Allāh’s Order Is for Everybody

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Shaykh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani, Sohbet of the 13th of July, 2016.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa raḥmatu Llāhi wa barakātuh.

A‘ūdhu biLlāhi mina sh-shayṭāni rrajīm. Bismi Llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīm. Aṣ-ṣalātu wa s-salāmu ‘alá Rasūlinā Muḥammadin Sayyidi l-awwalīna wa l-ākhirīn. Madad yā Rasūla Llāh, madad yā Sādāti Aṣḥābi Rasūli Llāh, madad yā Mashāyikhinā, dastūr yā Shaykh ‘Abdu Llāh al-Fā’iz ad-Dāghistāni, Shaykh Muḥammad Nāẓim al-Ḥaqqāni. Madad. Ṭarīqatunā ṣ-ṣuḥbah wa l-khayru fi l-jam‘iyyah.

The thing ordered for us Muslims, whether ṣaḥābah, or tābi‘īn, whether scholar or shaykh, or ordinary Muslim – the order of Allāh is the same. It doesn’t change. Whatever Allāh orders us, we are ordered to tell as much as we know. And looking for knowledge is farḍ for every Muslim. Certainly, not everyone can become ‘ālim, but bit by bit they can learn. These assemblies are assemblies of knowledge. If you make intention to get knowledge for Allāh every day, you become a student of knowledge.

There is thawāb (reward) in passing on what you know to others. It is a thing accepted by Allāh and our Prophet. There is thawāb in telling true things that you know are correct. If you think it’s very good and want to share with others according to your own thinking, it is not right. Then you are not ‘ālim and you can’t be shaykh. Then you are a man either trying to say things people like to hear, or trying to say things in order to satisfy and raise your ego. And when you do this, you can’t grow. You will go down and confuse your way. There are many people who are loved by the many people around them. And if their ego is weak, these people who love them try to praise their ego. If a man is true one, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if others love or praise him. He says what Allāh says. And if his ego is weak, then people don’t do goodness but rather they do harm to him. He will follow his ego. They all go off the way.

It has been like this since the beginning of Islām. Shayṭān spread fitnah everywhere after our Prophet. Even during the time of our Prophet there were false prophets. There was this fitnah, losing the right way. Some people even do harm to the ones they love. Therefore, our way is clear. Whoever loves Allāh, should obey Allāh’s orders and try to keep to the right path. All your friends – if you are real friends, a friend tells the truth, even if it is painful. You must tell the truth and show the truth. Showing what his ego likes is not proper for him. This is the friend. This matter will be continued, in shā’a Llāh – this is enough for today.

Allāh (awj) His Order it is for everybody. For Prophet, of course he is the highest. After Prophet… because he is innocent, not doing any wrong thing – he can’t Allāh, keeps him safe from this. After [him] – ṣaḥābah, tabi‘īn, scholars, mashāyikh, ‘ulamā’, Awliyā’u Llāh, ordinary people – all these people, the order is the same. From Allāh (awj) – everybody they have same order. Of course Prophet (saws) he has [some] different orders, but other to do, they have same thing – same farḍ, sunnah, nāfilah, mustaḥabb. What is ḥalāl, what is ḥarām all showing for ummah of Prophet (saws). Nobody can say “this is not for me, this is for this people for that people”. No, it is same.

And you, these people, everybody for his capacity he must learn. To learn is obligatory for each one in Islām, “from beginning from childhood until graveyard”,Ḥadīth, it is obligatory, you must learn. What, how? Every day we’re going to school? No, every day intention to learn something, in mosque for Allāh, Allāh make it for your intention you are learning His order. Of course everybody he has a capacity and his capacity he can teach other people also. What he learn if he teach other people, Allāh rewards him. And he is…Prophet (saws) is happy with him. What you learn correct, you must teach. But the obligatory is to learn, to teach it is good – there is big reward for this also. But what you will teach, it is important.

For ignorant people, for ordinary people maybe it is less important, but the most important for the ones who are claiming they’re scholars, they are shaykh, they are beloved people for Allāh. And they are teaching people what is not told in Order of Allāh. Just they are doing this to be more popular, to have more followers, to be… to make people happy. What they are doing, what teaching is not right thing -[it is] from their ego, from.. people what they like from this. And it is like this since beginning of Islām. There is kind of this people, and these people, because they have around them some people they love them, they make them, they are happy with them, so they become thinking they are big thing, they are an important thing. When they do this, these who are loving these people they are harming them. Because they take them out of the right way, right way of Allāh and Prophet (saws) – they take them to another way, bad way, dangerous way. And this is from beginning of Islām.

Even time of Prophet (saws). I was saying after time of Prophet (saws), in time of Prophet (saws) they become, some people, they are claiming they are Prophets. Liar prophets, they call them. And they were fighting. They were claiming these people – same until Qiyāmah it will be like this. So, important thing for who claim they are loving this man – if his ego is weak, he quickly throw him from high to dangerous place. Going up, up then going down, he and his followers. And for this what Allāh order it is important. Don’t follow your ego. Don’t say this is my friend, this is my good friend he loves me and he is doing this and follow him, no! If they are real lover, they can accept the truth.

The truth sometimes, it is not easy. Easy to follow the thing that is not good. To follow good thing it is not easy – for this we are saying, be careful. We try to teach what we know it is correct. If somebody not happy with this, we cannot be following him, what he will be happy to do. Only we do and saying what we know it is correct and it is from Order of Allāh. Because many people “we love you, you are like this, you are like that,” after they are doing something wrong. It is, I tell from here, I am not, I cannot tolerate this thing. Only what we know is right we will say, in shā’a Llāh. In shā’a Llāh, we continue a little bit more from this after, in shā’a Llāh.

Wa min Allāhi t-tawfīq al-Fātiḥah.

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