothing to do with Muslimism. Allah will ask these things to this person on the Day of Judgment. The person needs to have believed in the hereafter. It cannot go unaccounted. Why are we saying this? There is a great sown discord1 around. They are showing and telling people the fitna as if it were the words of our Holy Prophet (SAW).2

First of all, it is not such an easy matter for our Holy Prophet (SAW) to get up and order people. The man who is to reach that station firstly needs to have a lineage which reaches our Holy Prophet (SAW). Even if his lineage reaches, those people do not give such orders. They say the same as the way shown by our Holy Prophet (SAW). They do not say an extra word. They do not deceive either and continue in the same manner.

Here there are still people fooled by this. Let them wake up. Dajjals will emerge in the End Times. What kind of a man is the Dajjal? All bad people, bad women, and bad illegitimate children will all go with the Dajjal.

He will come to the Muslim with a paradise and hell-like thing next to him. He will say, “If you accept me, I will let you in paradise.” If they accept him they immediately enter the hell to his left. If they do not, they will enter paradise. What appears as hell is paradise.

Therefore, let people wake up and save their world and hereafter. The lawful is clear, what is forbidden is clear, the good is clear, and the bad is clear. Allah gave humans brains to use. It is their fault after all the things that have happened. Let people wake up and repent because a great dissension2 has been cast. It is End Times now. It is times with plenty of fitna. People should be careful.

First of all, let them not follow people who do not have a lineage. Let them go about carefully, search, and research. Let them do the way their heart shows. But a great fitna has occurred, something great has happened, and to still go on that way is obstinacy. Who is the one who is stubborn? It is Shaytan. Shaytan’s biggest character is obstinacy, stubbornness. He said he would not do and he is not doing. He said he would not make sajda3 and he is not doing.

Therefore, be careful. There is no sin in leaving that way, that evil way. On the contrary, it has rewards and it has Allah’s content. If you repent and ask for forgiveness Allah would write rewards for you instead. He would forgive you for what you did, for the things you did unknowingly. But if it is done henceforth, then everybody woud serve their own sentence. We say may Allah give them mind and intellect. We are not saying anything else. May Allah not misguide us from the right way Inshallah.

1. Fitna of July 15th, 2016 military coup attempt in Turkey 2. Claims by FETO of receiving instructions from our Holy Prophet (SAW) in dreams

3. Fitna 3. Prostrate