Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihisalam Part-1

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Sohbah of Hajjah Ruqqaiyah Sultan

Dated 11 May 2020 / 18 Ramadan 1441

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

Today, Insha Allah we talk about Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Ibrahim, it was….. from after….. Hud and Saleh….. may be there is many different Prophets coming to their nations, but not mentioned in Quran….. Hazrat Ibrahim was born in….. it is, now it place, some place arounds of Turkey, kalda, Kaldani’een,   that time kalda, I don’t know the english name of the Kaldani’een, Babil, around Babil, people, the story was that, this people, the Kaldani’een were worshiping ….. idols, but these idols were belonging to seven stars, seven…..stars? no not stars….. planets. So each planet has different….. idol, idol and….. they were always fortune teller, they make fortune teller looking for the stars and making fortune teller and Namrood was their king. He lived so long and he was himself….. saying that I am a God, that he has, he is long, he is more than three, four hundred years he was living and, then he was claiming that he is God, but the, the monks?….. or the fortune tellers around him, they came one day, he was looking for, every time for his….. fortune….. fortune they say?….. future, for future. They told him that in this year, this day, this month, there will be a somebody born, will some boy will born and your, your kingdom and your thing will be….. he will finish your, your kingdom. So he was going all around his kingdom and collecting the ladies who are pregnant and put them in jail, keep them, and when they give birth, for, for the day that, for this date, that his collecting all the ladies who is pregnant and….. killing the babies of them if they, if it is boy.

Sub Haan Allah his, his mother was young….. young lady didn’t show that she is pregnant, but she knew that she is pregnant and father was, he was the one who is making the….. idols, the statues for selling to worship, and he was also I think was close to Namrood. And then the mother was hiding, they didn’t know that she is pregnant, she when it was….. time for delivery, she went to a cave, around there, and she delivered Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihisalam, and she just wrapped him up and keep them there and put a stone on front of the door, its maybe, it is not so big door so she puts….. to hide him and went back, then….. the father know, knew that she is, the father of Hazrat Ibrahim, knew that she had a baby, but she told him the baby died. I, it was not….. she didn’t tell him that it was boy or girl, but she said the baby is died. Every day she was going to, to the….. cave, she find him, sucking his five fingers, his five fingers, and when she get out, from his fingers, there is coming milk, and honey, and water from his fingers. In one, one riwayah, one saying this, one saying that Hazrat Jibreel Alaihisalam from his wing, was coming and feeding, from his wing coming milk and feeding Sayyadina Ibrahim.

And….. by wisdom of Allah Azza wa Jalla, that he was going quickly, one day like his one week old, one week old like his one month old, and one month old like his few months old….. you know he gets growing bigger, big, until his fifteen months he was in the cave. Then his mother took him, he looked like, he, three, four years boy, she took him out and brought him back home. No one knows that he is….. this, that, and she told the father that he is….. a, you know I told, I lied to you, this is your son. He grew Maa Shaa Allah, starting to grow, and Hazrat Ibrahim’s father was start to wonder, he was sending him to his selling the idols, and he was sending him to take the idols to some place, to statues. So he was taking them, and put them on the ground, drag them and taking, put them on the mud, and then put them on the water and say oh look they don’t….. they don’t benefit, and they don’t defend them selves, how would you buy this thing for. So for, for many years, they did, he did this, his father was telling him off, but he still doing this.

Then….. may be around ten to twelve years old, he was looking….. because they are make worshiping this stars, and the idols….. may be more, may be fifteen or sixteen years old….. he was may be old. He was looking in the stars and saying this is my God, then the star was disappearing, he said no I don’t like the disappearing things, then next day he was looking for the moon, saying this is bigger, this is brighter, this is my God, thats….. thats….. thats my God, it is in Quran also mentioned, and then moon was setting, then he said I don’t like the one who’s setting, if Allah doesn’t give, show me the way, I will be, I will loss, lose my way. Then when he saw the sun, he was thinking, that the sun is the biggest, and brightest, and more benefit, but when also he see it is setting, every day, he said Allah, if Allah doesn’t show me the right way, I will, I will be looser. Sub Haan Allah, he said I….. if this three, things, this stars, this planet, this moon, sun, for sure there is some creator, some bigger power than them, that making them to….. move, and to appear and disappear, the Allah give him the light of Imaan in his heart, that he believe in Allah.

This….. he was fifteen, sixteen years, and he was coming and telling, the people, the idols, this is, they are not good and they are, you know why you are, they don’t talk, they don’t do anything, they don’t move, you talking to them, you put food for, in front of them and they are not….. responsing, responding?….. answering, responding, and he was telling them, you know he was, by himself telling I will, I will destroy them, I will knock, knock them down or something like this.

Then he was….. that, that day they have like a feast, big feast, big….. festival, they make out of the city, they went, and all people go there, they are making dancing, and worshiping the idols and the thing, they have big feast, festival, then he was telling them, tell him come with us, he was telling them I am ill, I look, I look in this, in this stars and I am ill, he, I look in the stars and I am ill, and planet, and I am ill, you know this….. this three….. lies that Hazrat Ibrahim was saying in his life. Then he was, when they all go, he went to the temple, big temple, he went to the temple and he was knocking all, all the idols, all the statues down, and only the big one he left, and big one he put axe on his neck, around his neck, and he went, when he, they came back, they see all the….. their statues, their idols are….. destroyed, knocked, knocked down, and they are looking who did this, who did that, nobody is do, then they said, oh we know this there is young man, young boy, he is always saying that he will knock them down, and they say he is no, no benefit from them, and this, and then he, they came, hold….. they call him, caught him, coming to him, asking did you do this, he said ask the big one, he said…… he said ask the big one, he, he is, he is one the did it, he is not, no answer, then they knew that he did it, they want to punish him.

They took him to Namrood, and Namrood was asking him, what is your claim, what your claiming, he said I am claiming Laa Ilaaha Illallah, I have a God, who created you, and all, all, whatever, all the planets, all the stars, the moon, every thing you see, you, me….. created….. everything, he is powerful enough that he ask what is your God doing. He said my God is….. Allah Azza wa Jalla is giving life and….. also taking life, his….. that, that life, life, make life and death. Then he said I do also, bring one, they brought one from the road, kill this one they kill that, this is killed also, I….. I took his life, and there was one whose they were going to….. kill him he said let set him free they are this, I give him life, and I take the life of the other, it is nothing to do. Ibrahim Alaihisalam didn’t argue with him, he say no, this is not right or that right, he make another….. example for him, and tell him, that if, challenge him that if Allah Azza wa Jalla is bringing the sun from east, you bring it from west, then he was speechless, he could not talk.

This Allah Azza wa Jalla is promised that, in the last day, near, near to Qiyamah, the last days of, of the world, that it will be the sun will rise from west, they said….. it is one of the biggest signs of Qiyamah, of the resurrection day, ….. that the momins….. will wake up for one day, for morning prayer and then it will be dark, dark, dark, dark, dark, for three days it will be dark, they try to wake up the other people, the one who didn’t wake, they won’t wake up. This the door of tauba, the forgiveness door at that time it will be closed, they, they all the time they make Istighfar, the people who is awake, and momins who has piece of iman in his heart, on her heart they will wake up. In this three days it will be complete dark, after that the sun will come, will rise from west till the middle of the sky, and again set back to west. It will not set to east. It will, it will be coming, rising from west, to the middle of the sky, and after that coming back to west, setting as usual, setting to west. At that, at this moment, the door of tauba, the door of forgiveness, until that time, anybody say Astagfirullah, asking for forgiveness it will be accepted, but in this, after this moment it will be closed, nobody will, after that. In this time, there will be a smell, very nice smell coming to, like a perfume to the momins, to believers and they will die, who ever stayed as a muslim momin around they will die, angels will bury them, and then it will be only, unbelievers, Qiyamah.

Sai’ha is that woman, at that time, they, they were making, giving all, circling all, all around, internet, social media, they circling there is hadith of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, there is Sai’ha, the, the big sound, scream, and they were expecting it two days ago in the Jum’aa , in the middle of, Jum’aa, in the middle of Ramadan. But as I know, it is after, it is the, the last time of the days of the Qiyamah. So this is the, the promise from Allah Azza wa Jalla to Ibrahim Alaihisalam, that it will come from west, the sun will come from west.

Then Namrood was so furious, and he was so angry he wants to burn Ibrahim Alaihisalam. He want to burn Ibrahim Alaihisalam, he is, he was put him in jail and he start to collect wood, that the wood, that he collected for, for the fire that, they give the fire, that you can see the fire from three days away, distance, from three days distance you can see the fire, of the, of the fire that Namrood will burn Ibrahim Alaihisalam.

There also, also side story that the, they have dish around this places, know Arabs also like, they eat the meat, they make the chi kofte they say. It is the meat like a kofte, they make mince meat, they make it with hot paprika and bulgur, they make it, keep hammering it, grounding it, then they eat it as a, as a raw, raw meat, they say, they cook it, when they are making it was, with, not wood, with stone, they make it then it is together with paprika and bulgur, this is the food that, this, they invented this food, that time because there was no fire to cook, to cook anything, all the woods were gone to the fire for Ibrahim Alaihisalam, and Ibrahim Alaihisalam was only around fifteen or sixteen years old young, young man, you know, the, the fire, that he, that Allah Azza wa Jalla, showed the Namrood, Ibrahim Alaihisalam, how he, he big and he, how he is great , that he was making fire, that, that big.

Wa Minallah at-Tawfeeq,            


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